Posted: Thu, Apr 26th '12    
SharePoint 2010 and SSL Certificates
Liam Cleary . Page Views: 49
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[MSCloudShow] Episode 125 is live - Azure & Office 365 News - Certificates, Exporting ARM templates, Usage Reports for Office 365 and the April 2016 PnP Release
Andrew Connell
In this 125th episode, AC and CJ cover recent news from Office 365 such as usage reports, OneDrive for Business updates and the April 2016 update from the office 365 PnP group. They also covered some news with Microsoft Azure including the ability to export ARM templates from resource groups and buying SSL certificates for the Azure App Service straight from the Azure portals. Be sure to download the latest episode here: Episode 125 | Azure & Office 365 News - Certificates, Exporting ARM tem [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 19th '16
Installing Certificate PFX into Debian Linux
Liam Cleary
While working on a Kali Linux Virtual Machine I have, I accessed a Demonstration SharePoint site in the browser and hit the standard Certificate Errors, as I am using Root Certificate Authority issued certificates for my local domain, which my Kali Linux machine is not part of. The process for adding my root Certificate and then the Website Certificate to my Kali Linux (Debian) Machine is a little different to a regular Windows Machine. Firstly the Certificate needs to be exported into a PFX for [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 30th '16
When certificates have fallen and can’t get up.
Stacy Draper
Posted: Sat, Feb 5th '11

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