Posted: Wed, May 9th '12    
New SharePoint search column: The View from the Crawl Space
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Content Targeting with SharePoint Content Search Web Part
Yaroslav Pentsarskyy
Tweet Who wouldn’t want to have targeted content in SharePoint? Seems like such a logical ask and yet it’s seems like it’s a pain to implement. This post will try to demystify this implementation. Here is the scenario: You have people in your organization and they’re using their User Profile to describe their interests, say they’re using Ask Me About field: Wouldn’t it be nice for anyone who is writing articles on that topic to “tag̶ [read].
Posted: Fri, Oct 3rd '14
Adding Additional Search Crawl database to a SP2013 Search farm
Paul Beck
Problem: By adhereing to Microsoft recommendations for search farms, a threshold that is passed fairly quickly is that the Search Crawl database should not exceed 20 million items per database. I have a 12 server search farm with four partitions (recommendation 10 million items per index partion). I need to add a second Crawler DB. Initial Hypothesis: Figure out your current crawl databases. Add additional Search Crawl databases Review the existing crawl search databases I proved this on [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 27th '14
Manage List and Library – Part 2
Gayathri Narayanan
Filtered Views – More on Indexes: When we create a view for a SharePoint List, its always advised to index the first column that is specified in the filter. Other columns may or may not be indexed as the view does not use those indexes. It always goes with the first column. If the filter needs to be on two columns, then AND is always suggested rather than OR as OR filter increases the number of items returned and indexing will not help anymore. Important Note: 1. Do not index look up  [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 18th '14

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