Posted: Fri, Apr 13th '12    
Survey on SharePoint implementations in Belgium.
Patrick Sledz . Page Views: 18
The University College Ghent is organizing a Survey about SharePoint implementations in Belgium. 2 students, Davy Loose and Gill Gonnissen created a survey to “measure the deployments of SharePoint in Belgium”. The survey is anonymous, but if you are interested in the result of our survey you can fill in your e-mail address at the end of the survey and we will send you the result. This e-mail address will only be accessible by the researchers and won’t be given to third-p [read more].
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Survey on SharePoint deployment in Belgium
Joris Peolmans
Please take a moment of your time to fill in a survey around SharePoint deployment in Belgium organized by two students from the University College of Ghent: Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. This survey is organized by the University College Ghent. It is aimed at measuring the deployment of Microsoft SharePoint in Belgium. Answering the approximately 25 questions will take about 5 to 10 minutes. Try to be honest when you answer the questions, we can assure you that all [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 12th '12
SharePoint Implementation Environment Survey – Please complete it
Jeremy Thake
Thought I’d post this so that those of you not in the Twitterverse don’t miss out ;-) I have created a survey quickly in my lunch break yesterday…and was quite impressed with the flow of it and beta tested it with a few guys: Andrew Cox (Readify) and Kristian Kalsing. I put it live pretty soon after that and am humbled by how many people have re-tweeted and given positive feedback. The survey tries to focus on what tools you have in your toolbox as well as how you configure your SharePoint [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 22nd '09
How to create a good SharePoint Survey
Ian Morish
Or any online survey for that matter. SurveyMoney has published a great document on "Smart Survey Design" which is a collection of guidance from many sources. E.g. a good checklist of concerns regarding the survey and question design that, as the survey designer, you should consider: Do th ... (More) [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 5th '08

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