Posted: Wed, Feb 22nd '12    
The Wave15 SharePoint Adoption Lifecycle
Christian Buckley . Page Views: 24
There are tremors being felt across Redmond, Washington. As we prepare this year for major releases from the Microsoft Windows, Office, and SharePoint teams, waves of partners, customers, and employees from the various regions are beginning to converge on Redmond to learn more on what is coming. It's a fairly exciting time to be on campus, even as a non-employee. Sorry, nothing to share as far as deep product insights about vNext here. As a perennial "marketing guy surrounded by engineers" who w [read more].
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SharePoint Development and Application Lifecycle Management
Paul Andrew
We just released the Application Lifecycle Management Resource Center for SharePoint Server . Here you can find answers to common questions about Application Lifecycle Management with SharePoint such as: Team Development Source Code Control Automated...(read more) [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 1st '09
SPGA Now Provides Site Lifecycle Management for SharePoint 2010
Sharepoint Solutions
by Tony Bierman Today we’ve released a significant update to our Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint 2010 product. Prior to this release, SPGA was already a great tool for managing the process of requesting and creating new SharePoint 2010 sites. With the addition of these new site lifecycle management features, SPGA users can now manage the entire SharePoint 2010 site lifecycle from creation to expiration and decommissioning. SPGA provides SharePoint 2010 site [read].
Posted: Mon, Sep 10th '12
Driving Users adoption with SharePoint 2010
Dave Coleman
One of the questions we get asked is how do you achieve user adoption with SharePoint? Well I am a strong believer is give people a reason to go there and you will succeed but NEVER believe the field of dreams approach “Build it and they will come” . Well I have 2 pieces of news on the user adoption front 1)      myself and Mark Miller will be giving our joint webinar August 17th on the very subject this is a rescheduled webinar more info coming next week including a sign up link. 2)  [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 22nd '11

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