Posted: Thu, May 10th '12    
Update on the Book Project
Mike Oryszak . Page Views: 20
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Book update and MVP status
Ishai Sagi
Posted: Mon, Apr 12th '10
Book written by me just published and live on amazon !
Dipti Chhatrapati
Hello Friend ! Its a good day for me today as my first tech book is published and live on amazon site.It was really mixed journey with hard-work,dedication,frustration due to lack of time,working on multiple things but its paid off now It was day when I was discussing with my friend Bjoern about his book  on SharePoint Workflows and He suggested me to write the book on my interested topic.And co-incidentally,on very 2/3 day I have got the request from the publisher to write the book on TFS R [read].
Posted: Fri, Apr 10th '15
#ProjectServer #PS2013 update reference #PPM #MSProject
Paul Mather
A quick post to highlight a couple of great links from Brian Smith for Project Server 2013 / Project Pro 2013 updates / patches. See the links below: Project 2013 client update reference: Project Server 2013 update reference: Bookmark these links today! [read].
Posted: Mon, Dec 22nd '14

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