Posted: Tue, Apr 10th '12    
Accessing Microsoft CRM 4.0 data using web services
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SharePoint and Silverlight-Accessing SharePoint list data for Silverlight without web services
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Posted: Wed, May 6th '09
Presenting at Unity Connect 2016
Waldek Mastykarz
Learn how to build powerful productivity solutions with the Microsoft Graph in my session at the upcoming Unity Connect 2016. One API to rule them all Office 365 - the Microsoft productivity cloud, evolves continuously, offering more and more capabilities every day. These capabilities help you be more productive by themselves already, but the real power lies in building solutions that combine the different features and insights together. In the past building solutions that spanned multiple se [read].
Posted: Sun, Nov 6th '16
filtering dates in a data view webpart when using webservices datasource
Patrick Ige
Originally posted on: was working on a data view web part recently and i hadĀ  to filter the data based on dates. Since the data source was web services i couldn't useĀ  the Offset which i blogged about earlier. When using web services to pull data in sharepoint designer you would have to use xpath. So for example this is the soap that populates the rows [read].
Posted: Mon, Nov 12th '12

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