Posted: Fri, Apr 13th '12    
Sharepoint 2007 – Updating Child Content Types problem
Ricardo Magalh . Page Views: 8
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Updating Content Types and Site Columns That Were Deployed as a Feature
Becky Bertram
Posted: Sat, Nov 1st '08
How to unpublish a published content type if the published content type no longer exists
Stefan Gossner
One of my colleagues (Steffi Buchner) recently got a case where a customer deleted a content type hub and later noticed that some of the content types provided by this hub were already published. The problem is that the information about which content...(read more) [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 15th '14
Office applications crashing with SharePoint Content Types and Document Templates
Paul Matthews
The scenario I had set up was, a few content types with different site columns assigned to the content type. (Single Line of Text, Ratings and Managed Metadata). Each content type also had a document template assigned to them. The content types were then added to a document library list. When I click the New […] [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 14th '15

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