Posted: Thu, May 10th '12    
Update on the Book Project
Mike Oryszak . Page Views: 31
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Book update and MVP status
Ishai Sagi
Posted: Mon, Apr 12th '10
Book written by me just published and live on amazon !
Dipti Chhatrapati
Hello Friend ! Its a good day for me today as my first tech book is published and live on amazon site.It was really mixed journey with hard-work,dedication,frustration due to lack of time,working on multiple things but its paid off now It was day when I was discussing with my friend Bjoern about his book  on SharePoint Workflows and He suggested me to write the book on my interested topic.And co-incidentally,on very 2/3 day I have got the request from the publisher to write the book on TFS R [read].
Posted: Fri, Apr 10th '15
#ProjectOnline / #ProjectServer 2013 update #Project Name description on PDP #JavaScript #jQuery
Paul Mather
Some times organisations want to update the Name description on the PDP to something else. This simple script will do that, the example in the script will work for the Enterprise Project EPT but could easily be updated for other EPTs. The script can be downloaded here: The script is very similar to the […] [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 22nd '15

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