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Hosted Microsoft TFS – Team Foundation Service – Part 4: Connect your project to TFS and create a build definition
Tobias Zimmer . Page Views: 20
Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren Introduction A while back an announcement was made that had been made available for general testing. Various bloggers at Microsoft put an invitation token in their MSDN blogs so everyone can have a go at it. In this article series we’ll take a very quick look [...] [read more].
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TFS Permissions do not sync to Web Access and no more emails are sent
Vlad Catrinescu
I recently had a problem where suddenly TFS stopped sending emails and alerts. Furthermore, there was a permission bug with all new projects: The permissions were working perfectly in the SharePoint Site, however no one had the permissions in TFS Web Access.The problem was that the Visual Studio Team Foundation Background Job Agent service was stopped. The Visual Studio Team Foundation Background Job Agent service provides a general scheduling mechanism for Web services and jobs for Team Foundat [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 9th '14
TFS215106: Access Denied. needs Queue builds permissions.
Vlad Catrinescu
When Trying to Queue a new Build Definition, You might get this error: TFS215106: Access denied. Domain\User needs Delete build definition permissions for the build definition MybuildDefintion in team project MyTeamProject to perform this action.You might get this even if you are a Project Administrator or have all the other rights in TFS because the inheritance for builds might have been broken to provide more security. For example, in my organization, only 2 persons are allowed to launch Build [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 16th '14
Developer Turnover and Maintaining Valid TFS Historical Data – TFS Error TF20015
Adam Buenz
When maintaining a TFS environment where WI’s become crucial in terms of development artifacts, you may notice an issue with removed AD accounts causing a problem where WI’s and not privy to updates because the account has been removed from Active Directory. This becomes a huge issue because updates to the WI are no longer supported. Generally, this will throw the error: TFS Error: TF20015, stating that a field contains a value that is not on the supported list This leads to the requirem [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 17th '10

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