Posted: Wed, Feb 22nd '12    
The Wave15 SharePoint Adoption Lifecycle
Christian Buckley . Page Views: 8
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WPC Recap, Wave15, and Travel Plans
Christian Buckley
Posted: Mon, Jul 16th '12
Heads-Up: Info on unsupported .NET framework versions (e.g. in SharePoint environments)
Stefan Gossner
In the last two months I have worked on several SharePoint issues where we identified that the servers running SharePoint were still using .NET framework 4.5 or .NET framework 4.5.1 which are unsupported since around a year (supported ended January 12th, 2016 as announced in August 2014): Support Lifecycle for .NET 4.5: Support Lifecycle for .NET... [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 26th '17
SPGA Now Provides Site Lifecycle Management for SharePoint 2010
Sharepoint Solutions
Posted: Mon, Sep 10th '12

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