Posted: Wed, May 9th '12    
New SharePoint search column: The View from the Crawl Space
DavidLongmuir . Page Views: 19
One of the things I love about SharePoint Conference and TechEd is hanging out with and learning from people who are tops in their field—the gurus. My favorite search guru is Jeff Fried, who came to Microsoft as part of the FAST Search acquisition and was technical product manager for all of our enterprise search technologies. Jeff is a search geek extraordinaire, but he has the gift of being able to talk about search in a way that we non-geeks can understand. A few conferences ago I [read more].
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SharePoint Search Crawl Rules
Chrissy Blanco
span xmlns=""pWhen performing a search in SharePoint you often find you get noisy results where not only will it return the document you searched for, but it will also return the view and edit properties pages, the AllItems.aspx view form //ppTo prevent these from being returned you need to update the crawl rules. To do this follow the steps below:br //polliOpen the Crawl Rules section of the Search Settings in the SSP admin //lilidivAdd crawl rules to exclude the following paths: [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 15th '08
Force a Full Crawl for a Site
Mike Taghizadeh
Hey all, So I was doing some work with a customer and I was asked how to do a Full Crawl for a site, without actually doing a Full Crawl and only doing Incremental Crawl. So bascially, they would like to crawl a site fully, using only Incremental crawls. So I was told a quick thing that worked for me in my test. I am not saying that this is the right way, or the recommended way, or the best way to do this, but it is a cool thing that worked for me, so take it with a grain of salt :-) Go into th [read].
Posted: Tue, Jan 22nd '08
SP2010 Enterprise Search Crawl log error
Paul Beck
Problem: Using enterprise search after a clean SP201 install using autoSPInstaller, I preform my initial full crawl of the content source and recive the following error in tghe crawl log "The account password was not specified. Specify the password." Resolution: Edit the Search Service Application to use the apprriate password. [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 29th '11

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