Posted: Tue, Jan 25th '11    
Nintex Workflow 2010 in plain english
Sebastian Gerling . Page Views: 8
…oder so ähnlich. Mike Fitzmaurice (hier mal ohne Kilt) erklärt die Nintex Workflow Philosophie. Vielen Dank an meinen Kollegen Dirk Hartwig, der das Video als Teaser für seinen Vortrag auf der letzen SharePoint User Group in München genutzt hat und mich damit darauf aufmerksam gemacht hat. [read more].
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Nintex Workflow 2010 Preliminary Information
Sebastian Gerling
Nintex has just announced the first Nintex Workflow 2010 preliminary information. This information consists of: Nintex Workflow 2010 – User Experience Enhancements Nintex Workflow 2010 – Embracing SharePoint 2010 Platform Enhancements Nintex Workflow 2010 – Extensions and Integration Enhancements Nintex Workflow 2010 – Manageability Enhancements Very informative stuff! I have seen Nintex Workflow 2010 live on ShareOne two weeks ago and I was very impressed [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 11th '10
Learn Nintex Workflow 2007 with Understanding SharePoint Journal
Toni Frankola
In last few weeks I noticed a lot of posts on Twitter about Nintex Workflow 2007 and SharePoint. All these came from a single user: Bjørn Furuknap (@furuknap). So I followed him for a while and I learned that he wrote a FREE e-book about Nintex Workflow 2007. If you are reading this blog on a regular basis you probably know that I think highly of Nintex Workflow 2007. If you are already using it and you would like to learn more, or just prospecting, take a look at Bjorn’s guide: In this 1 [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 24th '09
Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2010 released
Patrick Sledz
I guess it was not an accident that Nintex released Nintex Workflow 2010 on day 1 of #WPC, the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. When I was searching for some Nintex video’s on Youtube, I found this very nice video of Mike Fitzmaurice explaining with his well known and recognizable voice what Nintex Workflow 2010 is. For the readers who are not familiar with Nintex workflow, it adds a drag-and-drop workflow designer, connectivity and advanced workflow features to the Microsoft SharePoint [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 16th '10

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