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System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager | Migration
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Seit dem 1.4.2012 für MSDN User und für Microsoft Partner und VL-Kunden verfügbar. Der System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager (SCDPM). Einen Überblick über den SCDPM 2012 erfahren Sie hier. Hier erfahren sie die letzten Änderungen. Generelle Neuheiten sind hier beschrieben. Die neue Administrator Konsole wird ausführlich hier beschrieben. Was wie gesichert wird, das schreibt der SCDPM in eine Instanz des SQL Servers. Nicht die Sicherungsdaten, die liegen für eine kurzfristige Si [read more].
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How to Protect SharePoint with DPM 2007
Mark Harrison
SharePoint administrators are looking for a better way to protect and recover their collaboration infrastructures. Microsoft has listened to its customers and has delivered a complete solution with System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007. Datasheet: How to protect SharePoint Products and Technologies with System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 If your company relies on Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to manage and deliver information, see how Syst [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 14th '08
How Do I Back up HyperV with System Center Data Protection Manager
Dave Coleman
Earlier in the week i shared a video with you about backing up your HyperV deployment with Windows server backup well to balance the scales i thought i would post about using System center data protection manager this is the product we are using to backup our HyperV farm but obviously there is a cost associated with this product.but to be fair i thought i would show both sides of the coin. With virtu [read].
Posted: Wed, Jan 12th '11
SharePoint and Data Protection Manager -- very cool together!
To The SharePoint
Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 (DPM) is a Microsoft backup and recovery tool that can be used to protect and recover SharePoint data. Why is DPM exciting? It requires very little processing on the server because writes are done frequently at the data block level. Data block-level updates are much less resource intensive than either SharePoint or SQL Server full or partial backups.As a result, you can run DPM on a production server during standard business hours! DPM prov [read].
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