Posted: Wed, Feb 22nd '12    
I’ve Been Foley’ed! Mary-Jo Foley Writes about SharePoint 2013 – But What About the NDA?
Bjorn Furuknap . Page Views: 24
If you could hear me say what I’m writing here, you’d hear excitement in my voice. I was going to use this blog post to say how much that meant to me, but I’ve already told her, and you just need to know that I still haven’t come down from the high. Being an otherwise random blogger and being used as a source from a journalist of Mary-Jo Foley’s repute is simply an absolu [read more].
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Audio Podcast: Mary-Jo Foley And Eileen Brown
Mike Gannotti
URL: Audio Podcast: Mary-Jo Foley And Eileen Brown Body: A few days ago Microsoft’s Eileen Brown, Eileen Brown's WebLog, contacted me with a favor to ask. She had a great audio podcast featuring All About Microsoft’s Mary-Jo Foley, and she needed a place to host the podcast file at. I was flattered she thought of me and now all of you here get to enjoy the session as well. You can listen to the podcast as well as other audio podcasts on my Michael on the Go page of this site or download it d [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 21st '08
When will we have the next version of Sharepoint? or a sneak peak?
Ricardo Magalh
Accordingly to Mary Jo Foley (From ZDnet) not before 2015! My bet will be the 3 year gap, so 2016. Just to keep the usual time frame. You can find Mary’s article here. From Real Story Group kind of a sneak peak on Sharepoint 2016 . . . you can find it here. [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 4th '14
Silverlight 3 is available for download
Ricardo Magalh
The final version of the Silverlight 3 is already available for download. You can get it here: Mary Jo Foley’s article on this: [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 10th '09

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