Posted: Thu, May 10th '12    
Update on the Book Project
Mike Oryszak . Page Views: 11
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Book update and MVP status
Ishai Sagi
Posted: Mon, Apr 12th '10
#ProjectServer #PS2013 update reference #PPM #MSProject
Paul Mather
A quick post to highlight a couple of great links from Brian Smith for Project Server 2013 / Project Pro 2013 updates / patches. See the links below: Project 2013 client update reference: Project Server 2013 update reference: Bookmark these links today! [read].
Posted: Mon, Dec 22nd '14
Register now for the June 17 webcast: Microsoft Project from any device with Cloud apps
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With Office 2013, Microsoft introduced a new cloud app model that allows users to run apps in Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and Project, much like the apps you use on your phone and tablet today. Now Project, Project Online and Project Server users can take advantage of this new app model for extended functionality. In addition, cloud apps are available on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iPad, iPhone and Android, which gives users access to their Project data from just about any device. In this s [read].
Posted: Tue, Jun 10th '14

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