Posted: Wed, Feb 22nd '12    
I’ve Been Foley’ed! Mary-Jo Foley Writes about SharePoint 2013 – But What About the NDA?
Bjorn Furuknap . Page Views: 34
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Audio Podcast: Mary-Jo Foley And Eileen Brown
Mike Gannotti
Posted: Fri, Nov 21st '08
When will we have the next version of Sharepoint? or a sneak peak?
Ricardo Magalh
Accordingly to Mary Jo Foley (From ZDnet) not before 2015! My bet will be the 3 year gap, so 2016. Just to keep the usual time frame. You can find Mary’s article here. From Real Story Group kind of a sneak peak on Sharepoint 2016 . . . you can find it here. [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 4th '14
Pragmatism and Mary-Jo Foley on SharePoint: New studies highlight the potential downsides of SharePoint
Daniel McPherson
Posted: Tue, Jul 22nd '08

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