Posted: Fri, Apr 13th '12    
More SharePoint at Rackspace
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Rackspace headquarters tour with Rackspace Cloud President
Dave Coleman
Posted: Fri, Aug 5th '11
Laura’s New Company!
Laura Rogers
Yes, the Rackspace adventure has ended, and my next life adventure has begun! I’ve started my own company! Yes, here’s the story.. A couple of months ago, about 15 of us were basically told that our whole department, SharePoint Professional Services at Rackspace, was being eliminated.  So the team of SharePoint project managers, myself, and my team of seven SharePoint [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 19th '16
Rackspace Sponsoring SharePint at SPTechCon
Laura Rogers
Body: This evening, February 10, Rackspace will sponsor a party! Here’s how it’s going to work… At 6:45, there will be an local (Austin, San Antonio, Houston) SharePoint User Group meeting with an Ask the Experts Panel, in the Wedgewood Ballroom here at the conference hotel.  Everyone is invited.  During this meeting, Rackspace will be handing out SIXTY (60) “Golden Tickets”.  The winners of these tickets will get free entry to the party (SharePint) at Austin Beer Works.  There [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 10th '15

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