Posted: Fri, May 4th '12    
SharePoint 2010 & CAS : le GAC n’est pas l’unique solution de déploiement de vos composants
Renaud Comte . Page Views: 22
Un sujet qui revient souvent dans le monde SharePoint mais bizarrement moins depuis la version 14 alors que très à la mode sous 2003 et 2007. Le Code Access Security : CAS et la problématique des stratégie de contrainte ..   Référence MSDN (très bo... [read more].
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GAC and SharePoint
Sahil Malik
SharePoint 2010 Training: more information GAC and SharePoint have had a funny love & hate relationship. In 2007, SharePoint and GAC fell in love. GAC was about the only practical alternative to deploying custom code. Here is a dirty secret, based on completely unscientific and unfounded research, I can tell you that 99% of SharePoint code written, ended up in the GAC. Yes, I know GAC rhymes with hack, crack, smack, and even mac, but still it was the better alternative. Y [read].
Posted: Sat, Aug 4th '12
GAC / Bin sous SharePoint : que faire si un dll ne charge pas ...
Renaud Comte
Le genre de soucis vraiment pas sympathique quand vous déployez vos applications. Votre application sous SharePoint se met en erreur de manière épisodique car il ne trouve pas des types d'objet genre "The type specified in the TypeName property o... [read].
Posted: Tue, May 6th '08
CAS, help to deliver more secure code?
Kit Kai
Many preach that deployment of assembly to GAC is a potential security breach, as codes are run with full trust. So many advocate deploying your assemblies to the Bin directory and use CAS to give them the necessary rights to run. I've been working on a customisation to improve wiki and forum functionality in SharePoint to better support a technical community. I decided to give CAS a try, and deploy to Bin (my work are mostly POCs, hence I just deploy to GAC). It was difficult at the beginni [read].
Posted: Sun, Apr 5th '09

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