Posted: Fri, Apr 13th '12    
Launch of Macedonia SharePoint User Group and Balkan User Groups on Fire!
Joel Oleson . Page Views: 18
Very excited to say this last trip was extremely productive. Not only did we speak at MS Days Bulgaria and have an incredible #SharePint #ShareDinner with my new Bulgarian SharePoint friends, but with the superb help of Darko Milevski SharePoint MVP in Macedonia and the incredible community in Skopje Macedonia. Key people including Dejan Dimitrovski (MS DPE), Fitim Durmishi, Rusul Ibrahimi, and Ahmed Abdullai. When we met Darko over email, we thought it was going to be great to meet up with some [read more].
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SharePoint Speaker for Microsoft Macedonia
Serge Luca
I’ll be SharePoint speaker for Microsoft Macedonia next month; I’ll publish more details about my sessions when the Vizjia web site will be ready; stay tuned… [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 29th '11
Two New SharePoint User Groups Added
Mike Gannotti
URL: Two New SharePoint User Groups Added Body: I have added two new user groups to the SharePoint User Group page. The two are the Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group and the DoD SharePoint User Group. The DoD SharePoint User Group is restricted to DoD members - and requires a CAC to access but the Hampton Roads SQL Server and SharePoint User Group is open to all. You can check them and all the user groups listed on my SharePoint User Group page by clicking here. Do you have a u [read].
Posted: Wed, Dec 3rd '08
SharePoint User Group Meeting Format Idea
Bob Fox
Body: Recently one of the groups I work with (NJSPUG) held an interesting meeting.   Normally you go to groups and see this speaker or that speaker diving into this or that topic.  We decided to try something new.... ok its not new and no i didnt come up with this idea but it was something that i have never seen happen in any of my groups nor have i heard of others doing it.   We held an open forum type of meeting.  A small group of us (4 to be exact) all coming from separate disciplines s [read].
Posted: Thu, May 29th '08

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