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Accessing Microsoft CRM 4.0 data using web services
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Ensure your Office 365 Data Moves to the UK
Alex Pearce
In recent years we have seen Microsoft announce data centres across the world and more importantly for my point of view a set of them in the UK.  Azure services can now be purchased to house your services in the UK with new Office 365 tenants being created in the these new data centres. Did you know you have to opt in to get your current Office 365 tenants moved to the UK?  Did you know you have only until the 15 September 2017 to complete your request? Well hopefully you do now.  If you navi [read].
Posted: Wed, May 17th '17
SharePoint and Silverlight-Accessing SharePoint list data for Silverlight without web services
Office Blogs
Posted: Wed, May 6th '09
Presenting at Unity Connect 2016
Waldek Mastykarz
Learn how to build powerful productivity solutions with the Microsoft Graph in my session at the upcoming Unity Connect 2016. One API to rule them all Office 365 - the Microsoft productivity cloud, evolves continuously, offering more and more capabilities every day. These capabilities help you be more productive by themselves already, but the real power lies in building solutions that combine the different features and insights together. In the past building solutions that spanned multiple se [read].
Posted: Sun, Nov 6th '16

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