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132 Microsoft Organizes a FREE Office 365 Conference! Register Now!
Vlad Catrinescu . ReTweet
With Office 365 gaining a lot of visibility, Microsoft just announced that they will go on a world tour in order to increase visibility and educated IT Pros, Developers, Salesperson as well as Adoption specialists on Off [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
117 How to setup a SharePoint Farm with just a few clicks
Oliver Wirkus . ReTweet
Isn’t it every SharePointer’s dream: setting up a SharePoint farm with just a few clicks … accessible from multiple devices remotely?  Scalable and no additional software like Hyper-V or VMWare? Most of you wo [read]. Posted about 21 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Thu, Sep 18th    
15 System Center
Claude Couderc . ReTweet
Plusieurs phénomènes expliquent l’engouement actuel pour les outils de supervision. La baisse drastique du prix du matériel informatique a remis d’actualité l’achat de postes de travail [read]. Posted 9 minutes ago.
0 The Dangers of AllowHttp for SharePoint
Trevor Seward . ReTweet
SharePoint 2013 and Office Web Apps communicate authorization via a JSON Web Token. This JWT contains important information about the caller, such as the username, SID, time-related information, as well as where the requ [read]. Posted 10 minutes ago.
62 Launch documents and get started right away with the new Office 365 home page
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Starting something new. We’ve all been there. The first day of school, starting a new job, or even moving to a new town. As we become familiar with the new surroundings, buildings, new faces and personalities, sche [read]. Posted about an hour ago.
64 Building a global brand with local flavor  
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post about Office 365 was written by Anders Munck, enterprise architect with the Carlsberg Group. The past 14 years have been some of the most tumultuous in Carlsberg’s 167-year history of manufacturing bee [read]. Posted about an hour ago.
52 Office 365 Developer Podcast: Episode 016 with Andrew Connell on SharePoint workflow
Office Blogs . ReTweet
In episode 14, Jeremy Thake chats to Andrew Connell, a SharePoint MVP, about SharePoint workflow with regards to versioning and calling remote web services. http://officeblogspodcastswest.blob.core.windows.net/podcasts/ [read]. Posted about an hour ago.
111 Will Office 365 change The SharePoint Partners focus?
Marwan Tarek . ReTweet
Office 365 is a comprehensive platform that delivers main pillars like email, calendar, collaboration (including search, document management…etc.), unified communications and social. Microsoft keeps adding to this [read]. Posted about 6 hours ago.
116 Conditional formatting in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365
Arild Aarnes . ReTweet
Sometimes the requirement comes up to make conditional formatting in a SharePoint list or document library. There are several ways of achieving this, you can buy a solution, the are several solutions out there providing [read]. Posted about 6 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Wed, Sep 17th    
115 Less Compiler for Eclipse
Pieter Pieter . ReTweet
I'm doing a project in Java and using Eclipse as my IDE. This is a note to myself on what plug-ins I am installing. Please note I am doing this all on Windows 7 and 8.1. So first thing, install node (I use chocolatey [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
132 Microsoft Organizes a FREE Office 365 Conference! Register Now!
Vlad Catrinescu . ReTweet
With Office 365 gaining a lot of visibility, Microsoft just announced that they will go on a world tour in order to increase visibility and educated IT Pros, Developers, Salesperson as well as Adoption specialists on Off [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
100 OneNote announces the Share extension for iOS 8
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post on OneNote was written by Avneesh Kohli, program manager on the OneNote team.  Today, we’re announcing the OneNote Share extension update for your iPad and iPhone, making it easier than ever to send [read]. Posted about 18 hours ago.
110 Office 365 APIs Starter Project for Windows
Office Blogs . ReTweet
We’re building a set of starter projects that are intended to help you become familiar with the different Office 365 client libraries on the platforms you care about. In each project, we’ll show you how to use the cl [read]. Posted about 19 hours ago.
94 Earthlings, We Have a Problem…
Veronique Palmer . ReTweet
It doesn’t matter any more where you live on this incredible planet of ours – from Chile to China, Denmark to Durban – our planet is seriously messed up! And if we don’t start waking up right now [read]. Posted about 20 hours ago.
107 Analystenbeitrag: Die Zukunft von Microsoft Office beginnt jetzt – mit dem Office Graph und Delve
Wolfgang Miedl . ReTweet
Microsoft hat auf der SharePoint Conference im März eine für die Zukunft seines Office Systems wegweisende Neuentwicklung verkündet: Den Office Graph und die darauf aufsetzende erste Anwendung Delve (Codename Oslo). I [read]. Posted about 20 hours ago.
117 How to setup a SharePoint Farm with just a few clicks
Oliver Wirkus . ReTweet
Isn’t it every SharePointer’s dream: setting up a SharePoint farm with just a few clicks … accessible from multiple devices remotely?  Scalable and no additional software like Hyper-V or VMWare? Most of you wo [read]. Posted about 21 hours ago.
83 My SPTechCon Boston Schedule
Christian Buckley . ReTweet
I can’t believe we’re already back in Boston for another SPTechCon – the SharePoint Technical Conference, taking place this week at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston’s Back Bay. And as I am sitting in the beginning [read]. Posted about 22 hours ago.
109 Speaking at Hamilton SharePoint Users Group on SharePoint Architecture best practices on Sept 18th
Noorez Khamis . ReTweet
Body: ​For those of you around the Hamiton, Ontario area on Thursday, Sept 18th, 2014, please join me at the Hamilton SharePoint Users Group (HSPUG) for a session on SharePoint Architecture. Session name: Insi [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
112 Associated Industries of Massachusetts: more efficient member services with Microsoft Office 365
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post about Office 365 was written by Cindy Lyman, chief financial officer at Associated Industries of Massachusetts. It’s not always easy to age gracefully. As an association that’s nearly 100 years old, [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
120 Microsoft on Tour ModernBiz Webcasts mit Gewinnaktion
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Am 23.9.2014 gibt es im Rahmen der Microsoft on Tour „ModernBiz” zwei Webcasts:   Microsoft stellt hier in Szenarien Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Office365 und Windows 8.1 an praktischen Beispielen vor.Verbunden si [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
140 Uncovering the ROI of SharePoint
Christian Buckley . ReTweet
Maybe it's me and the circles I run in, but I'm just not hearing the question "What is the return on investment of SharePoint?" from customers any more. It's not that people have a perfect understanding of how to use the [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
129 Browser shots
Nikander & Margriet Bruggeman . ReTweet
Great URL for browser compatibility testing: http://browsershots.org/. [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
127 OneDrive for Business | KB2809931 replaced KB2889866
Hans Brender . ReTweet
with the September update Microsoft released the Update KB2889866, I have published here Then Microsoft withdrawn this update. If you have installed this update, you will have some problems with synchronization. The ol [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
85 Detecting the Language in a DVWP
Simon Binaryjam . ReTweet
I have been hunting all morning on how to do this. I can do it in a CQWP with parameterbinding set correctly but no-one, no-one has put any example code on how to do this in a DVWP. I’ve read many an article talk [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
217 OneDrive for Business | KB2809931 ersetzt KB2889866
Hans Brender . ReTweet
Am 9.9.2014, also mit dem September Updates lieferte Microsoft den Patch KB2889866 aus, ich habe hier darüber berichtet. Am 12.9.2014 wurde der Patch von Microsoft wieder zurückgezogen. Wer diesen Patch jedoch bereits [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
    The New Stuff - Tue, Sep 16th    
162 What does it mean to own your data in Office 365? How we aim to raise the bar on visibility and control of your organization’s data with Office 365
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Kamal Janardhan is the principal program manager in the Office 365 Information Protection team. In our last few From Inside the Cloud posts, we offered an insider’s perspective from lead engineers Perry Clarke, Vivek S [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
111 Neue Office Lens-App: “Taschenscanner” mit OCR und DOC/PPT-Konvertierung in der Cloud
Wolfgang Miedl . ReTweet
Wer kennt das nicht: Bei Vorträgen, in Meetings oder in vielen Alltagssituationen greift man oft zur Smartphone-Kamera, um wichtig Inhalte von Whiteboards, Präsentationen oder Unterlagen zu erfassen. Doch selten werden [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
154 SharePoint User Cannot Rename a File
Mike Smith . ReTweet
  The following applies to SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online / Office 365. There's never an end of things to learn about SharePoint security! (I've got about 235 pages of what I've learned in SharePoint [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
66 Enterprise Social Business Barcamp 2014
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Nach einer langen Reihe von “Social Media” Barcamps” sind soziale Netzwerke wie Twitter oder Facebook aus dem täglichen Leben vieler nicht mehr wegzudenken und “Social Media” ist fester Bes [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
170 “OK Google, take a note—OneNote supports Android Wear”
Office Blogs . ReTweet
One of our primary goals is to help you capture ideas and information in new and innovative ways. Features like Quick Notes, Cortana, and Office Lens have made it easy to preserve those flashes of brilliance and today we [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 16th '14
59 Office Lens update allows you to create Office documents with your Windows Phone camera
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post was written by Yu Ukai, program manager with Office Lens team in Japan. I’ve often heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and with today’s update to the Office Lens app on Windows Phone, [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 16th '14
150 New CodePlex Version: SharePoint Host Named Site Collection Creator
Vlad Catrinescu . ReTweet
Back in September last year I have created a Windows Forms based tool that allowed you to create Host Named Site Collections (HNSC) without necessarily having to go through PowerShell. The tool worked perfectly and it ha [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 16th '14
178 [MSCloudShow] Episode 45 is live - Office Client Apps in Office 365
Andrew Connell . ReTweet
In this episode AC & CJ talk discuss the latest news related to Office 365 and talk about the current state of the Office desktop clients. Be sure to download the latest episode here: Episode 045 | Office Client Apps [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 16th '14
50 Come meet the Office.com webinar team and get help on your devices
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Join the Microsoft Office 15-Minute Webinar team Thursday, September 18 at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square, from 12-2 p.m. Along with delivering a webinar-style talk on “10 great Office timesavers,” the tea [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 16th '14
61 OneDrive for Business | Einschränkungen und Migration
Hans Brender . ReTweet
5000? 20000? Zwei Zahlen, die Sie sich merken sollten. Mehrfach am Tag bekomme ich über meinen Blog, in diversen Yammer Netzwerken, in Foren oder direkt per Mail Fragen zum Thema OneDrive for Business: “warum synchro [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 16th '14
125 My SharePointalooza session slides – Tracking Ethical Conflicts in a Sometimes Unethical World
Thomas Duff . ReTweet
Here are the slides for my presentation for SharePointalooza in Branson Missouri – 2014/09/13. [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 16th '14
    The New Stuff - Mon, Sep 15th    
147 Authoring Markdown - What, Why, How
Andrew Connell . ReTweet
This is by far nothing new... Markdown has been around for quite some time. The reason I'm writing this is I've had a few friends who ask how I deal with it as it is new to quite a few people. So I won't explain what it [read]. Posted Mon, Sep 15th '14

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