Posted: Thu, Apr 26th '12    
SharePoint 2010 and SSL Certificates
Liam Cleary . Page Views: 27
Body: While working on a project recently I wanted to use SSL certificates on the Development environments so the developers could actually get a closer experience to what the end users are seeing in Pre-Production and Production. The domain names on Development are not the same as the Production ones and did not want to configure those the same as then I would have IP addressing and Routing issues when testing. So I wanted to use self-signed SSL certificates but had the standard issue when tryi [read more].
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Bad SSL Certificates and Browser Woes
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass0CDBF722D1C54F4F8F8D3C26583A8FB1"pI was troubleshooting some relatively minor SSL changes that had reportedly worked before but no longer worked. After switching back to old certificates and it still didn't work I was mystified. It looked like it was working. I could telnet to the port so I knew that HTTP.SYS/IIS was answering. However, the browser refused to return anything on HTTPS. /ppI ended up breaking out a href=" [read].
Posted: Tue, May 25th '10
Error in crawl log: “The server is unavailable and could not be accessed. The server is probably disconnected from the network.” (SharePoint 2010)
Ingo Karstein
I got this error messages a thousand times: Solution 1: I added the root certification authority certificates and the intermediate certification authority certificates of all SSL certificates to the SharePoint root cert store: $rootca = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate2("$(join-path (split-path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path) 'root-ca.cer')") $interca = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate2("$(join-path (split-path $MyI [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 19th '12
Office Web App WCA - SSL confussion
Paul Beck
Overview: Office web Apps (WCA) 2013 defaults to using https, this is a good position to take but SSL offloading may be needed or you may want to do testing without SSL. In my case we are using KEMP for SSL termination and before the NLB's are in place I made some hard discoveries. Options: SSL, WCA wants to use SSL and has some confusing switches, they make sense eventually so to summerise: You have 3 options to install WCA with SP2013: No SSL (not recommened), SSL Certificates on the WCA se [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 24th '13

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