Posted: Thu, Apr 12th '12    
Use Case: Finding the Most Frequently Used Web Parts in SharePoint
Steve Goldberg . Page Views: 5
A common SharePoint scenario: As the SharePoint administrator, you would like to get a handle on the web parts being used across your environment. What are the most frequently used web parts? Where are they implemented? Where are my web parts hidden or closed? SharePoint out-of-the-box just doesn’t provide administrators with the top-down, farm-level view of where web parts are being used – which is exactly what you need. With ControlPoint, administrators can view the total n [read more].
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SharePoint 2010: Finding a Unique HTML ID Using the $get Function
Mike Smith
  ID=…   Go look up the definition of the HTML ID attribute. The standards say that the ID must be unique in the page. No two elements should share the same ID.  SharePoint frequently breaks this rule. If you have two web parts of the same, or similar, type, they will often each have elements with the same ID. As an example, any web part in 2010 that displays a document icon (Word, Excel, etc) [read].
Posted: Sun, Jul 24th '11
Loads of Stuff!
Marian Lishman
There seems to be loads of new stuff on the internet about web parts etc - it's just a question of finding the time to test all of these things out. One thing I must try and look at is integrating Reporting Services with web parts: as i have heard great things about RS. Posted on SharePoint Blogs [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 18th '04
Quick Fix: Accessing SharePoint Site Throws [HttpException (0x80004005): Request timed out.]
Paul Galvin
One of my developer colleagues was working on a project this week and ran into a timeout problem while working on building some crazy web part.  His web part was fine, but "suddenly" an unrelated site became very slow and frequently timed out with this error: [HttpException (0x80004005): Request timed out.] I logged in and saw that several other sites were just fine.  I suspected that there were some hidden web parts on the page and using the trusty ?contents=1 debug technique, I did in fact [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 23rd '08

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