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Sharepoint 2007 – Updating Child Content Types problem
Ricardo Magalh . Page Views: 8
There are still a lot of implementations of Sharepoint 2007, and I still work with some. This week we came across a problem updating content types across a site collection using the User Interface and I didn’t find any reference to this problem or solutions. So because I had to figure it out on my one, here it is my contribution on this issue. It is a long post, but I am trying to detail as much as I can. Problem: Actually we had two different problems that resulted in the same behavior [read more].
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SharePoint Content Type Cheat Sheet
Bill Simser
PrincipleAny application or solution built in SharePoint must use a custom content type over adding columns to lists. The only exception to this is one-off solutions that have no life-cycle, proof-of-concepts, etc.Creating Content TypesWeb UI. Not portable, POC onlyC# or Declarative (XML). Must deploy these as FeaturesRuleDo not chagne the base XML for a Content Type after deploying. The only exception to this rule is that you can re-deploy a modified Content Type definition only after completel [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 15th '11
Hidden Content Types and Hidden Site Columns
End User SharePoint
From previous “how-to” articles, you may know that several out-of-the-box Content Types belong to the group _Hidden. This means that when you first start using the site, you can not create child Content Types based on these types. Also, if you want to aggregate Blog Posts with a Content Query Web Part, for instance, you [...] [read].
Posted: Wed, Jan 21st '09
You created a Content Type and it doesn’t inherit columns from the parent Content Type (Publishing Tip #1)
Waldek Mastykarz
Imagine the following scenario: you created a new Content Type in SharePoint 2010. You built the Content Type ID correctly and even included the FieldRefs element. Still, after you provisioned your Content Type it doesn’t contain any fields: Content Types inheritance works a little different in SharePoint 2010 than it did in SharePoint 2007. SharePoint 2010 introduces the Inherits attribute. From the SharePoint SDK: Inherits – Optional Boolean. The value of this attribute determines wh [read].
Posted: Sat, May 1st '10

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