Posted: Fri, May 19th '17    
Protecting your Azure Virtual Machine with Microsoft Antimalware
Thuan Nguyen . Page Views: 149
The world of virus and malware are unpredictable. There are many historically stories about the virus for example Conflicker or Nimda which damaged hugely to hijacked network. Some of the actions such a malware does is: Slow down your virtual machine Stop some critical services on your virtual machine Automatically attack other virtual machines in the same network Be a backdoor sending message and sensitive information to attacker Such a malware can be very dangerous when infecting to your vir [read more].
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Security shared responsibility in Azure IaaS
Thuan Nguyen
Cloud computing is heterogeneously broad, relating to variety of software services to hardware infrastructure. Nevertheless, people are still following the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), defining three service models: Software as a Service (SaaS): this is the model when cloud consumer has access to cloud service provider’s software from the Internet. An example of the software is Microsoft Office 365, which offer you set of business productivity services including [read].
Posted: Thu, May 18th '17
Deploying a single SharePoint Server 2016 Farm on Azure IaaS
Thuan Nguyen
One of the big advantages of Microsoft Azure I often introduce to folks surrounding me is how quick I can provision an environment for demonstration . As a SharePoint geek, you would love to see how the latest on-premises version looks like. I know you do even folks now seem to head to SharePoint Online doing client-side stuffs. If you are based in Southeast Asia Pacific region and are keen on Microsoft Azure, come join my session at Experts Live Asia Pacific 2017 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I w [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 1st '17
Azure Virtual Machine Time Sync
Jon Feilding
Posted: Wed, May 1st '13

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