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  Creating a SharePoint governance plan, correctly, can be a real challenge as SharePoint governance is only partially about SharePoint. Because SharePoint is (too) easy to use it attracts content, user, compliance and best practices problems. Without a plan… well you know what you’ve got. There are several approaches to creating your governance plan. One is to download one of the sample plans [read more].
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SharePoint Governance Resources
Mike Gannotti
Body: Tomorrow morning at 4am I will be heading out the door for an all day onsite at a client site in Jacksonville to discuss SharePoint governance before heading back that evening. I have been hearing the topic pop up quite a bit again lately so I thought I quickly post some links to resources around this topic. Governance Resource Center for SharePoint Server 2007 SharePoint Governance and Manageability Governance Resources SharePoint Governance Checklist Guide Joel Olseon’s blog site (Mr. [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 21st '09
Video: 4 Basic Elements of SharePoint Governance
Mike Gannotti
Body: In this Michael on the Go episode I discuss 4 of the basic elements of SharePoint Governance (Assemble the team, document, training, and iteration). In my many onsite discussions with clients I find that oftentimes those implementing SharePoint are overwhelmed by all the governance advice and collateral available, In this segment I focus on the four basic elements that if implemented can provide the basis for a dynamic, growing governance of SharePoint and will help to ensure ongoing succe [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 11th '11
Video: The 5 Pillars of SharePoint Governance
Andrew Woodward
We briefly talked about the 5 Pillars of SharePoint Governance in our post ‘Governance 3.0‘. In this video post, we explain the 5 pillars in more detail and present you with a great visualisation you can use to articulate the 5 Pillars of SharePoint Governance to your business and IT stakeholders. Looks best in full screen… If this resonates with you then take a look at our Governance services or get in touch and let’s discuss how 21apps can help you implement SharePoin [read].
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