Posted: Fri, Apr 13th '12    
More SharePoint at Rackspace
Tom Resing . Page Views: 27
Body: More for me. More for them. More for you. I’m joining the incredibly talented, infamously humorous, infinitely engaging SharePoint team at Rackspace. Jeff Deverter and company have hosted the San Antonio SharePoint User Group monthly meetings at Rackspace for a couple years now and I’ve gotten to know a lot of their smart admins. With the recent addition of the SharePoint911 crew the level of SharePoint talent at Rackspace exploded overnight. If you attend conferences that include S [read more].
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Rackspace headquarters tour with Rackspace Cloud President
Dave Coleman
Here’s a fun tour of Rackspace’s headquarters (in a former mall) in San Antonio, Texas, with Lew Moorman, president of Rackspace Cloud. They call the headquarters “the Castle” and we cover why they name it that. Technorati Tags: Hosting, Rackspace [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 5th '11
Big Rackspace News (and a party)!
Laura Rogers
Body: This morning I'm beyond thrilled to announce that Rackspace has purchased SharePoint911. Now all of us are Rackspace employees, AKA "Rackers". Back in January, our team took a trip out to San Antonio to the RackSpace headquarters, to meet our future colleagues and see what the company is all about. Rackspace and SharePoint911 are a great fit with each other when it comes to corporate culture and personalities, and we're eager to work with them to share our expertise and build the Share [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 16th '12
I’m a Racker!!!
Todd Klindt
Body: Rackspace bought SharePoint911!! You guys have no idea how much this news has been killing me to share. As of this morning, SharePoint911 is owned by Rackspace, and this is huge. I’ve been a huge fan of Rackspace, and more importantly the people at Rackspace, for years now. I’ve had a hosted server from them (though not for this blog, yet) for many years and always been very happy with its performance and the support they’ve given me. Whenever I’m at a conference I always end up ha [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 16th '12

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