Posted: Thu, Apr 12th '12    
Use Case: Finding the Most Frequently Used Web Parts in SharePoint
Steve Goldberg . Page Views: 13
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Posted: Wed, Sep 28th '11
Use case: PhoneBook Search - no code required
Toni Frankola
Posted: Thu, Aug 20th '09
Polymer 1.0 - Polylint - use on project instead of component
Serge van den Oever
The Polymer team just release Polylint, a tool to catch errors in your polymer project before even running your code. The tool seems to be designed to work in a component, but it faisl in a project that follows the project structure as used in the Polymer Starter Kit. You can see this structure at In this structure the folder bower_components folder is located next to the app folder, instead of in the app folder. To get started: git clone h [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 18th '15

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