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Book Review: Information Architecture- Blueprints for the web
Robert Bogue
There's one statement that is definite truth, there's no mystery in how Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web approaches IA. It's all about the web – and why shouldn't be. If we're accessing information today we're likely doing it via the web. Whether it's an internet web site that sells Shepherd's crooks or a corporate intranet, we're spending more and more of our time consuming information in a browser. The book is a good, straight forward guide to developing an information archi [read].
Posted: Mon, Oct 31st '11
The Top Three Pieces of Technology I want – but can’t find
Robert Bogue
For the most part I've got all of the gadgets that I want. However, occasionally I find a need for stuff that I just can't find. I've sent emails to friends, I've looked on web sites, and haven't found what I want. So I figured I'd place a public blog post out to see who agrees with me that these would be things they would buy too. Maybe we can get some manufacturers to make it for us.  Network Projector Converter Box When I rebuilt my office I had to make a decision about whether I was going [read].
Posted: Sat, Oct 29th '11
Book Review-Pervasive Information Architecture
Robert Bogue
I view Information Architecture (IA) as the organization of information around you. I picked up Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences because I wanted to see how others thought about the problem of keeping messages consistent. In what I'm trying to do I was less concerned about eCommerce / brick-and-morter mixtures of experiences – which the book spends a great deal of time on – rather I was more interested in how our experience on our desktop, on our p [read].
Posted: Fri, Oct 28th '11
Book Review: Sources of Power – How People Make Decisions
Robert Bogue
It may seem odd but my quest for resources for my upcoming Information Architecture DVD led me to a book on decsions. Hows' that? Well, Information Architecture is a funny thing. You'll never know enough about the problem. You'll always have to make compromises that are at best uneasy. So I wondered how do people make decisions? How could I provide council on which compromises to make, and which to stay away from. My quest lead me to Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions by Gary Klein. I w [read].
Posted: Sun, Oct 23rd '11
Apprentice, Journeyman, Master
Robert Bogue
About four years ago I read a book Software Craftsmanship – The New Imperative. I wrote a blog entry/book review on it. One of the core concepts of the book has been coming back to me over the last several weeks as it relates to SharePoint and SharePoint development in particular. A few weeks ago now the Microsoft SharePoint Developer ( site went online complete with tons of content to get developers started with SharePoint. However, as much as I sincerely be [read].
Posted: Sun, Oct 23rd '11
Book Review: Finding Flow-The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life
Robert Bogue
I've been a fan of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's work since first seeing his work. I feel like I spend much of my days in "flow" and the description of it helps me to explain to others something that has been difficult to explain. His book Finding flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life is accessible to anyone and talks about the research about how people enjoy – or don't enjoy their lives and how that is related to the time they spend in the state called "flow." Flow is the mental s [read].
Posted: Sun, Oct 16th '11
Book Review: How to Measure Anything
Robert Bogue
Douglas Hubbard certainly knows how to throw down a dare. His book, How to Measure Anything: Finding the Intangibles in Business certainly is a supurlative title. The promose is that you'll be able to measure absolutely anything with the techniques laid out in the book. I have to say that he's possibly right. Certainly there should be a certain amount of skepticism in any absolute, however, once you understand what measurement is and what is isn't this makes a lot more sense. The book starts wit [read].
Posted: Sat, Oct 1st '11
Writing Your Own SharePoint Publishing Approval Workflow
Robert Bogue
Out of the box SharePoint has a Publishing Approval workflow that's hooked up to libraries to support approval of published content. It's possible to modify this workflow to support your own needs – but there may be some times when you want to author a new workflow from scratch. This works fine in SPD, except that once created you can't associate it so that it is started when someone tries to publish a new major version of the item. Take a look at the following two screen shots:   [read].
Posted: Sat, Oct 1st '11
Announcing the SharePoint Shepherd Presents the Psychology of SharePoint Adoption and Engagement
Robert Bogue
I've been working on getting together some videos for some time now. I started working on my video studio in late 2008. I took one run at getting some materials together for Governance together for 2007 but ultimately ran out of time before I could get them done. You see, I'm committed to making video materials the best quality possible. I enjoy video production and I want to leave no question in the mind of the viewer that the video content I create is the best possible content. That has led me [read].
Posted: Wed, Sep 28th '11
Autorun.inf is painful – and it doesn’t need to be
Robert Bogue
I'm finishing up a special promotional DVD project where I'll be giving out some DVDs of content at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference. Those DVDs will contain videos encoded for Silverlight playback at 1024x768 so I can't transcode them to play on a regular DVD player – I needed to make them automatically start an HTML page which had the Silverlight Video player on it. That's what autorun.inf is supposed to do – allow you to directly start content when media is inserted. The problem is tha [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 20th '11
File to SharePoint
Robert Bogue
Rounding out the set of solutions I've been playing with to get data from the File Classification Infrastructure into SharePoint – in a more flexible and supportable way – is a tool for importing files into SharePoint. This solution will read files from the file system and try to pickup optional metadata from a ~~metadata.xml file in the current directory (it follows the same format as the FCI2XML tool outputs.) The tool preserves the creator, creation date/time, last editor, and last edit t [read].
Posted: Sat, Sep 10th '11
Changing an Attribute for an XML file with PowerShell
Robert Bogue
In my little FCI program I output an attribute called author from Word documents – and I wanted to import the FCI data into SharePoint but Author is the internal field name for the creator of a file. SharePoint expects this to be a login name – but out of Word I got a friendly name. So I needed to convert this property to a different name. The first step was getting some XSLT to do this so I came up with:                               DocumentAuthor          [read].
Posted: Sat, Sep 10th '11
File Classification Infrastructure to XML
Robert Bogue
In Windows 2008 R2 a new feature was added – File Classification Infrastructure (FCI). What FCI does is it allows you to set and keep metadata for files on the file system. Despite the promise of the technology there aren't a ton of tools which can read or use it so it's hard to get too excited about the technology. I did, however, think that the ability to apply properties via rules could come in handy from time-to-time. So I wrote a little program that will extract FCI properties and write t [read].
Posted: Sat, Sep 10th '11
Do You Have an Opinion on the SharePoint Community?
Robert Bogue
Sigh. It's time for another round of how the SharePoint Community is broken. For those of you, who aren't aware, please allow me to catch you up quickly. In round one, we had Joel Olsen's proposal for the SharePoint Knights. Then we had Global 360 trying to define the key influencers in the market with their SharePoint Influencer50. (Which I responded to here.) Now we've got Matt Rackley asking Is the SharePoint Community Past Its Prime? This time the spark was a CMS wire post about the communit [read].
Posted: Sun, Aug 14th '11
Book Review-Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace
Robert Bogue
I've been trying to crystalize some thinking on building adoption and engagement for SharePoint implementations which lead me to models for change and John Kotter's Leading Change book. Step 2 of his 8 step process is to Creating a Guiding Coallition. There are aspects of building the coalition that Kotter covers well: Position Power, Expertise, Credibility, and Leadership – however, inharently there's the component of trust that's missing in his discussion of this topic. Credibility touches e [read].
Posted: Sat, Aug 13th '11
Book Review: Building Trust: In Business, Politics, Relationships and Life
Robert Bogue
In a former life I ran a Novell MHS based mail delivery system. This was before the Internet was commertial and when I was working with suppliers from across the globe. We found that faxes weren' t very reliable and we needed a better way to deliver mail. The email client was The Coordinator by Action Technologies. It had the distinction of mapping email messages into types of commitments that we were making with one another (request for action, request for meeting, etc.) It was based on the thi [read].
Posted: Sun, Aug 7th '11
The Making of Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Content Management Implementers Course
Robert Bogue
I'm happy to report that the Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Implementer's course is live. I wanted to take a moment and talk about the course that is 15 modules long – and designed so that you can consume it via the videos that are posted or as an instructor lead class. The work done on the course has spanned a year, has involved MVPs, Microsoft product and program managers, and a host of experts to design the course content and to provide feedback along the way. A ye [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 1st '11
Book Review: 42 Rules of Employee Engagement
Robert Bogue
One of the best things about 42 Rules of Employee Engagement by Susan Stamm is that because it's 42 separate rules – so you can consume the material a few pages at a time. The book for me was a sort of flash cards, a collection of bits and pieces that I'd learned elsewhere that I was in some state of forgetfulness about. Although my interest wasn't in engaging the employees I manage – I still found some nuggets of useful information about how to engage employees – and perhaps more importan [read].
Posted: Sun, Jul 31st '11
How This Developer Solves a Puzzle
Robert Bogue
My wife purchased a puzzle for our family, and her Aunt and Uncle that we're staying with on vacation to do. The puzzle consists of nine square pieces each of which contain half of an image of a cat on each side. The completed puzzle is a 3x3 grid of the pieces where all of the cats match up. After an hour or so of trying to randomly try pieces and combinations, I decided to come up with a plan that would definitively solve the puzzle. I decided to break the problem down into a set of comparison [read].
Posted: Sun, Jul 31st '11
Book Review: 365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Employees with Little or No Money
Robert Bogue
Sometimes you can't control the environment you're in. If that's the case and you've got to reward folks, I'd strongly suggest you pick up 365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Employees with Little or Not Money by Dianna Podmoroff. I know that's a qualified recommendation, but let me explain. The book does an absolutely excellent job of providing techniques for motivating employees. It's a great book to keep you thinking about different approaches for "gimicks" and "games" to motivate employees. [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 29th '11
Book Review: The New Comedy Writing Step by Step
Robert Bogue
The New Comedy Writing Step by Step by Gene Perret is a great book that helped moved me from beginner to intermediate. I loved Greg Dean's book, it got things started. However, there were some great exercises to help kick start the writing process in this book. Unlike Dean's definitions, Perret's definition for what makes a joke is a bit broader – "A joke is anything that gets a laugh." That definition was helpful to allow me to break out from the formula provided by Dean and move into other k [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 28th '11
Book Review: Step by Step to Stand-up Comedy
Robert Bogue
What makes a joke? Well according to Greg Dean, it's surprise. In Step by Step to Stand-up Comedy Dean lays out how jokes are fundamentally about causing the audience expect one thing while delivering another. Of course,what you surprise them with must be related to what they assumed. In short form, a joke is two stories that are connected. The trick is to get the audience to think of the first story while the commedian finishes with the second. While I think that there are other definitions for [read].
Posted: Wed, Jul 27th '11
Book Review: Leading Change
Robert Bogue
I've been working on crystalizing my thoughts on creating adoption and engagement. As a part of that I've been looking for frameworks for creating change. One of the models that I was investigating was John Kotter's 8-step model that's laid out in his book Leading Change. I decided that it was worth getting the full story so I read the book. The model in summary is: Create Urgency Form a Powerful Coalition Create a Vision for Change Communicate the Vision Remove Obstacles Create Short-term Wins [read].
Posted: Wed, Jul 27th '11
I am a Comedian.
Robert Bogue
I mean it, I am a comedian. I'm not speaking figuratively. While I can't call myself a professional comedian yet, because I've not been paid solely to be funny, I can say I'm officially a comedian. Let me give you the back story, what it was like, and what it means. Back Story Several weeks ago I made a decision to take a comedy course. The decision was driven by a desire to get better at my presentations. However, there wasn't a specific thought in my head to find a comedy class. It just came a [read].
Posted: Wed, Jul 27th '11
Presentation: Creating SharePoint Adoption and Engagement
Robert Bogue
At the SharePoint Users Group of Indiana (SPIN) yesterday, I delivered a presentation called creating SharePoint Adoption and Engagement which talked about a ton of different psychological and modivational approaches designed to help folks drive better adoption – or engagement – in their organization. During the presentation I was referring to books so much that I was asked to list out the books I was referring to, so they appear below: Drive, Daniel Pink (Review, Amazon) Outliers, Malcom Gl [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 21st '11
Outlining a Table
Robert Bogue
Sometimes I want to see information graphically. It's not that I can't read spreadsheets but there are times when it's just not the best way to see patterns of organization. The visualization tool I use for outlining and Mind Mapping is MindJet's Mindmanager. It works great when I'm creating mind maps or outlines from scratch but I recently ran into an issue where a customer gave me a table of data including the folders from their existing Enterprise Content Management System. I wanted to visual [read].
Posted: Sun, Jul 17th '11
HTTP 1.1 Connection Timeouts, Load Balancers, and Site Creation
Robert Bogue
HTTP 1.1 [RFC2616] does some really amazing things for performance – but most of that's lost on the average consumer. In HTTP 1.0 we created a request and when the response was torn down we tore down the HTTP connection – and the underlying TCP channel. That doesn't sound like a big deal. Really, how much effort is it to form a TCP channel? Not a ton, however, it does require what amounts to a three-phase commit. Do that handshake enough times and it starts taking a non-trivial amount of tim [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 11th '11
SharePoint Workflow UserDefinedWorkflowMaximumComplexity
Robert Bogue
I've had a couple of questions about this in the last few months so I wanted to provide some information on what's happening with Workflow 3.5 and what's this silly limit for the maximum complexity – and worse yet, how did I hit it? So making a long story short, Workflow 3.5 compiles the XOML that SharePoint Designer generates into a DLL. When that DLL is called there's a method that creates the workflow object graph. When it's doing this it pushes a bunch of "stuff" on to the stack. If it pus [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 11th '11
Book Review: Drive
Robert Bogue
What makes you get up in the morning? Chances are it's not your desire to conquer the world, unless you're The Brain. One of the really crazy parts about working with SharePoint adoption is realizing how little we know about motivating users. In his book Drive Daniel Pink tears apart what we think we know about motivation. We all know that carrots and sticks work – or do they? They work when the task being performed is algorithmic – predictable – but they don't seem to work as well when th [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 11th '11
PowerPoint Changing the Aspect Ratio of Images When Switching Slide Dimensions
Robert Bogue
As a presenter I have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint. On the one hand it's an essential tool to speak at conferences, at the other it's got to be the dumbest piece of software I've ever run into – and I'm counting the "Hello World" applications we all right. So as conferences are starting the transition to 16:9 projectors there's an annoying little problem. When you transition from a 4:3 format to a 16:9 format by copying your slides in – or changing the slide dimensions of PowerPo [read].
Posted: Sat, May 14th '11
How Easy Is It To Own An Electric Vehicle?
Robert Bogue
You'd have to know my father a bit to really understand his fascination with electricity and figuring out better ways to reduce his dependence on others. He's quite interested in the idea of putting a windmill for electric power generation up on the farm – if he could only talk my step-mother into it. Because of this it wasn't really that much of a stretch for me to hear him say that he had purchased a fully electric vehicle – in parts. Another trait of his is to make things work. For fun [read].
Posted: Sun, Apr 17th '11
Professional SharePoint Development MS TechEd Pre-Conference Session
Robert Bogue
Eric Shupps and I've been talking about Professional SharePoint Development talks at many conferences these days. We've settled into an action packed – and funny – all day session. The session is a lot of fun for both Eric and I because we've both been talking about doing good development for SharePoint for years. The session draws upon our experiences with numerous SharePoint projects including the work we did on the Microsoft Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance and writing the Micro [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 6th '11
Help with the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide
Robert Bogue
One of the things that The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users: 2010 was specifically targeted at was getting users help when they needed it. That's been fairly easy for our corporate licensees, if a user decided to do a search. They could search for something like adding a column and the Shepherd's Guide topic would show up for them. However, one of the challenges has been that if the user chose to hit the help link on the page they'd get the generic SharePoint help and therefore wouldn't [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 13th '11
Hands on Labs for the SharePoint Guidance
Robert Bogue
I've mentioned before that my work on the SharePoint Guidance with the guys at Microsoft Patterns and Practices, Todd Baginski, and the entire advisory team has been one of the highlights of my professional career. While I've been busy so have they. They have just posted some hands on labs for the guidance. If you thought "How am I supposed to learn how to use this stuff?" – well now you have an answer. Go check it out. [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 5th '11
Designing Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint: 2010
Robert Bogue
I've previously mentioned the work that I did on the Microsoft Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance. However, what I didn't mention was that the work was being converted (adapted) to book form. The book is Designing Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Making the Right Architecture and Implementation Decisions. Although I've not seen my copy yet, I know the content and I know it's an essential guide for any senior developer or architect working on a SharePoint project of any scale. You [read].
Posted: Wed, Jan 12th '11
Serial AKA RS-232 and Relearning
Robert Bogue
During some of that work on my network I've been talking about over the last few posts, I stumbled across a realization that I wanted to share. Before I get there, I have to explain that I was turning on VLANs for my wireless network. My network has an inner ring where my files are stored and which has a site-to-site VPN to the colocation center. However, there's an outer ring behind the U-Verse gateway. I wanted to allow guest wireless to this network – thus they could get to the Internet and [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 12th '10
Virtual Switch Loops
Robert Bogue
For some time I've had some issues on my network. They don't happen very often so they've been hard to track down. I know for sure that one of the issues I have is that one of my Linksys SGE2024 refuses to hold on to its configuration if it loses power. This is made more difficult by the fact that the power supply in the unit has a very low capacitance. As a result of that it will appear to lose its configuration randomly. Take a look at my last post What is a UPS, Really? for the details on tha [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 12th '10
What is a UPS, Really?
Robert Bogue
What most of us believe -- that uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) today are uninterruptable – isn't exactly true. What companies advertise as UPSs are in fact standby power supplies (SPS). What's the difference? Well, in a true UPS the power never falters when the utility power is interrupted. There are several ways to do this but sometimes it's done with a charger and an inverter. The charger converts the alternating current (AC) that the utility provides into the direct current (DC) that [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 12th '10
Just How Hard is it? (To Find SharePoint Skills)
Robert Bogue
I've been watching an interesting discussion about the Shortage of SharePoint Skills based on a blog post by Nadir Kamdar and followed up by Doug Ware. The conversation has been brewing for a few months and I wanted to provide five of my thoughts on how easy or hard it is to find SharePoint skills. First, SharePoint is a big product. It's a product that no one person can really expect to know completely. I run in some circles with really smart folks and folks who've been on SharePoint for a long [read].
Posted: Wed, Dec 1st '10
Why SharePoint? Seven reasons why a business user cares about SharePoint
Robert Bogue
Continuing in my video series, I've got a short video about why an end user or business user might be interested in SharePoint. Please feel free to forward this link to the folks inside your organization who don't understand why they care about SharePoint. Why SharePoint? [read].
Posted: Tue, Nov 16th '10
Quick Thought Videos – 10 Myths
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassDAF9B6AC833F482183AD5B68A27E51C2"pOne of the things that I hear fairly frequently is quot;that discussion was worth the price of admission.quot; Of course, the specific topics that folks are talking about change from presentation to presentation, however, the theme is the same. There are some conversations that are just so value they're worth the entire presentation. In thinking how to address this I've decided to start posting some quick thoughts videos. They'll be less [read].
Posted: Thu, Oct 28th '10
On Influencer50 and the SharePoint Influencer50
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass6446824E6D62474184D88AD7601896CB"pFirst, I've been struggling with this post for a while now. I realize that there's simply no way to post this post without some folks thinking that I'm just being quot;a href=""sour grapes/a.quot; However, I've had so many people reach out to me and ask me about this or talk to me about it that I just don't feel like I can be silent about it any longer. I know that many of my friends have [read].
Posted: Thu, Oct 21st '10
Announcing Availability of The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2010 Book
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass59153F3865C94C5791CA6B8C4C1F0DC9"p style="text-align:center"img src="" alt="" /ppAfter many months of hard work and more than a few struggles, I'm happy to say that I have in my hands a printed copy of a href=""The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users: 2010/a. Before I talk about the upgrades that the 2010 version of the book has over the 2007 version [read].
Posted: Mon, Sep 27th '10
SharePoint Workflow and Two Events at Once
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass2DB61B2013964257A19B065ED7947DD1"pSharePoint workflows are really powerful – but debugging any workflow can be a very challenging exercise. You, obviously, have to drive through the process pushing an item one step to the next. That can be difficult if there are mandatory delays, retries, etc. Most of those things are just painful but generally speaking pretty solvable. However, there are some things in workflow that are really hard to get to. I ran into another situati [read].
Posted: Sat, Sep 4th '10
Capturing Page Load Times - FiddlerScript to the Rescue
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassD01BFB493D124C39BBD4A3EDA8178373"div p style="margin:0in 0in 10pt" class="MsoNormal"font size="3" face="Calibri"So I have a client who has locations all over the world and we’ve been doing some analysis of some performance issues with SharePoint.span style=""  /spanWe believe that we narrowed down the issue to SQL server not having enough memory.span style=""  /spanThe key indicator for SQL Server memory is SQL Server Buffer Manager: Page Life Expectancy (PLE) – any [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 23rd '10
Running Users Groups
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass0181840BE512415BA9A9566D45AB9B40" pA friend of mine, Chris Geier, posted a blog post titled quot;a href=""SharePoint: The User Group Phenomena/aquot; on the End User SharePoint site. He's pondering the whole users group question. Having been involved with users groups for just shy of 20 years, I feel like there are a few things that I should say about how users groups form, how they develop th [read].
Posted: Tue, Aug 10th '10
Conferences for the second half of 2010
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass1E51BDF9FAF840309101B256C19430A0"pI'm such a delinquent. I've got all of these great conferences that I'm doing the second half of the year and I've not had a chance to share what I'm up to. /ppFirst, I'll be at a href=""SharePoint Saturday Columbus/a next weekend. I'm doing a session titled quot;Solution Creation for the IT Pro without Semicolonsquot; -- it's a lot of fun to put away Visual Studio and show folks what [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 9th '10
Book Review: The Time Paradox
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass163C28C5120F4790B3AECE4D4B93FEF4"pa href=";tag=blognotfitfor-20amp;linkCode=as2amp;camp=1789amp;creative=390957amp;creativeASIN=B002BWQ4Q4"The Time Paradox – The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life/a may have a hyperbole for a sub-title but the insights that it provides are valuable. I try to look for new perspectives to view the world around me. Being a consultant and speaker means I meet lots of peopl [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 6th '10
What is SharePoint?
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass4DB8BA331BEF47D78E1B6AF926C96AA9" pI vividly remember working the ask the experts floor in Orlando at Tech Ed 2007 and Tech Ed 2008. I remember a picture of people waiting four and five deep as a group of what must have been 10 of us including Microsoft employees and MVPs were trying to answer questions for customers. You see, the product was just starting to get a real buzz behind it and as a result more and more people were coming over and asking quot;What is SharePoint [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 30th '10
Announcing the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users 2010
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass61031069436F4005B07641A01A5E42FF" pI've been honored to receive accolades for the work that I did on the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users (2007 Edition) which was written and delivered in 2008. You can take a look at a href=""the tracking list/a – or just look at a href=";camp=0amp;creative=0amp;linkCode=as1amp;creativeASIN=0615194494amp;adid= [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 30th '10
SharePoint Guidance V3 Released Yesterday
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass899F7EC8BFF94681A6E5C423B98D27A7"pGenerally speaking, I don't post blogs about news releases. I figure that if you're reading this blog you're reading other SharePoint blogs and you'll know when the product releases to manufacturing or when some new service pack is released, however, today's news – that the Microsoft Patterns and Practices group released version 3 of the a href=""SharePoint Guidance/a. Why is that different? Because for me it [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 1st '10
Making SharePoint Work with Workflow
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass49862CE83BA34DE583E6639B96E3DBBB"pToday I had the pleasure of delivering a eLearning seminar on Making SharePoint Work with Workflow. It included three separate sessions: /pulliSharePoint 2010 Workflow with SharePoint Designer and Visio /liliExtending SharePoint Designer Workflows /liliDeveloping Workflows with Visual Studio /li/ulpThe samples I used in the presentation were: /pullia href=" [read].
Posted: Tue, Jun 22nd '10
IndyTechFest and Professional SharePoint Development
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass1D6F08D467E2448ABC529EA1BC7E0E50" pThis last Saturday I had the pleasure of spending some time with about 40 folks to talk about Professional SharePoint Development at a href=""IndyTechFest/a. It was a sort of ad-hoc presentation because I forgot to update the title when I updated the abstract. As a result some folks were wanting to see SharePoint Site Lifecycle and others were wanting Professional SharePoint Development. /p pThe Professional S [read].
Posted: Tue, May 25th '10
Bad SSL Certificates and Browser Woes
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass0CDBF722D1C54F4F8F8D3C26583A8FB1"pI was troubleshooting some relatively minor SSL changes that had reportedly worked before but no longer worked. After switching back to old certificates and it still didn't work I was mystified. It looked like it was working. I could telnet to the port so I knew that HTTP.SYS/IIS was answering. However, the browser refused to return anything on HTTPS. /ppI ended up breaking out a href=" [read].
Posted: Tue, May 25th '10
HTTP 400, Kerberos, Bad Request, MaxTokenSize, TokenSz
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass93E176D34D124CB0BCED88DACD6ACFAC"pWe turned on Kerberos for a client this past weekend and one of the gifts that we got was that some of the users couldn't log into the portal. Other users weren't able to post a form to the server. They would get a HTTP 400 Bad Request. /ppInitially it was thought that the Kerberos ticket might be getting larger than the MaxTokenSize (See a href=""KB327825/a). After I chatted with my friend a href="ht [read].
Posted: Tue, May 25th '10
CPU Transistor Count Over Time
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassACA0D09805F94811AF66501ECDBCB8E8"pI recently had to generate a graph for a href="'s_law"Moore's Law/a which plots CPU transistors over time, I thought the end result looked interesting so I wanted to share it: /ppimg src="" alt="" /ppThe line is a bit more varied than most you see because I included AMD, Cyrix, and a few other CPU vendors. I also noticed that some of t [read].
Posted: Mon, May 17th '10
Content Organizer in SharePoint 2010
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassF0F0144A645241A3B7AAF40DA1CAE9B3"pThere are so many new features and enhancements in SharePoint 2010 that it's hard to keep track of all of the great things going on. One of the interesting new enhancements is the Content Organizer. It started out its life in SharePoint 2007 as the records routing available only to records centers. However, In SharePoint 2010 it's been set free for use in any type of site. There are a few unique ways that it can be used – and a few quir [read].
Posted: Mon, May 3rd '10
Don’t Deactivate that Site Template Solution
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass25D1636AA94D4BAEB709D3EE79CDD9FC"pIt's open season for hunting down SharePoint 2010 bugs and I've found a particularly ugly one. I created a site from a site template, and when I went in to the solution gallery and deactivated the solution (after the site was created) the solution gallery began throwing an exception: /pp[NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.]br   Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.ListViewWebPart.PrepareContentType [read].
Posted: Sun, May 2nd '10
CS0016: Could not write to output file with SharePoint
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass01E357BC2C45465384982F55871AE6D4" pI was at a client today and they were having all sorts of errors in SharePoint. One of them was that central administration pages were returning 'unknown error'. When I turned on debugging I saw a server error in application with these details… /p pCS0016: Could not write to output file 'c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files oot\242d0ff4\3604ddcb\en-US\App_GlobalResources.aaqxxojv.resources.dll' -- 'The [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 19th '10
XML Invalid Data and Byte Order Marker
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassA23E507DF6D84191BE205ABDE05CDDC4"pWhile working on some InfoPath and Workflow I got bit again by the Byte Order Marker and I felt like I should document what's going on. I was getting an exception… quot;The data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.quot; Here's why: /ppThe XML encoding that InfoPath uses is UTF-8. UTF-8 will make the first byte of the file (when decoded with UTF-8) a byte order marker. When XmlDocument sees this it's confused. It expects the [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 19th '10
Slide Decks from SharePoint Pro 2010 Summit
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass2C406285C24A4C7EA70BB826D60A45C8" pLast week I had the pleasure of delivering a pre-conference session and three regular sessions at SharePoint Pro in Las Vegas. Several folks have asked to get copies of the slide decks, so I've uploaded them with links below: /p p /p ul lia href=""Pre Conference Session : Deep Dive into Workflow/a /li l [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 22nd '10
Creating Intelligent Content Types with Word, SharePoint Designer, and Visual Studio
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassA8358AE40871448EBCEE1637F78595A8" pIn Office and SharePoint 2007 we had the capability of creating a content type that was intelligent – one that allowed you to specify fields in your document and have those promoted to the SharePoint library the content type is in. In fact, I wrote about this in my quot;a href=";clcid=0x409"Managing Enterprise Metadata with Content Types/aquot; whitepaper that I wrote for Microsoft. Howev [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 22nd '10
Infrastructure Ripple Effect – The Story of Servers, Racks, and Power
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass5A2B94EFF9234FC1A0BD10C3B1A40E39"pA few months ago I decided that I needed a new server. (It was actually several months ago but a few months ago I gave in and decided to buy it.) My server infrastructure wasa href="" outdated/a. I did a href=""pickup a new server/a to put at the collocat [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 11th '10
The Public Debut of Super Pig
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassF69DD66FB3164394A1581B95C73456A1"pAt the SharePoint Conference 2009 they were handing out flying pigs – including their capes. So my son and I developed a short story board, recruited a neighborhood friend and put together a little short movie staring Super Pig (the flying pig given away at the SharePoint Conference.) Take a look for yourself: a href="" [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 22nd '10
Sending HTML Emails with System.Net.Mail.MailMessage is more than IsBodyHtml
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass99BFBCF9C4F54AD0A84DFB7E156CFF93" pIt seems like lately I've been running into a series of things that should be easier than they're turning out to be. I'm not sure exactly why that is – but I've got another fun one to share. /p pSo System.Net.Mail.MailMessage is the object (along with SmtpClient) which are used to send emails. There's a single property on MailMessage called IsBodyHtml that is supposed to indicate that the body of the HTML should be treated as Html. Tha [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 22nd '10
OnWorkflowItemChanged and Workflow Event Delivery problems
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassEFB591E8531F486CABC9CC5642ABE4A4" pOne of the problems that I recently ran across was that I had a workflow that would stop getting events delivered to it while it was running. It wasn't clear what was going on but with some help from Eilene Hao Klaka and Gabe Hall we were able to sort out the root issue. So let's take a rather simple workflow: /p pimg alt="" src="" /p pThe key here is that the workflow [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 22nd '10
OnTaskCreated, DelayActivity, and PersistOnClose – How you can force the creation of a task
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass981CCBCA99E54075B240173EA763D331" pI've been working on a rather complex SharePoint workflow and I've run into a few problems. The workflow does a parallel approval of a form – and well, I've discovered a few issues. /p pFirst, there aren't many examples of how to do parallel approvals. This is particularly true when you need to keep unique instance data per iteration of the replicator loop. However, by scoping the correlation token to the inner sequence activity in the [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 7th '10
WhitePaper: Customizing the Content Query Web Part in SharePoint Server 2007
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass06C2C90477E149F0862825FDDE32370F"pThe powerhouse of SharePoint publishing sites is the ContentByQuery web part – more affectionately known as the Content Query Web Part or CQWP. Last year I wrote a comprehensive article on customizing it that was published today at a href="" Check it out and let me know what you think about it./p/div [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 2nd '10
SharePoint Saturday Wrap Up and Thank You
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassB6966DEE9F73455CAC4AE4B6167311E3"pLast Saturday, January 30supth/sup 2010, we did a a href=""SharePoint Saturday/a event here in a href=""Indianapolis/a. From the perspective of most folks it was a roaring success. a href=""Kevin Dostalek posted his recap already/a. a href=" [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 2nd '10
Inside the Way Back Machine, Inside Access
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClassDF946B9488A44994A1CBD2FDE7BA83B3" pThis talk of Access Services got me to dig up my copy of Inside Access and take a few pictures: /p pimg alt="" src="" /p pYou may notice my name in the upper right – and the date near the lower left. This is one of the first two books that I worked on. (I think it was second but I'm actually not sure.) /p pimg alt="" src=" [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 18th '10
SharePoint 2010 and Access Services Place
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass0E1EFBA106D94C63ABFF3541760377DF" pI'm going to take a break for this post from what tends to be some very technical detail that you need to know. Instead in this post I'm going to talk about how one of the new features in the Office 2010 wave and the way these features may impact the market. Of course, this is a bit of prognosticating on my part but I think my perception should be on firm ground. Let me start by explaining. /p pBack when Microsoft released Microsoft Acce [read].
Posted: Sun, Jan 10th '10
InfoPath contacted a data source but failed to receive data
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass28CDCB654A7A4402BDE3F0E01485DFDD" pI'm doing some testing on a form including some security testing. One of the things that I ran into was the following error (details shown): /p pimg alt="" src="" /p pThe form uses Universal Data Connections (UDCX). The user I'm testing doesn't have write access to some of the reference lists. When I dug into the issue, I got tons of hits for Kerberos issues and some f [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 4th '10
Hyper-V, NVidia, Lenovo T61p, and how LinkedIn came to the rescue
Robert Bogue
div class="ExternalClass102470C5078C4001977AD08572D9DF14" pIt's no secret that I do a fair number of presentations. It's also no secret that I am a big SharePoint user. (In case you missed it the Pope is Catholic too!) With SharePoint 2010 being 64 bit only I really had two choices – Hyper-V or VMWare workstation. Since I have been an avid user of VMWare for a while that's not a problem – until you consider that I'll be presenting at some Microsoft run conferences and that I've got a few pro [read].
Posted: Mon, Dec 21st '09
Mentions: K2 SharePoint Governance Series Interview
Robert Bogue
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my buddy Chris Geier at K2 for a new series he's starting on SharePoint Governance. You can find his introduction to the series here and the download for the interview here. Check it out. [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 15th '09
XML, XPath, and Namespaces
Robert Bogue
One of the problems that I had early on with XML when I started was that I couldn't figure out an easy way to handle namespaces when I was processing XML. SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies like InfoPath make extensive use of namespaces. For instance, if you right click a field in InfoPath and select Copy XPath you'll get something in your clipboard that looks like: /my:TestForm/my:Repeating/my:Message --Frankly, that's not all that complex of an XPath statement, except that it has a na [read].
Posted: Wed, Sep 9th '09
MOSS Built In Site Column Table
Robert Bogue
I needed to get the site column IDs for some of the built in site columns and while there are several places on the Internet where you can find the technique for pulling them out of the URL when editing a field that was going to be a bit tedious for what I was going to do so I wrote a quick utility that would dump out the site columns to a text file. The resulting XLS file is available here. I hope that it helps if you're looking for a specific field IDs and you don't want to URL decode them. [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 8th '09
Moving SharePoint Development Forward – p&p SPG
Robert Bogue
One of the things I like best about my work is that I get to work with some great people doing fun and interesting things. I can honestly say that in our small part of the universe we manage to push the ball forward. I've had the pleasure of speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference as well as other events – to try to share the things we've learned about how to develop scalable, maintainable, robust applications on the SharePoint Platform. One of the things that I have the most fun [read].
Posted: Sat, Sep 5th '09
Mentions: A Shepherd for SharePoint
Robert Bogue
I did an interview with Beth Schultz that appears on TechTarget. In the interview I talk about the book, governance, and a bit about my video project. [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 31st '09
Hop to It
Robert Bogue
Marcy Kellar has been trying to convince SharePoint folks to jump for joy – or just because they're intoxicated. So when Andrew Connell came up to do the SharePoint Users Group of Indiana (SPIN) she convinced a few of us to have our pictures taken. Despite not having anything alcoholic to drink, I decided to be a good sport and jump. [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 31st '09
DPI is Danger
Robert Bogue
So twice in the space of a day I've been confronted by some dodgy information about DPI – Dots Per Inch – and about how it applies to the world. Let me first say, that I think that thinking about DPI is about the dumbest thing the desktop publishing industry has inflicted upon us. I say that because it's a useless number on its own. Let's say, for instance, that I scan something at 300 DPI. Can you tell me if it will fill a modern screen? No – you can't. You can't do that until I tell you [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 21st '09
Things Look Different On the Way Down
Robert Bogue
For the last few days I've been riding ATVs with my friend Paul Thomas. I've been posting a smattering of photos on Facebook. The scenery has been beautiful but the trip hasn't been just about the photos or the riding, it has been a chance for me to recharge and to reflect. During the riding I've noticed a few things that apply to my day-to-day in the grind professional world as much as they do to the riding. Things look different on the way down. I don't mean that from the perspective of falli [read].
Posted: Thu, Aug 20th '09
The Fifth and Sixth Most Common Delusions of a Corporation
Robert Bogue
Recently I posted The Top Four Most Common Corporate Delusions. I then got on a plane with a buddy of mine to go ATV riding in Colorado and he added two more to the list. (Email me if you have your own to add to the list.) His addition for fifth place is: "We have good people." Ouch. This one seems to me like it's personal. Unfortunately, he's right. There's this general disconnect between sagging stock prices, tumbling profits, and the realization that there can really only be one explanation [read].
Posted: Tue, Aug 18th '09
Top Four Most Common Corporate Delusions
Robert Bogue
Delusion is a strong word. It's a word used in psychology for "a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact." It is a word associated with disorder. I use that word here to describe the beliefs of some organizations because I see these things as so wrong, so completely incompatible with reality that I wonder how it's possible that anyone in an organization can possibly believe them. I should say that not all corporations share these delusions and I should a [read].
Posted: Sun, Aug 16th '09
Products I Use: Lenovo X200 Tablet
Robert Bogue
Astute observers of this blog may have noticed that I not too long ago posted a note that I'm using a Lenovo T61p. (Coincidentally nearly one year ago.) However, I've got another notebook that I use now, a Lenovo X200 Tablet. The reason for the ADDITIONAL (not replacement) notebook takes a moment to explain. Obviously, I'm preparing for the SharePoint 2010 release. SharePoint 2010 is 64 bit only. Running a virtual machine as a 64 bit guest requires HyperV or VMWare. HyperV requires Windows Serve [read].
Posted: Sat, Aug 8th '09
Article: Performance Improvement – Bigger and Better
Robert Bogue
"In this four part series on performance we've reviewed the fundamentals of assessing performance including using the tools built into Windows to make these assessments. We've covered the considerations for session state, and we've walked through the benefits and problems with caching. However, we've not covered in detail what to do once you've assessed performance or how to leverage what you've learned about session state and caching to solve real world problems. In this article we'll be focuse [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 3rd '09
How My Opinion of HP Has Seriously Changed
Robert Bogue
For this to make sense you'll have to realize that I started building a video studio in mid-December of 2008 -- over six months ago. Since that time I've covered a lot of logistical challenges in an attempt to get the first video offering, The SharePoint Shepherd's Video Academy for Planning and Governance together. Since I've started I've dealt with issues in getting a good quality product by working through issues with Sony Vegas and how you can import text from PowerPoint. I've even gone over [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 30th '09
Corrupt WAV Files, Media Player Library, and Programming
Robert Bogue
A few weeks back I was doing a recording for a buddy of mine and unplugged my Edirol R-09HR sound recorder... and for whatever reason it powered off immediately. Yes there were batteries in it but it decided that it just wanted shut of immediately. The problem is that it was still recording a file. Making things a tad bit more annoying, it corrupted the WAV file it was writing. None of the tools that I had wanted to read the wave file because the sizes that are supposed to be written into the he [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 30th '09
Book Review: Outliers
Robert Bogue
I've read Malcom Gladwell's other two works: The Tipping Point and Blink. I figured that Outliers would be interesting and entertaining. Why not? The other two books were. What I didn't expect was that it would change the way I see myself and the world around me. In retrospect that's what Blink did. It changed my perception of perception – of how we make decisions and how the lines aren't as clean as we would like them to be. Outliers was different though because the book was talking about me. [read].
Posted: Wed, Jul 29th '09
Book Review: SharePoint 2007 Development Recipes
Robert Bogue
Some folks like to cook from recipes. You get a predictable result and you know what to expect. My wife will attest that that's not exactly the kind of guy I am. I've created meals that are good and a fair number of them that weren't fit for the dog to eat – literally the dog wouldn't eat them. Still, I recognize the value of recipes. That's why I think SharePoint 2007 Development Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach is a good read if you're trying to wrap your hands around SharePoint. One of [read].
Posted: Tue, Jul 28th '09
Article: Performance Improvement - Caching
Robert Bogue
"If you're looking at performance and you want to get some quick wins, the obvious place to start is caching. Caching as a concept is focused exclusively around improving performance. It's been used in disk controllers, processors, and other hardware devices since nearly the beginning of computing. Various software methods have been devised to do caching as well. Fundamentally caching has one limitation — managing updates — and several decisions. In this article, we'll explore the basic opti [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 27th '09
Article: How to Leverage the Gravity of Your Intranet
Robert Bogue
"Most of us have learned about the concept of gravity through our schooling in Newtonian physics. Although, most of us remember it as Sir Isaac Newton getting hit on the head by an apple. We know that objects draw other objects in. Despite the fact that we've learned this we're confronted with our daily observation where we see that two objects sitting on a desk don't appear to be zooming towards each other through this attraction. This explains our challenge with understanding gravity as it ap [read].
Posted: Sat, Jul 25th '09
Article: Performance Improvement – Session State
Robert Bogue
"In the first part of this series a discussion was presented on what performance is, and some of the techniques that can be used to improve or monitor performance in your application. In this article the focus is specifically on managing session state and the things that you can do to maintain performance in your application. There are two key areas to understand in session state management. First, you need to understand the options you have for maintaining session state. Second, you have to co [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 20th '09
What does an OutOfMemoryException in .NET (on 32 bit) really mean?
Robert Bogue
I can remember writing code in C on PCs years ago and when I got an out of memory exception I just blindly accepted that it meant there was literally no more memory for me to use. I realize now that this wasn't the case – really. It really meant "hey, I don't have that much memory left that's all together." Looking back allocating and deallocating memory had made the memory in the computer look like swiss cheese where I was using some memory locations and not other locations. At some point whe [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 20th '09
System.Web.UI.Page.IsPostBack and Is This the First Request
Robert Bogue
Every once in a while I'm surprised by what I don't know. I have been developing in ASP.NET for a while and I've known about Page.IsPostBack to determine whether this is the first request to the page (thus I need to populate controls). However, I had never realized that there was a scenario where this didn't work. It doesn't work when you have another page post to your page. The property sees that it's a POST HTTP request and says "Hey, it's a postback!" -- of course in the scenario when it's an [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 16th '09
Custom XML Serialization of a .NET class
Robert Bogue
I love serialization -- right up to the point where it breaks. I have always found that it's difficult to get right if the out of the box stuff breaks. However, I may have changed my mind. I had to do some of my own serialization because some of the properties that I was working with in my class didn't serialize well. After a long and drawn out look at the problem here's my input: Implement the IXmlSerializable interface. It contains three methods GetSchema() has been obsoleted. Just return n [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 16th '09
Article: Performance Improvement - Understanding
Robert Bogue
"One of my least favorite discussions in development is the discussion about performance. It's one of my least favorite because it requires a ton of knowledge about how systems work, and either a ton of guesswork or some very detailed work with load testing. I generally say that the results you get out of any performance prediction exercise are bound to be wrong. The goal is to make them as least wrong as possible. I'm going to try to lay out some general guidelines for performance improvement [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 6th '09
Book Review: Active Directory Cookbook
Robert Bogue
Many people don't know this (or care) but when I was first awarded my Microsoft MVP award it was for Windows Networking (which was pretty quickly clarified to Windows Server Networking). At the time I was working on Windows Server books and MCSE study guides of various sorts. I had the pleasure of having Emily Freet as my first MVP Lead. She introduced me to another one of her MVPs, Laura Hunter. A while ago I got a copy of Laura's Active Directory Cookbook, 3e of course being behind I didn't ge [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 6th '09
Book Review: Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping with C# 2008
Robert Bogue
Over a year ago (I think) my buddy Vijay Mehta handed me a copy of his book Pro LINQ Object Relational Mapping with C# 2008 After he explained the title to me (no I'm not really kidding), I said thanks and put the book aside until I could think about it. Well that time was this weekend. (Yea, I'm slow.) The problem that I was trying to solve this morning was to anchor my thoughts about LINQ and where it fits in. Yea, I know that I should have been spending more time understanding LINQ but I jus [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 6th '09
Technical Conferences at 2X Speed
Robert Bogue
I go to a few conferences each year. Most of them I'm speaking at which causes some interesting dynamics. The first dynamic is I invariably am preparing for the sessions before I deliver them. I'm not saying that I'm not prepared for my sessions – just that I always do a dry run within 24 hours of my session to make sure that all my demos work. (Presenters will tell you that updates love to break demos.) Add to that I'm generally spending a ton of time in discussions with my fellow speakers, [read].
Posted: Sun, Jul 5th '09
Andrew Connell, Indianapolis, August 26th: Building High Performance Features and Solutions on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Robert Bogue
I'm happy to announce that Andrew Connell of Critical Path Training has agreed to come to Indianapolis on August 26th (2009) to deliver his "world famous" session "Building High Performance Features and Solutions on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007" to the SharePoint Users Group of Indiana (SPIN). If you've ever seen Andrew speak at a conference (Microsoft TechEd, SharePoint Connections, etc.) you know this will be a great presentation filled with tons of real world advice from the work A [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 3rd '09
MOSS 2007 Field Guids, Internal Names, Display Names, and Types
Robert Bogue
On a project I'm currently working on I needed to do some translations between Guids, Internal names, and display names for some of the out of the box fields so I generated a quick tool that would dump the fields out with their GUIDs so I could do the translation quickly. The output is below for those who might find it handy. GUID Internal Name Display Name Type 246d0907-637c-46b7-9aa0-0bb914daa832 _Author Author Text 0fc9cace-c5c2-465d-ae88-b67f2964ca93 _Category Category [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 19th '09
What is a Best Practice?
Robert Bogue
Recently I've been being bumped into by things that are claiming to be best practices. In some cases they absolutely are, and in other cases it's more questionable. As I'm preparing for a SharePoint Saturday event in Chicago this morning I'm wearing my speaker shirt from the SharePoint Best Practices Conference. (A conference where many best practices are indeed shared.) I'm skimming through blog posts and emails and I see a note from Eric Shupps about a "best practices" article (that isn't). I' [read].
Posted: Sat, Jun 13th '09
Central IL SharePoint Users Group
Robert Bogue
On Wednesday I had the pleasure of speaking at the inaugural Central Illinois SharePoint Users Group in Springfield. I did a topic called "Do You Know SharePoint." The deck is built around the idea that there are tons of things about SharePoint that most folks don't know. We talked about Content Types, Word, and QuickParts (get users to enter metadata without knowing it) and globally deployed site templates – and why they can be valuable sometimes. With 35 people in attendance for an initial [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 12th '09
Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, NAS, Samba, NTLMv2, 1326, and Why can’t I get in?
Robert Bogue
Sometimes my past comes back to haunt me. You see many moons ago in a land far away I wanted to learn about Linux. So I setup a server and ran it. I got to learn all about Samba and the ability to make Linux disks look like they were coming from a Windows file server. Back then I can loosely remember this problem with NTLM and NTLMv2. Windows in whatever flavor that it was didn't want to talk to Samba unless you hacked the registry. This particular fact was something that I let get buried over b [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 12th '09
Don't use LocalHost when Developing for SharePoint
Robert Bogue
In a recent situation with a client I was called into look at some problems that they were having making some web service calls and through a discussion I realized that the URL for the web service was hard coded to use localhost. On the surface this doesn't look like a problem. You know that localhost will resolve and it will point back to the same server. So what's wrong? Well, SharePoint, because of its centralized management of multiple servers in a farm, by default uses host headers to dete [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 5th '09
Article: Create Your SharePoint Governance Plan
Robert Bogue
It's been a while since I've written an article but this one at is designed to help people understand the process I go through to work with folks on developing and maintaining a governance plan. It begins: "One of the most common questions that I get from prospects as I'm talking to them about the creation of a governance plan and process is what does it look like. In other words, there are materials available which describe what should be in a governance plan but there isn' [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 4th '09
InfoPath Pick Lists and Other
Robert Bogue
Recently I was trying to build an InfoPath form -- with the help of a form designer - -and we stumbled across a pattern that might be obvious for some, but it involves using multiple controls connected to the same spot in the in the data source. For instance, let's say that you have a city field but you want to help the users fill out the popular cities -- but new cities and towns are popping up so you don't want to have to have an up to date list. So you can do something like this: You have [read].
Posted: Sun, May 31st '09
Why We Build WSPs and Option Explicit
Robert Bogue
Recently I got called in to look at something by a client and in a part of the process it became apparent that the developer hadn't created a SharePoint Solution (WSP) to deploy the solution. That and the lack of a centralized Visual Studio project made the problem really hard to find. The conversations were effectively ... "Well, we're going to do that when we're ready to deploy it." This whole thing reminded me vividly of a conversation I had with a developer of mine that happened nearly ten [read].
Posted: Sat, May 30th '09
Do you know how to leak an exception in SharePoint?
Robert Bogue
I've mentioned a few times that I'm participating in the patterns and practices SharePoint Guidance advisory board. One of the things I raised with regards to exception handling was that some exceptions leak past your try-catch blocks. Does anyone have scenarios they can share where this happens? I know it does it but it's been so long that I don't remember the exact circumstances. My email is [read].
Posted: Tue, May 19th '09
SharePoint Saturday, Chicago Edition June 13, 2009
Robert Bogue
I call Chicago my second home. It's a three hour drive up I65 but it still feels like a second home. I have family there and I seem to get there at least once a quarter. That's why I'm happy that SharePoint Saturday : Chicago Edition is scheduled for June 13, 2009. Having participated peripherally in the planning process, I know that there are a ton of great speakers that are going to be there including my fellow MVPs Asif Rehmani, Darrin Bishop, Leonard Mwangi, Paul Schaeflein, and Todd Klindt. [read].
Posted: Tue, May 19th '09
TechEd Online: SharePoint
Robert Bogue
You may have already seen the SharePoint development panel that several of us (Scot Hiller, Maurice Prather, Todd Baginski, Andrew Connell, Eric Shupps, Todd Bleeker, Matthew McDermott) did at TechEd North America 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. It was a great discussion about software development for SharePoint (48 minutes). I also sat down with David Hill from the patterns & practices group to talk about the work they're doing on version 2 of the SPG. It's 9 minutes. Of course there's a ton of [read].
Posted: Fri, May 15th '09
Using Word QuickParts to Enter Metadata for SharePoint
Robert Bogue
For a few years now, I've been talking about a technique that everyone can leverage to get metadata into SharePoint -- without the users having to do something different than they normally would. I've talked about the general principles in the whitepaper I wrote for Microsoft "Managing Enterprise Metadata with Content Types." That whitepaper is focused on understanding how SharePoint's search features can be activated for use with the metadata that users enter -- and it walks you through a step- [read].
Posted: Thu, May 14th '09
The TechEd Gang
Robert Bogue
Some pictures from the Office TLC at TechEd 09 North America in Los Angeles Crazy Big E (Where's the cowboy hat?) Wild Woody Bogus Manic Maurice Tangle Todd Dangerous Dave Sleepy Shane Sly Steve Scot the Knife [read].
Posted: Mon, May 11th '09
MS Filter Pack and the Registry Entries
Robert Bogue
If you download the MS Filter Pack and install it on your indexer (the only place you need it) you've still got some registry entries to make/verify. I got tired of doing them by hand so I created a .REG file. You can download my file. Rename it as .REG (I had to change the extension to .TXT to upload it.) Then just double click it. It will make sure the entries are in place. I'd reboot after that just for good measure. [read].
Posted: Wed, May 6th '09
VSeWSS - Please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements
Robert Bogue
While trying to install the Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 1.3 March CTP I got the message "Please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements" I found a blog post on it where Corey Roth describes how to manually extract the MSI file and install it. This got me to thinking. I moved the CTP from my desktop to the root of the drive and ran it from there -- it ran fine. Seems like it might be a path length issue. [read].
Posted: Wed, May 6th '09
Don't mess with SharePoint's Site Property
Robert Bogue
It's been a while since I've stumbled across a defect in SharePoint so I was about due. (I'm not saying that it's a buggy product -- I'm saying that you do what I do you just get used to finding defects.) This one was interesting. SharePoint has what are called dynamic scopes ('This Site' and 'This List') and for this particular client they didn't work. They never returned results. You could search with a different scopes and you would find the content so I knew it was being crawled correctly. H [read].
Posted: Mon, May 4th '09
Search Center vs. Search Center Lite
Robert Bogue
The topic of the week appears to be the difference between the two Search Centers in SharePoint. One search center, Search Center Lite -- which shows up in the user interface as Search Center, is created by default for you if create a Collaboration Portal. (It's on /search.) The other search center, Search Center with Tabs, only shows up if you activate the Office SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features (See below) Once you've activated the feature your create site page will inclu [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 27th '09
SharePoint Governance and Get Your Project Started Right Decks
Robert Bogue
I had a great time at the Kentucky SharePoint Users Group on Thursday and then jetted off to do the MOSS Camp in St. Louis over the weekend. At both events I delivered my SharePoint Governance talk. The deck for the talk is available online. At MOSS camp I also delivered my "Get Your SharePoint Project Started Right" which is available as well. The risk/project type matrix is available as a separate PDF as well. If you want to see the presentation in high-speed web cast, you can see that too. [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 21st '09
SP Tech Con - $100 Discount
Robert Bogue
If you're planning on going to the The SharePoint Tech Conference (SPTechCon)-- here's your chance to get $100 off. Just use the discount code THOR @ the registration site. [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 14th '09
Hotfix Hell Or Where the Hell is my Hotfix - You Decide
Robert Bogue
I'm building up a new QA environment for a system that I expect will take a few months to build. So I decide I want to get the latest cumulative hotfixes for SharePoint. (Feb 2009 at this writing). So I go to and I click over to view the hotfixes with the link at the top of the article ... After agreeing to something like providing blood I get to a page that looks like this: Of course, I'm looking for an x86 build (developer tools and workflow support [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 9th '09
Using Infrastructure to Hide All Sins
Robert Bogue
There's a secret that the infrastructure guys don't want to share with the developers. The secret is that for almost any sin you can commit as a developer there's a way to resolve it as an infrastructure guy -- given money. They don't want you to know that though -- because they actually like getting sleep and don't like alert emails from the system at two in the morning. I'm hoping that I don't lose my infrastructure person card (IPC) for telling everyone this but I had to in order to make a po [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 30th '09
Book Review: Building Content Type Solutions in SharePoint 2007
Robert Bogue
When I picked up Building Content Type Solutions in SharePoint 2007 I was hoping that it would be the powerhouse book that helped the SharePoint community realize the power of content types. You see, I've decided that they're one of the most powerful -- if not the most powerful -- feature in SharePoint. I'm fascinated by the idea that you would create a solution that includes the document template as well as the process (i.e. workflow) around that document when it has been created. Unfortunatel [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 30th '09
Book Review: SharePoint for Project Management
Robert Bogue
I've fallen more than a bit behind on my reading. I've got a stack of books here that I keep meaning to read, skim, review, etc. I did get a chance to take a look at one in the last few weeks and I'm glad I did. The book, SharePoint for Project Management, is a book I can respect. Why? Well, it's a very practical how-to guide for using SharePoint for Project Management (one of its strengths). In some ways I think of it as The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users with a slant towards project [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 30th '09
The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide goes Live!
Robert Bogue
With slightly more than a year behind The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users, I'm happy to finally announce that there's a live version available. I've partnered with Captaré to deliver an on-line, live, instructor lead version of the Guide. I'm excited about this option for organizations who can't bring the content in house and teach it themselves. Even for those who can deliver the material in side, this offers a unique way to do a train-the-trainer session to see how we think that you [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 23rd '09
The Best of the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2008 - Chicago
Robert Bogue
On Wednesday I had the pleasure of presenting two sessions at the "Best of" Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2008 in Chicago. The invitation only event was for larger Microsoft clients. We had about 300 people in attendance. I delivered two sessions: Creating Value With SharePoint Through Governance SharePoint Workflow: Out of the Box, SharePoint Designer, and Beyond The above links go to the presentation decks that I used for the presentations. There are a few interesting things about the c [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 16th '09
Governance Plan or Process?
Robert Bogue
I've been having a few conversations lately about Governance and how organizations can get it. At the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in San Diego, Joel Oleson asked me whether I used the sample governance plans available from Microsoft's web site. I said no, a bit too abruptly. I said that I use the "Paint Cards" that he put together leveraging some content I had created and content from others as well. Fundamentally, I explained, I'm more interested in the governance process -- the proces [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 14th '09
Social Media for an Organization that has Email as Last Name, First Name
Robert Bogue
I recently got an email message from someone mentioning that their organization is heavily focused on enabling social media for their organization. The irony was that the name in the email came up as Last Name, First Name (Smith, Robert). Social media is about making connections with other people. With a handful of exceptions I don't call people by their last names. (I have only one or two people that call me by my last name.) I find it interesting that organizations do so much to make it diffic [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 14th '09
SharePoint Shepherd Updates
Robert Bogue
I'm getting a ton of email about where things are with The SharePoint Shepherd's Video Academy for Planning and Governance. I'm also getting folks asking me about The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users, so I wanted to take a quick minute to provide some updates. On the Video Academy, I'm having some major issues with HP desktop computers which have delayed the completion until at least April 1st, if not longer. The short of the issues are that I bought two refurbished HP Pavilion m9350f [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 11th '09
Where's Rob -- Oops Missed One
Robert Bogue
In my last post I missed one of the users group talks I'm going to be doing. I'm going to be speaking at the Evansville SharePoint Users Group on May 14th. It will be another one of those governance talks. I'm not sure exactly which spin we'll put on the topic, but I know it will be fun. Evansville, though in the same state (Indiana) is about as far away as it gets to stay in the state. It's over a 4 hour drive. I've not been to Evansville for years -- so I'm looking forward to going back. [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 5th '09
Where's Rob - Spring 2009 Edition
Robert Bogue
It's been a while since I've sat down with a calendar to see where I'm going to be. So I wanted to let folks know where I'm going to be and we can play our own form of Where's Waldo. In fact, the first two people at each event to walk up to me and call me Waldo will get a free copy of the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users -- mailed to their house so they don't have to carry it. (Except for the users groups, I'll hand them to you there.) So where am I going to be? My next public event is [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 4th '09
SharePoint Best Practices Conference Decks now available
Robert Bogue
At the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in San Diego, I did three sessions. I just mentioned in my last post the one I did from a MS P&P deck. The other two, which were presented from my decks are available too. The sessions were: Selling Governance in Your Organization Governing Development in SharePoint I hope that you find them useful. Rob [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 28th '09
Upgrading Your SharePoint Applications
Robert Bogue
One of the decks that I presented at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference was a deck titled "Upgrading Your SharePoint Applications." One of the requests was for me to post the deck -- which I wanted to check with the Microsoft P&P group on first. You see they created the deck, I did a few minor tweaks, and then presented it. So it's really their handy work. Anyway, I forgot to ask them about it until yesterday when I saw the rest of the team working on the SharePoint Guidance again face [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 28th '09
Public Service Announcement: Many Technical Problems are Caused by Bad Power
Robert Bogue
There are a ton of electronics today that use wall wart power supplies. These power supplies are really bad at holding their voltage output correct. The issue with this is that electronics start to do funny things when they get bad power into them. Over the years I've seen routers, switches, phones (the latest), and a whole host of other electronics develop strange behavior (packet loss, dialing failure, lockups, etc.) when the voltage creeps up (as they tend to do.) Before you go replace your [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 23rd '09
Book Review: Groundswell
Robert Bogue
I realize I've not posted a book review on my blog since October of 2007. Ouch. I guess I've been busy. One of the two reviews that I did back then was for a book called The Wisdom of Crowds, Back in August of 2007 I reviewed The Long Tail. In July of 2007, I reviewed Wikinomics: How mass Collaboration Changes Everything. In April of 2007 I reviewed Linked. You may be sensing a bit of a theme. I've been watching the topic of the influence of the Internet and more specifically its ability to empo [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 22nd '09
Good Customer Service - An Example
Robert Bogue
I've already spoken once about bad customer service -- the worst I've ever seen. However, good customer service is so hard to find I've not had an opportunity to talk about it. I alluded to some good customer service in that article, but while finishing Groundswell, I realized that institutionalizing good customer service isn't as easy as it might appear -- or is it. Lilly Tomlin did a Saturday Night Live skit some time ago (Season 2, Episode 1) where she said in part "We don't care. We don't ha [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 22nd '09
Abort, Retry, or Fail
Robert Bogue
I've had numerous technical support issues in the last few weeks. Everything from some phone line challenges to having issues with two HP desktop machines. (More on that in a future blog post.) However, through all of this, I realized that we've not really progressed from the DOS days in the late 80s where it was common to have the system come back with a prompt that notified you of some error and then asked you whether you wanted to "Abort, Retry, or Fail" the operation. I even remember that so [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 17th '09
Fundamentals of SharePoint Performance - Disk, SQL, and Network
Robert Bogue
I've run into a few customer environments of late where the performance of SharePoint was unacceptable, however, the real problem isn't SharePoint. It's been either disk performance or it has been network performance. So I wanted to lay out a few quick suggestions for high performance SharePoint implementations. The trick is, I'll tell you they have nothing to do with SharePoint. It's all about good general network performance and good SQL server performance. Disks from the Ground Up So if you [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 11th '09
Full Color Edition of The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users
Robert Bogue
In the last week I got a note from someone commenting on the fact that the samples on the web site showed the screen shots in full color but the book itself is printed in black and white. I honestly hadn't really thought about it. We see it in electronic form for corporate licenses so often it didn't occur to me that there would be any confusion here. Because the person we were talking with was a small organization ( [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 8th '09
Don't Return an SPWeb after you've disposed the SPSite
Robert Bogue
For those of you playing the home game of "Should I dispose in SharePoint" may have noticed comments about edge cases like SPContext.Current.Site.RootWeb saying that the SPSite object automatically tracks the SPWeb objects that it creates and disposes them when it is disposed. I recently ran across some code that disposed of a SPSite object that they created and then returned the SPWeb object they created from the site to the caller. Here's the problem with that... The SPWeb object will already [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 8th '09
Robert Bogue
When I posted about my video studio I mentioned that I had been trying to work out a Teleprompter. I initially bought something from a guy that sold via EBay and wasn't really happy with the results. I bought acrylic instead of a glass mirror which didn't really work that well. It was dark on the mirror side and didn't look very good. the software that was included in the package would do standard teleprompting (by inverting some text) but I really wanted to be able to use my PPT slides. With t [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 8th '09
Self Publishing with
Robert Bogue
A year ago now, I started publishing The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users via is a printer and distributer for other people's works. In other words, they facilitate self publishing. There are a few dynamics that I wanted to talk about relative to working with instead of working with a major publisher including some of the logistics, but first why I don't recommend self publishing. Self Publishing Isn't For Everyone I've published 17 books with traditional p [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 8th '09
Two SharePoint Experts in a Room -- Can they agree?
Robert Bogue
One of the interesting comments I heard yesterday after I sat on both an information worker panel and a developer panel at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in San Diego was that getting two MVPs (or experts) in a room and getting the same answer is sort of like getting two economists in the same room and getting the same answer. The implication of this is that two SharePoint experts won't agree on the best practice. Having been involved in many situations where two experts are commenting [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 4th '09
t Announcing The SharePoint Shepherd's Video Academy for Planning and Governance
Robert Bogue
I've been pretty transparent that I've been working on a video studio. What I've not been transparent about is why. For several months, I've been developing and refining a set of content around planning and governance. The intent is to deliver this content as a DVD or set of DVDs which will be sold to individuals who feel like they need more help with planning and governance but don't have a huge budget to hire in an army of consultants to help them. I made this decision because I realized that [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 3rd '09
Vegas: Video Text
Robert Bogue
I've mentioned that I'm building my video studio and that I'm using Sony Vegas as my primary video editor. While working on my text display issue, I ended up stumbling along a way to make text play a video. I wanted to outline the process so I don't forget. By the way, the technique should work for anything that you can use the chroma keyer on. Here's what you need to do. Add three video tracks. Right click in the first track and select Insert Text Media Edit the text as desired. (I edited [read].
Posted: Sun, Jan 25th '09
Exporting Microsoft PowerPoint Slides into Sony Vegas
Robert Bogue
I mentioned in my post about my video studio, I thought I had my conversion of PowerPoint slides to Vegas licked. As it turns out, I decided that I wanted to spend a bit more time on it. Certainly driving up the resolution (to a ridiculous amount) made the text work, but it still wasn't quite there. I didn't relish the idea of using the chroma keyer to drop out the background of the slide (as this technique required) and was just generally not happy with how "hackish" it seemed. So I took a new [read].
Posted: Fri, Jan 23rd '09
Patterns and Practices Champion
Robert Bogue
A few months ago I was introduced to a program that the Patterns and Practices team has -- Patterns and Practices Champions. The idea is that you have a place you can go to find people who have worked with the Patterns and Practices guidance. I'm happy to say that I've been added to this distinguished list. Sidebar: I didn't announce earlier that I was re-awarded for my 6th year as a Microsoft MVP and that I've retained the award category of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). (1/1/2009) [read].
Posted: Wed, Jan 21st '09
The Video Studio
Robert Bogue
Since mid-December I've been working on a video studio for my office. It started out with some rather modest thoughts about being able to record podcasts, screencasts, etc., from there it has blossomed into a full fledged studio. I mean that in just about every sense of the word from a high definition camera to a chroma key background (green screen), the studio is really pretty decked out at this point. While I have a few issues I still need to contend with (I'll explain later), however, for the [read].
Posted: Tue, Jan 20th '09
Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007
Robert Bogue
Most folks who know me know that I have a love-hate relationship with SharePoint Designer. (Some say I love to hate SharePoint Designer.) I've written about my feelings on a few occasions. In truth it's not that I hate SPD -- I actually love it. I just hate when it's used for evil. Of course, my definition of evil may be different than yours. I tend to think from the perspective of infrastructure here in terms of the solutions I can't deploy, I can't migrate, and I can't upgrade. So when my bud [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 15th '09
Speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference
Robert Bogue
I speak at a fair number of conferences each year. My wife might tell you that I speak at too many conferences. I enjoy every experience. Each speaking experience is different -- but there's a topic that's near and dear to my heart. It's a topic that many conferences shy away from. The topic is Governance. I enjoy the topic because it's a way to make things a lot better with a relatively small amount of work. However, it's not a topic that most conferences spend much time on. I've given talks a [read].
Posted: Tue, Jan 13th '09
VLANs to the Rescue
Robert Bogue
Many moons ago I started a journey into having VLANs at my house. A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) for those developers out there allows you to partition traffic off on to certain switch ports. I got the functionality with a set of NetGear WAG302 access points. I need a set because I have a separate building on my property. The WAG302 has both 802.11a and 802.11g support. Generally I try to use 802.11a since there's less interference compared to the 802.11b/g. Anyway these guys support multip [read].
Posted: Tue, Jan 13th '09
The SharePoint Calendar - SharePoint Events and Releases
Robert Bogue
Several of the folks I know, including Joel and the SharePoint Product Team started posting "calendars" as text in a blog post. That was entertaining because I was just getting ready to do the same thing to talk about the conferences I'd be at and the presentations I'd be giving. However, I realized that we've got the same problem with calendars as we have with most content, it's scattered all over the internet. So I created a SharePoint Calendar that has all of the major events that I could fin [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 21st '08
Video Screen Cast Samples Available
Robert Bogue
Last week I mentioned that Office Online posted a few of The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users tasks. Well, I've decided to make the screen casts for these tasks available too. Here's the list, use the (screen cast) link to get to the screencasts. Create a document workspace from within a document (Screen cast) Connect an existing document to a workspace (Screen cast) Remove a document workspace when it's no longer needed (Screen cast) I hope you enjoy the screen casts! [read].
Posted: Mon, Dec 8th '08
The SharePoint Shepherd On Office Online
Robert Bogue
I just was catching up and realized that earlier this week Laura announced that the first three tasks from The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users appeared on Office Online. Earlier this year I agreed to let Microsoft publish a few tasks from the book on Office Online. The first three tasks are: Create a document workspace from within a document Connect an existing document to a workspace Remove a document workspace when it's no longer needed  Go check them out! [read].
Posted: Thu, Dec 4th '08
Adding a Second Global Navigation to Pages in SharePoint
Robert Bogue
Recently I had a client that was interested in having two different global navigations. The first global navigation across the top -- using the default global navigation that SharePoint implements. However, they wanted a second global navigation in the left column on top of the normal Quick Launch menu. As it turns out this isn't that hard, if you're willing to create a site to host the second global navigation. Sahil Malik posted a blog entry titled "Implementing Consistent Navigation across Si [read].
Posted: Wed, Dec 3rd '08
Dumping the RAW CQWP Query Results (or How To Change the ContentQueryMain.xsl)
Robert Bogue
Sometimes working with SharePoint feels like picking a lock. You know that if you get the right combination the lock will open and you'll be able to get what you want -- however, figuring out that critical combination is difficult. I've spent too many hours trying to do something simple -- I wanted to look at the results of the query generated by the CQWP in its raw form. There are several posts that talk about how to dump out the attributes/fields that are coming back from the query, including [read].
Posted: Mon, Dec 1st '08
Web Cast: SharePoint for Internet Site Development: Search
Robert Bogue
On December 18th, 2008 I'll be doing an hour long web cast on how to leverage SharePoint Search for Internet facing sites. The web cast will be available after the event as a recording. To register, or watch the recorded event go to: [read].
Posted: Sun, Nov 23rd '08
TechEd Online: SharePoint Patterns and Practices Guidance
Robert Bogue
Last week while at Tech Ed EMEA in Barcelona I got the opportunity to do a recording for Tech Ed Online. Ajoy Krishnamoorthy and I talked about the recent release of the SharePoint Guidance from the Patterns and Practices team. If you want to see the interview you can (WMV High, WMV Low, MP4, MP3) I will say I find it more than slightly amusing that they were able to spell Ajoy's last name correctly (and fit it on the screen) but they fat fingered my last name. (You'll have to watch the video t [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 21st '08
Microsoft Certified Master: SharePoint
Robert Bogue
There has been a bit of discussion in the public blogs about the new Microsoft Certified Master program for SharePoint. Folks I respect, like Joel Oleson have said, in effect, I can't do this because it requires that I think both from the perspective of a developer and an IT Pro. I've spent my whole career as an IT Pro. (Joel - Please forgive me for paraphrasing so bluntly.) He graciously complements me as someone who could possibly achieve this certification because I can do both sides. As a po [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 21st '08
TechEd EMEA 2008: Connecting Office Client, SharePoint, Search, and Workflow
Robert Bogue
Earlier today I presented on Connecting Office Client, SharePoint, Search, and Workflow. It's one of my favorite talks because it shows an end-to-end solution from getting data from the end users through promoting the properties in SharePoint, making them searchable, and taking action via workflows. In the presentation I referred to a few tools and resources. They are: Andrew Connell's STSADM extensions for WCM -- they allow you to export the content type and site columns you created in the us [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 14th '08
SharePoint Governance and Pandora's Box
Robert Bogue
Maybe it's the fact that I'm over in Europe on the continent for the first time in my life. Maybe it's the fact that I'm listening to German and thinking of all of the languages that I don't know. However, somehow my thoughts drifted across the old Greek Mythological figure of Pandora. The short of the story is that Pandora opens a box containing all of the evils of the world -- and hope. The story ends with Pandora having opened the box and realizing that once let loose there's simply no way to [read].
Posted: Thu, Nov 13th '08
TechEd EMEA 2008: Quick Integration From SharePoint to Your Application
Robert Bogue
On Thursday (Nov 13, 2008), I'll be presenting a session titled "Quick Integration from SharePoint to Your Application" at TechEd EMEA. I wanted to provide a post that would provide access to all of the resources I mention in that talk. So here are those resources: Design Your Web Site to be Search Friendly -- An older article on the keys to making sure that your web site can be searched by any search engine -- including SharePoint. Using SharePoint Search to Find Information in Your Enterpri [read].
Posted: Thu, Nov 13th '08
SharePoint and Locking up W3WP or STSADM
Robert Bogue
Recently I discovered a new an interesting way to lock up the W3WP process. I was trying to deploy a content type including a document template all in one feature. Because I was declaring fields (and a workflow too) I had to set the scope of the feature to Site. The problem is that files are supposed to be provisioned via tags -- in a Web scoped feature. I didn't think much about it until I realized that whenever I activated or deactivated the feature I'd lock up whatever process that was doing [read].
Posted: Tue, Nov 4th '08
TechEd EMEA Presentations - Connecting Office/SharePoint, Quick Integration
Robert Bogue
Several months ago I agreed to do two sessions at TechEd EMEA in Barcelona, Spain. I've been so busy that I've forgotten to post about them. Here's what I'll be talking about (and where):   Code Title Date/Time Room OFC205 Connecting Office Client, SharePoint Search and Workflow November 14 10:45 - 12:00 Room 114 SharePoint is a powerful platform for managing information. In this session you'll see how you can leverage Quick Parts in Word to allow users to enter met [read].
Posted: Tue, Nov 4th '08
Speaking at Wisconsin SharePoint Users Group (10/21)
Robert Bogue
Tomorrow I'll be speaking at the Wisconsin SharePoint Users Group on "SharePoint for the Developer" -- I've got tons of content about how to get started with developing for SharePoint, we'll have some fun learning what SharePoint can do when you lift the cover and start writing code.   If you want to attend, the registration and location information are below. We'll be starting at 4PM. Location: N19W24133 Riverwood Dr, Waukesha, WI 53188 (262) 446-5200 Please Register for this Event at: ht [read].
Posted: Tue, Oct 21st '08
Presenting Live: .NET Users of Fort Wayne
Robert Bogue
I'm quite literally showing the .NET Users of Fort Wayne group how to blog on SharePoint (with CKS:Enhanced Blog Edition) [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 15th '08
The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users - Screen cast Edition
Robert Bogue
I mentioned a month ago that we were encoding videos for the Screen cast edition of The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users. I'm happy to announce that we're done! I finished the video work and encoding yesterday. I thought it might be fun to share some statistics with everyone: Number of Tasks 116 Total Time of All Videos 4 hours, 31 minutes, 48 seconds Average Video Length 2 minutes, 20 seconds Total Uncompressed Storage Size 280 GB Total Size High Quality Video 783 [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 15th '08
Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance
Robert Bogue
Over the past few months I've been honored to have the opportunity to help the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team. Last Saturday (10/4/2008), I was asked to pickup another session at Indy TechFest because of a last minute cancellation. I chose the topic of reviewing the P&P team's SharePoint Guidance. I've uploaded the deck I used in the session. Basically, it walks through some of the key items that the P&P team have been working with to be able to provide guidance on how to develop [read].
Posted: Tue, Oct 7th '08
Attitude for Weddings
Robert Bogue
I had the distinct pleasure of participating in the wedding of my eldest brother a few weeks ago. He's now married to a great woman. She's been able to help him bring his life into focus and as I said in a toast for them -- they bring out the best in one another. I honestly can't think of a better compliment for a couple in love -- that they bring out the best in each other. Their wedding was beautiful. While I'm not a huge fan of Catholicism, I do appreciate the value of a wedding before Chris [read].
Posted: Mon, Oct 6th '08
Expected Errors When Provisioning a New SharePoint Site
Robert Bogue
I've been helping debug some weird issues in a customer environment. As a part of that we're looking at some odd behavior around provisioning SharePoint sites. It looks like the PublishingLayout property/field isn't being set for some content management/publishing pages. It's odd stuff. So we created a site with their site definition and it was broken. I immediately went to the ULS logs (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\LOGS) and found numerous errors. I st [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 26th '08
SharePoint Pod Show: SharePoint Governance- Part 2
Robert Bogue
Part 2 of the interview I did with Rob Foster for the SharePoint Pod Show is now live. [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 23rd '08
SharePoint Nation! - Virtual Talk on SharePoint Governance
Robert Bogue
Tonight I'll be doing a virtual SharePoint Users Group meeting on the topic of Governance with Amanda Murphy. It will be Tuesday, Sept 16 2008 at 8PM EST. You can go here to attend: Live Meeting Address: [read].
Posted: Wed, Sep 17th '08
The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users - 6 months review
Robert Bogue
As I sit here encoding a batch of the screen casts for The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users it occurred to me that the project has been available for roughly 6 months now. Back in late February we released the book as a self-published work. It was an experiment and one that I can honestly is a success -- despite the fact that it's unit sales might be what a traditional publisher might consider a failure. Let me explain. I've worked with all sorts of publishers over the years. With 18 b [read].
Posted: Sun, Sep 14th '08
Connecting Office, SharePoint, and Workflow
Robert Bogue
On Wednesday (9/10), I did a presentation at the Junior Achievement Center here in Indianapolis for the Perpetual Technologies Back to School event on Connecting Office, SharePoint Search, and Workflow. The presentation deck is available here. [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 12th '08
Southeast Michigan SharePoint Users Group : SharePoint Governance
Robert Bogue
On Tuesday (9/9) I had the pleasure of speaking to the Southeast Michigan SharePoint Users Group on SharePoint Governance. I delivered a shortened version of my SharePoint Governance talk. You can find the presentation deck here. It was a good time. I was happily surprised by my buddy Andrew Connell who was in Detroit teaching a private class. [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 12th '08
SharePoint Pod Show: SharePoint Governance
Robert Bogue
Last week I recorded a pod cast with Rob Foster for The SharePoint Pod Show. Part 1 is available now. [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 12th '08
Let it be known, Patrick Tisseghem lived life to the fullest
Robert Bogue
By now, the SharePoint professionals who follow any of the major blogs will have undoubtedly discovered the tragic news that the SharePoint community has lost a great man. Patrick Tisseghem passed away on September 3, 2008 due to a heart attack and failure. After struggling with the loss today I wanted to share first my deepest condolences to his family. His wife and daughters seemed to be frequently in tow at conferences and were clearly a source of deep joy for Patrick. I know that his drive [read].
Posted: Sat, Sep 6th '08
Indianapolis: Mito What?
Robert Bogue
The following is an excerpt from a message that a buddy of mine sent... I am coordinating a fund raising walk for my daughter. Indiana Mito What? Walk and Family Fun Day on October 4th, 2008 Forest Park, Noblesville, IN As you many of you know my 7 year old daughter Abigail suffers from a disease called Mitochondrial Disease. There is no cure. This is the first inaugural walk that I am coordinating to raise awareness and funds for a cure. I am asking for your support. [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 29th '08
The Monster Server Project: Reflections
Robert Bogue
I've posted about my work on my monster server a few times over the last 6 months. The initial post shared the setup and basic configuration. The follow up post just filled you in that I was able to change drive jumpers on my SATA drives. This post is a bit different because it's a reflection on how things have come together and what my thoughts are on the whole situation. First, I have to say it's been a fun project because I miss the infrastructure work that I used to do more of. Most of the [read].
Posted: Thu, Aug 28th '08
Why You May Not Need a Protocol Handler for SharePoint
Robert Bogue
One of the topics that came up recently was the idea of writing a Protocol Handler for SharePoint in C#. Unfortunately I don't have much context on the item because it came through a series of steps. However, one of the things that struck me was that in many cases a protocol handler wasn't needed. However, that requires a moment of explanation on what a protocol handler is. In SharePoint search (and most of the Microsoft Search technologies) there are two main extensibility points. First, you h [read].
Posted: Wed, Aug 27th '08
Products I Use: Zune 80GB
Robert Bogue
With the advent of The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users I've been looking into different approaches to community marketing. One of the things that I've considered is podcasting/vidcasting/screencasting some of the content. As a result I picked up a Zune and started the process of figuring out how folks were consuming podcast content. One could argue that I should have picked up some form of iPod. I could have but the potential tie-ins to Windows Media Center and other MS products was to [read].
Posted: Wed, Aug 27th '08
Products I Use: Lenovo ThinkPad T61p
Robert Bogue
After several years lugging around 17" laptops made by Dell, I decided to change my strategy a little bit. I decided that I wanted to move to a laptop that had a smaller footprint, and was lighter. I don't travel that much any longer, but the fact that I could never use my 17" notebook on a plane was a problem. It meant I had to choose other strategies for being effective on planes. I switched to a Lenovo T61p. The switch has been relatively painless except for some Windows Vista issues that I w [read].
Posted: Sun, Aug 24th '08
Products I Use: Dr. Bott T7 Hub
Robert Bogue
I've had a really hard time finding a USB hub. OK, not just any USB hub, but one that would be able of outputting the full power allowed by the standard to all of the ports. You see I'll set my mobile phone which can be powered via USB, my Zune, which can be powered via USB, and my page scanner for receipts all together on my desk and plug them into a hub. Invariably the hubs that I had would get flakey, or the devices would start reporting issues, or just fail to start up. So I went on a hunt. [read].
Posted: Sun, Aug 24th '08
Article: How SharePoint is a Different Kind of ECM
Robert Bogue
What do you think when I say ECM? Industry insiders, consultants, and implementers of ECM systems have developed an understanding of the tools as process enablers. Whether it's recording and filing invoices, contracts, or packing slips, ECM systems have typically been implemented in places where the number of documents is large and the findability problem for those documents is great. It's not hard for most folks to imagine rows and rows of file cabinets overflowing with paper. Locating a docum [read].
Posted: Sat, Aug 23rd '08
Article: How to Use Site Definitions (aka Site Definition Governance)
Robert Bogue
One of the questions that often comes up in SharePoint engagements is the question of whether you should create your own site definition or whether you should use the out-of-the-box definitions and use features to control how they appear. It is in fact a topic of some discussion between SharePoint consultants. My hope here is to illuminate the primary reasons that you should be creating site definitions -- and what reasons you shouldn't create them. Let's start our discussions about using featur [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 18th '08
SharePoint Governance Briefing
Robert Bogue
On August 20th in the Microsoft Indianapolis offices I'll be delivering two SharePoint Governance Briefings. The first briefing is from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM (Register here). The second briefing is from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Register here). This briefing is an extended version of some of the sessions that I do at SharePoint conferences. We'll be covering the basics of how to make sure that you have the right amount of control and adoption in your SharePoint environment. If you're curious about wha [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 18th '08
Whitepaper: Increasing SharePoint Engagement
Robert Bogue
Whether you were hearing voices in your head saying "Build it and they will come" or you simply had to find a replacement for your languishing Internet, more often than not once you get the SharePoint® platform in place you'll find pockets of the organization where it seems like everyone is using SharePoint for everything – even things they shouldn't -- and other pockets of the organization where SharePoint is seen as some sort of contagious disease. The kind of engagement that you may see i [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 15th '08
SharePoint Search Operational Role (Job Responsibilities)
Robert Bogue
I was recently asked about what sort of things should be in a job description for a person who manages search in a SharePoint environment. I say all of the time that search isn't a product -- it's a process. What I mean by that is the product will only get you so far. A human will have to be involved to make the tool really valuable. Here's what I sent to the client as a final set of activities/skills/responsibilities: Review and Resolve Crawl Logs for Errors and Warning Review Crawl Logs for [read].
Posted: Thu, Aug 7th '08
MOSS Single Sign On Setup Step-By-Step
Robert Bogue
With a TechNet article titled "Configure single sign-on (Office SharePoint Server)" one might wonder why I'd feel the need to write a blog post on how to setup Single Sign-On. The answer is that the TechNet article is incomplete (as of this publishing) and obtuse. So my hope is to walk through the process with screen shots so that you can see exactly what to setup and what the values should be. There are seven main activities that we need to do: Create the SSO service account -- This is the a [read].
Posted: Sat, Aug 2nd '08
My Name is Jerry
Robert Bogue
During the course of my career I've run across a handful of truly amazing people. That's one of the definite perks of being a consultant, you meet lots of people so statistically speaking at some point you're going to find some really awesome people. One of those people for me is Rodger Smith. Rodger is perhaps the most creative guy that anyone will ever meet. Picking out his brilliance is as easy or as difficult as looking at the desktop on his Mac. The first time I saw it I was instantly in aw [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 31st '08
The True Cost of Windows Vista
Robert Bogue
I recently purchased a new laptop (Lenovo T61p) and as a part of that process I decided to finally take the leap to Vista. Since I don't know how to do things half way, I decided that I'd go to Vista x64 -- OK, that and I put 8GB of RAM in the system. I've been quite surprised with the experience. You see shortly after the launch I bought a laptop and tried to use it with Vista x64 -- that was a miserable failure. Mostly because the drivers just weren't present. I quite quickly reverted back to [read].
Posted: Tue, Jul 29th '08
Book Review: Brain Rules
Robert Bogue
I can still remember the most astonishing and frightening moments in my son's development. My brother had gotten married the day before in St. Louis and rather than head of directly to a honeymoon with his bride, they stuck around and showed us the town. If you're in St. Louis it's some sort of rule that you have to go to the Gateway Arch. Upon exiting the arch itself we returned to the underground museum with showed what an old shipyard might have looked like. What I heard was frightening. My n [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 25th '08
The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: Screen Cast Edition
Robert Bogue
When I first released The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users I was asked about all sorts of things. One of those things was if there were any screen shots available. At that point, I wasn't able to say yes. But that's changing. I was able to work with my technical editor for the book and he's agreed to record the step-by-step instructions in the book into screen casts. The screen casts will have the same content as the book but available in a video format that some users prefer. We're abo [read].
Posted: Wed, Jul 9th '08
Web Casts Rerecorded
Robert Bogue
Shortly after recording the first two web casts of the series for I was notified that the demos were unworkable because the recorded area of the screen was too small. Last week I rerecorded the web cast for Web Parts and the one for Data Lists so that the demos are now easier to see. They're available on the same URLs, so nothing has changed on that end. If you have problems with these please don't hesitate to let me know. [read].
Posted: Tue, Jul 8th '08
Article Listing back Online
Robert Bogue
I mentioned a few days ago that my books project listing was back online.  We'll I'm pleased to announce that my article listing is almost completely back online as well.    Why almost?  Well, there are still a few entries that I know are missing -- however, Most of them are available now.  You can look at a raw list of the articles, one nested by publisher, or by publication date year and month.   One of the future projects will be to get them tagged by topic. [read].
Posted: Sat, Jul 5th '08
Books History back on line
Robert Bogue
On my old web site (ASP-based) I had a listing of books that I had worked on.  It was one of those things that seemed to be a curiosity for folks as I always seemed to get comments on it.  Sometimes it was Netware being on the list, other times it was game programming.  In any case, due to some help, the list is finally back online.   We're working on getting the article list put back together as well, maybe I'll be able to announce that it is complete soon. [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 3rd '08
SharePoint User Management Web Cast Questions and Answers
Robert Bogue
There are so many things I didn't get to talk about in the user management talk. There's so much more to say about the stuff I did get to. Here are the questions – and some answers from the web cast on user management.   Q: When you extend SharePoint to multiple zones so you can have one with forms based authentication, do you have one IIS virtual server/web application or multiple? A: Multiple. Forms based authentication requires a few different web.config file entries. Q: Is there a way t [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 20th '08
Content Types Web Cast Questions and Answers
Robert Bogue
It's time for me to answer those content types questions I got during the web cast the other day. I really appreciate all of the great questions that I got after the event. The answers here should roughly match what I gave verbally – with the possibility that I interpreted the question slightly differently then. Q: Have you seen implementations that deal with document collections containing very large (> 1GB) files? A: No, however, I strongly recommend against storing files of this size in [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 20th '08
Table Web Part Connections, IWebPartTable, and PropertyDescriptors
Robert Bogue
Web part connections are a powerful part of the SharePoint platform. They're particularly powerful if you think of them as a way to snap together your user interface. I've build a tab view control. It looks like you might find in an address book or a dictionary with tabs that show what data is to be displayed on each tab and then a set of columns which show a subset of the records. It's pretty cool because it allows you to quickly visualize data sets in the hundreds or thousands of rows. I creat [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 16th '08
Very Fast Connection
Robert Bogue
Apparently Microsoft Update believes I have a VERY fast connection… [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 16th '08
Rob’s Notebook
Robert Bogue
One of the things that I am finding as I talk with others is that we each have our own set of favorite links, things that we tend to look for or refer people to all the time. I have a tendency to refer to content I've written quite a bit but also to a handful of key whitepapers and other articles. I've decided to expose my "notebook" of links that I use to everyone as a wiki on my site. I'll update it as I find stuff that I need to remember how to find or as new important content or tools are re [read].
Posted: Sun, Jun 15th '08
Updates on the Monster Server Project – Drive Jumpers
Robert Bogue
Yes, it really was the end of March when I posted the first note about all of the things going on with my monster server – and I just today wne and fixed a few things. Just in case anyone's wondering I'm busy ;) I just wanted to mention that the issue I noted where the SATA drives were communicating at 1.5GB instead of 3GB was my fault. I forgot to remove the jumper on the drives. The folks at Enhance Technology told me this the day after I made my post in March but I just got a chance to tak [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 12th '08
Article: Drawing a Target on Your Users with SharePoint
Robert Bogue
One of the challenges with most portals, including intranets, is maintaining relevancy of the information that the user sees and interacts with. You'll hear a ton about search relevancy but relatively little is said about what is displayed on the home page. Some organizations approach the home pages as simple landing pages, a place for links to other places. Others try to serve up relevant content, but all too often there are substantial portions of a corporate intranet home page that just aren' [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 12th '08
WebCast Live from TechEd - Workflows
Robert Bogue
For those of you who didn't get to see this. I did the workflows web cast on MSDN from the floor of TechEd North America. Here's a picture that Paul Andrew took to prove it. [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 11th '08
Book Review: Web 2.0 Heroes
Robert Bogue
If you've read this blog for a while you know I've been on a journey to try to figure out social networking and through extension Web 2.0. I've read Wikinomics, Blink, The Wisdom of Crowds, Linked, and The Long Tail. It would be pretty easy to see how I might get exhausted by the topic of social networking. However, my buddy Brad Jones started talking about the project, I was intrigued. We have regularly scheduled lunches and we were talking about how some terms in the computer industry don't re [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 11th '08
TechEd NA 2008: Dev – SharePoint Custom Workflow Activities
Robert Bogue
Thanks to everyone who came to my talk on developing custom workflow activities at TechEd. I promised I'd post the code that I showed during the talk and I've just uploaded which shows everything I demoed plus a few pieces that I forgot to show off. [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 9th '08
Article: Managing the Code when Customizing SharePoint
Robert Bogue
One of the most common problems that organizations that are customizing SharePoint have is how do they manage the code deployment process. Organizations typically have configuration management guidelines that help them regulate how code makes it into production whether that's internally developed code or are patches that are applied to the operating system and products being leveraged. The problem is that SharePoint doesn't fit a nice clean model. Because so much of SharePoint is configuration [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 9th '08
You’ve got Questions (About Workflow), here are the Answers
Robert Bogue
Thank you to everyone who joined the Workflow web cast on Wednesday. My apologies for the somewhat abrupt ending to the call as the telephone I was speaking on dropped. However, as promised, please find my responses to the questions that were asked.   Q: If the WSS Workflow is 3 steps, is that the same for MOSS? A: No, The OOB MOSS templates for approval isn't constructed the same. Q: What are the maximum number of steps that you can have in a workflow? A: I don't know what the specific numbe [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 6th '08
Full Speed Ahead for SharePoint Development – All You Need has Been Released
Robert Bogue
If you've listened to the web casts that Andrew Connell and I've been doing for Paul Andrew, you may have noticed something strange. We've been talking about the source code for the demos being available at – and some folks have been commenting that the site doesn't go anywhere. However, that is no longer the case. The site went live today. Great – but why should you care? Well, the web casts are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the web cast mater [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 2nd '08
Web Cast Q&A Follow up: Web Parts and Data Lists
Robert Bogue
I got a lot of great questions during the web casts for the Introduction to SharePoint for Developers series that Andrew Connell and I are doing for Paul Andrew. Specifically, the Web Parts and the Data Lists web casts. I wanted to share the Q&A here since there's no good place for the Q&A to appear on the MSDN web cast site. So here's the Q&A from the Web Casts event (slightly edited): Web Parts Q: Would it be possible to have a web part in another web part? A: Yes, Web parts are [read].
Posted: Sat, May 31st '08
Be an Expert (Or Play One on TV) – With SharePoint Introduction Webcast Materials
Robert Bogue
I've posted previously about the web casts that Andrew Connell and I are doing. I'm happy to announce that the materials that Andrew and I are using for these web casts are now available for everyone. Not only do you get the source code but you've got the slide decks as well (including a transcription of the web cast in the notes.) Sidebar: We're aware that the demos for my first two recordings are REALLY small. It looked fine when they were live. I'll rerecord them in the next few weeks and wi [read].
Posted: Thu, May 29th '08
How Best Are Your Best Practices
Robert Bogue
In my work with Andrew Connell on the Web Casts for Paul Andrew, we've been struggling to make sure that what we're delivering in the web casts and in the hands on labs that will accompany them represents state of the art best practices. It surfaces in tons of little ways. For instance, you should always dispose SPSite and SPWeb objects you create yourself (and not those you get from SPContext.Current) so the sample code has using statements in it to make sure that the objects are properly dispo [read].
Posted: Fri, May 23rd '08
Article: Office Space - From VBA Macro to Word Add-In
Robert Bogue
Document automation isn't a new functionality by any means. It has been going on since the invention of macros, and there has been a full-fledged programming model within Microsoft® Office applications since the early 1990s. For many years, the Office tools have featured macro recorders that weren't limited to simply replaying keystrokes but have been capable of writing code on the fly as well. Macros have even demonstrated that they are functional enough to write viruses. And while writing a v [read].
Posted: Mon, May 19th '08
Become a SharePoint Developer Instantly, If Not Before
Robert Bogue
With all of the interest in SharePoint I sometimes think that people walk up to me and want to know how to become a SharePoint developer instantly. (Just add water, as they say.) If you read my MSDN Magazine End Bracket article "You Should Learn SharePoint" you probably already realize that it's not quite that simple. However, Paul Andrew has been leading a charge that Andrew Connell and I've been a part of to get a good primer for SharePoint developers out there so anyone who has the desire to [read].
Posted: Wed, May 14th '08
Creating SharePoint Sites from Global Templates with the Object Model
Robert Bogue
I recently had the pleasure of delivering the first SharePoint Workshop for Bamboo Solutions in Chicago, IL. One of the cool things about the project was the ability to put together what I believe are some of the best workshop materials out there. I may be biased (and the pope may be catholic) but I believe that the common thread that runs between the labs can really help you understand how all of the pieces of SharePoint fit together. One of the challenging parts of putting together the worksh [read].
Posted: Thu, May 8th '08
Instructional Design: One Quick Tip
Robert Bogue
I've received many comments about how easy the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users is to use.  I was just editing some other material and I realized one of the reasons why.  It's automatic for me but apparently not for everyone.   When doing step-by-step instructions you basically have two options for how to structure the step:   1) Select Option A in Field B 2) In Field B, select Option A   Any idea which one's easier to read?  The second one.  Because you're not forcing them to re [read].
Posted: Mon, May 5th '08
SharePoint Workflows Preconference Session
Robert Bogue
Today I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with about 70 folks. We spent the day learning SharePoint workflow from the ground up. We started with what our workflow options were and moved on from there to walk through the out of the box workflows. Once we had seen the Three State and Approval workflows we quickly added in a SharePoint Designer workflow and talked about its limitations. The real fun didn't start until we fired up Visual Studio and started creating workflows. We started [read].
Posted: Sun, Apr 20th '08
Available on The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users
Robert Bogue just made The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users available for order. [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 16th '08
Web Part Event Firings and Why You Shouldn’t Have Code in the Constructor
Robert Bogue
So I'm working on an end user focused blog post about the difference between closing (Close) and deleting (Delete) a web part. In the middle of that I realized that although we've been told that the web part still runs when you close a web part on a page, we've not been told what still runs in the web part. So I fire up Visual Studio and I create the world's dumbest web part. (There should be a competition.) All this web part does is log each time any one of the methods that can be overridden is [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 16th '08
This blog is online with CKS:EBE
Robert Bogue
This is my first post from CKS:EBE v2. It's been a long journey. For most of the last three years you've not been able to comment or track back to my blog posts. That's been because the tool I was using before didn't have any sort of blog spam filtering and when blog spam started to become popular it became a problem to manage. If you find anything that's not working on the site please let me know. [read].
Posted: Sat, Apr 12th '08
Progress on "The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users"
Robert Bogue
I wanted to provide a quick update on The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users. First, I have the blog's branding (i.e. SharePoint Theme) deployed to the site. Instead of looking like an out of the box SharePoint site it looks like a real branded site. I've love to hear feedback on the branding -- or on problems you're having with it. Second, I've been maintaining a list of links, reviews, and refrences on the site. If you're interested in what people have been saying about the book [read].
Posted: Sat, Apr 12th '08
SharePoint Site Collection Governance
Robert Bogue
While working with a client recently we came upon a seemingly simple question. How big, in terms of business scope, should a SharePoint site collection be? The question is a good one because it gets at the heart of how to architect your SharePoint Solution. You can decide on a model with only a few site collections -- or one where there are a large number of site collections. In this article, I'll take you through a process of evaluating the needs of your business units and how to design a strat [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 9th '08
SharePoint is not Lotus Notes
Robert Bogue
I’m not the world’s biggest fans of so called “think tanks” and their reports. While I have the deepest respect for some of the analysts I’ve met, I also know more than a few that truly miss the point. They don’t get it. They don’t understand the market they work in. Recently one of the folks that I don’t think really understands the market – CMS Watch – started hocking their latest dribble about SharePoint in the CMS market. One of the things in the report is a compa [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 3rd '08
Customer Service is a Thankless Job – Sorry
Robert Bogue
I have the greatest respect and admiration for folks who do customer support. I couldn’t do it. My personality just wouldn’t allow me to walk folks through plugging in the proverbial power cord every day of the world. I am sure that I’d become the first ever documented case of spontaneous human combustion. Because of this I’ve contemplated whether I should write this blog post for quite a while. However, I ultimately realized that although I had my issues with individual custom [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 3rd '08
The Monster Server Project - VMWare, iSCSI, and learning
Robert Bogue
So I’ve been working on a project for quite some time, and I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Doing work with SharePoint means getting to know virtual machines and, relatively speaking, throwing a lot of hardware at the problem. I like many other SharePoint consultants have ended up with a high end laptop. However, that’s scored me the reputation as the guy with the heaviest bag. Not only do I have to carry a big laptop but I’m also carrying two or three exter [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 31st '08
Article: SharePoint's Delegate Control Power
Robert Bogue
One complaint about Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2.0 and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 was the difficulty in making changes to the environment after it was deployed. Officially, changing a site definition isn't supported after it has been used to create other sites. Of course, that was then. Now, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 offer many ways to make changes to sites after they have been provisioned. The introduction o [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 27th '08

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