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227 Office 365: Information Rights Management
Laura Rogers . ReTweet
Body: Information Rights Management is being rolled out to Office 365 right now.  I read about it here, and decided to go into my tenant and try it out.  This is very exciting!  What is Information Rights Management? [read]. Posted about 17 hours ago.
221 SharePoint Hosted App: How to manage DateTimeControl Picker and Format with the correct Language and Culture
Andre Lage . ReTweet
This article explains how convert the Raw Date from REST calls and manage Date Format base in different Languages and lcid and how to manipulate the Out of the Box SharePoint Control DateTimeControl to display the corre [read]. Posted about 22 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Fri, Nov 21st    
203 November 2014 #CollabTalk TweetJam on Office365
Christian Buckley . ReTweet
Office 365 has quickly displaced SharePoint as the fastest growing platform in Microsoft’s history, and is at the forefront of the company’s innovation strategy. With the rise of the Office 365 brand, the number of O [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
227 Office 365: Information Rights Management
Laura Rogers . ReTweet
Body: Information Rights Management is being rolled out to Office 365 right now.  I read about it here, and decided to go into my tenant and try it out.  This is very exciting!  What is Information Rights Management? [read]. Posted about 17 hours ago.
140 Office 365 news round-up
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been reminded how essential Office 365 has become to leading organizations in many different fields. In higher education, universities are using tools such as Excel and Power Bi for [read]. Posted about 19 hours ago.
221 SharePoint Hosted App: How to manage DateTimeControl Picker and Format with the correct Language and Culture
Andre Lage . ReTweet
This article explains how convert the Raw Date from REST calls and manage Date Format base in different Languages and lcid and how to manipulate the Out of the Box SharePoint Control DateTimeControl to display the corre [read]. Posted about 22 hours ago.
150 Introducing a new feature in Access 2013 web apps—Download in Excel
Office Blogs . ReTweet
It’s just the nature of shipping software in a services world with Office 365—when we hear your feedback, we can respond with new features that fill your needs. In the case of Access 2013 web apps, one of the most fr [read]. Posted about 22 hours ago.
164 Test-SPContentDatabase Classic to Claims Conversion
Trevor Seward . ReTweet
Attaching a Content Database from a Classic Web Application to a Claims-enabled Web Application does not automatically convert the users contained within that Content Database from Classic to Claims. When you run Test-SP [read]. Posted about 23 hours ago.
164 Windows Azure Pack – Part 1
Liam Cleary . ReTweet
So a while ago Microsoft released the “Windows Azure Pack“. This pack is for on-premises environments, and provisions various components that are used within the Azure Cloud. As I have a spare server, I thoug [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
170 SPBiz - The virtual SharePoint Business Conference is coming to your desk in 2015!
Collaboris . ReTweet
On Wednesday, 19th November, Collaboris officially launched a new conference called SPBiz. SPBiz promises to be 2015’s best free, virtual, SharePoint conference for business users. Thanks to great support from NC Commu [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
56 #ProjectServer / #ProjectOnline error deleting PDP #PS2013
Paul Mather . ReTweet
Just a quick post, if you ever receive the following error when trying to delete a Project Detail Page, ensure the PDP has been removed from all Enterprise Project Types (EPT): The error message is: “An event receiver [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
300 SharePoint Connect 2014 Amsterdam presentation deck and more available
Waldek Mastykarz . ReTweet
Earlier this week I had the honor of presenting a session about building solutions with Office Graph at the annual SharePoint Connect 2014 Amsterdam. The presentation Recently released Office Delve surfaces personalized [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
    The New Stuff - Thu, Nov 20th    
176 Office 365 Public Websites + Introducing Delve – Keith Tuomi, SharePoint MVP – vSharePoint / vOffice365 User Group Presentation
Keith Tuomi . ReTweet
Here’s my presentation from today’s vSharePoint and vOffice365 user group in Victoria BC. Be sure to also check out our Office 365 hosted site at www.vsharepoint.com, which has all past Presentations availabl [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
141 Important steps to take if you’re running multilingual variations in SharePoint Online
Yaroslav Pentsarskyy . ReTweet
Tweet The other day I described an issue where all of your Web Designer Galleries disappear. That article also suggested how to address this issue but the solution was short terms for me as I got the same pro [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
101 Netcast 223 - Crawl Your People Separately
Todd Klindt . ReTweet
Body: Tonight's episode was recorded back in my regular time slot. I talk about a few updates. The November CUs for SharePoint came out, as did an important update for OneDrive for Business. I also show you how to look i [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
174 Office 365 offers greater privacy, security and regulatory compliance
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Malavika Rewari is a Product Marketing Manager with the Office 365 team. Trust is the foundation of every good relationship. That’s as true in business as it is in friendship. Today, more than 1.2 billion people worldw [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
62 Help shape the Microsoft Ignite event
Office Blogs . ReTweet
When we announced Microsoft Ignite last month, we told you it will bring together the best of our past events for Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Project—and then take it to the next level, based on what our customers a [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
105 Holiday Shopping Infographic
Liam Cleary . ReTweet
Private WiFi has teamed up with the National Cyber Security Alliance to help us as consumers be safe online when using mobile devices while shopping this holiday season. Look at the infographic below to learn more about [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
196 Office 365 Developer Podcast: Episode 022 with Suman Chakrabarti on Dev PnP
Office Blogs . ReTweet
In episode Jeremy Thake talks to Suman Chakrabarti about the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices initiative. Suman has been a key member of the group and has been focusing on the Core Libraries and nuget package [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
64 Office 365 receives FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) from HHS OIG
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Bill Birkholz is the principal program manager for the Office 365 Trust team and Vijay Kumar is the senior product manager for the Office 365 team. We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Office 365 has been granted Fe [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
99 Presenting at SharePoint Saturday UK 2014
Marwan Tarek . ReTweet
I am invited for the second time to speak at the SharePoint Saturday UK 2014. I am really excited about the opportunity. Last year the event was very successful with more than 300 attendees; I presented Web content manag [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
118 Office Mobile for Android Smartphones update available with OneDrive sharing and Dropbox support
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Fresh updates are available now for the Office Mobile app for Android phones, making it easier to access, edit and share online Office files from your Android phone. New Sharing links to OneDrive files right from Office [read]. Posted Thu, Nov 20th '14
207 Introducing Skype document chat in Office Online
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Nelson Siu is a program manager for the Office Shared Experiences team. The Office Online real-time co-authoring feature makes it easy for you to work together with others on a document. Whether you are putting the final [read]. Posted Thu, Nov 20th '14
144 Gestione della security sulla "Top link bar" di SharePoint Foundation
Giuseppe Marchi . ReTweet
Se non avete la licenza Server di SharePoint e siete obbligati a lavorare su SharePoint Foundation (2010 o 2013 che sia), sapete bene che avete un bel pò di limiti riguardo la gestione della navigazione.Il limite più g [read]. Posted Thu, Nov 20th '14
    The New Stuff - Wed, Nov 19th    
156 Cincinnati SPUG–Thursday November 20th!
Mike Smith . ReTweet
  Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting (different date for November!) Please register here: http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/218788788/ Speaker: Michelle Caldwell    Title:   Designing a Plan fo [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
257 2014 State of Collaboration Security Report is Available!
Liam Cleary . ReTweet
Last year I posted this, and this year I will do the same. The guys over at Cipherpoint (shout out to Mike Fleck)have published their “State of Collaboration Security Report“. I recommend heading over to the [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
162 How to keep SharePoint calculated columns up-to-date
Jim Ehrenberg . ReTweet
An oldie but a goodie I used today._____________________________________________ The major issue related with SharePoint calculated columns is the fact that they are not dynamically updated. In  other words, they will [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
214 Office Blogs – Introducing Office 365 Video
Chris Peters . ReTweet
Introducing Office 365 Video by Office 365 Team, on November 18, 2014 | 11 Comments Office 365 Video—a beautiful user interface with an easy-to-manage approach—which provides organizations with a secure, company-wide [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
138 SharePoint Community Sursee – Delve, Groups & Co erklärt mit Sway
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Andreas Naef von der IOZ in Sursee (CH) hat ein Sway über Delve, Groups & Co gebaut. Er fasst damit die Ergebnisse der SharePoint Community Sursee vom 12.11.2014 zusammen, auf der die neuen Office 365 Funktionen [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
175 Choosing Office 365 to reduce the stress of starting a new practice
Office Blogs . ReTweet
When I finished my three-year residency in Periodontics at Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry, I didn’t think I would purchase a dental practice and remodel a new office that same year. But that’s what happene [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
64 Secure and sync with Information Rights Management on OneDrive for Business
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Shobhit Sahay is a technical product manager on the Office 365 team. Millions of documents are stored today on OneDrive for Business that help people collaborate and get work done easily. But there are times when documen [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
66 Next on Modern Workplace—How millennials are changing business
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Millennials will soon make up more than 50 percent of the workforce, and they demand agile productivity tools to support their flexible, collaborative work style. Does your business have what it takes to attract and empo [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
125 GuideMeThrough SharePoint courseware is here!
Toni Frankola . ReTweet
We are very happy to announce the first version of GuideMeThrough SharePoint courseware – affordable courseware for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online! In this release we are focusing on document libraries, cont [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
111 Garage Series: Your questions answered. Shared computer activation in Office 365 ProPlus
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Do you use shared computers, Remote Desktop Services or solutions like Citrix XenApp with Office? On September 1st shared computer activation was enabled for all Office 365 ProPlus users. On this show Jeremy Chapman invi [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
195 Comparing My Sites to OneDrive For Business
Christian Buckley . ReTweet
Sitting in a session at the SharePoint Connect 2014 conference in Amsterdam this week, my good friend and fellow Office365 MVOP Naomi Moneypenny (@nmoneypenny) shared a great example of the rate of change within the musi [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
140 How to use SharePoint with your trusted partners
Collaboris . ReTweet
For many SharePoint is a bit of a black box. A large number of companies use it as an Intranet or document management system, but few really understand exactly what it can do. SharePoint itself isn’t entirely without b [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14
185 Analyse sur l’utilisation des types de contenus en powershell
David Alexandre . ReTweet
Après avoir listé la taille de chaque site, la taille des corbeilles, voici maintenant un script PowerShell permettant de connaître les l’utilisation de vos différents types de contenus sur une collection [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 19th '14

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