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Landed Here May 15, 2008
Posts: # / 1st / Latest 34 - May 06, 2008 - Mar 09, 2010
Princeton NJ SPUG Meeting with Bill English
Bob Fox
divbBody:/b div class="ExternalClassEFAEEA05DAF44ECA9A6FDA589F3BEF50"pThis week's meeting with be Wednesday March 10supth/sup from 5:30-7:30. /pp  /ppThis month's presenter is Bill English. Bill will be speaking on staffing your SharePoint deployments. Bill's profile is below /pp  /ppBill English (MCSE, MCSA, MVP, MCT) is an industry leader, author, and educator specializing in the exciting SharePoint Products and Technologies product set from Microsoft. In this role as Mindsharp's CEO, Bill [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 9th '10
Claims Authentication Overview Reference
Bob Fox
divbBody:/b div class="ExternalClass6F46FBD51FA743508F597C2B734078BD"pTime to get your reading on. Claims is going to be a HUGE piece of the SharePoint 2010 offering. Thanks to a href=""Wictor Wilen/a (@wictor) for the twitter post on this. /ppList of topics: /ppa href=""Introduction to Claims/a /ppa href=""Claims Based Architectures/a /ppa href="http://msdn.micro [read].
Posted: Fri, Feb 19th '10
International Search Strategy Summit - Reflecting User thinking - Controlling Business Outcomes
Bob Fox
divbBody:/b div class="ExternalClassD19802058FF64931BB70B62CA71CA12C"pFor those in the NYC, Chicago or San Fran areas I wanted to post out a memo of this event that is coming up. /ppDetails: /ppspan style="color:#747474;font-family:Arial;font-size:10pt"Established as the premier Enterprise Search event series, this year we will be exploring the freedom Search gives a business to adapt, allowing it to continuously reflect the way users, customers or communities think. We are delighted to announce [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 18th '10
DisableLoopbackCheck? Lets do it the right way
Bob Fox
divbBody:/b div class="ExternalClassBE0980C060F54BD6871E44CB6F0547C1"pWay too much debate out in Twitterville and through other folks that are just flat out wrong. Why wrong? Well in a test lab environment I have no problem with this but folks tend to get lazy and that is where you run risks in your production environment. /ppNow im not going lament on the whys as this was finely detailed by a href=" [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 11th '10
Site has moved
Bob Fox
Body: I have moved my site to SPFOXHOLE and you can also link to me via FeedBurner Thanks. There will be no more active posting here.  All content has been moved to the new site as well.     Published: 5/5/2009 9:18 PM [read].
Posted: Tue, May 5th '09
New in SP2 Get/Setsitelock Whodathunkit!
Bob Fox
Body: In the last post (New In SP2 Changes in Backup Operations) I went over how you can use GetSiteLock and SetSiteLock when you are working with backups.  Thinking a bit further on these new extensions to the STSADM.exe family i decided to do some more testing on some scenarios.   Thanks to my good friend Marianne van Wanrooij for additional feedback and suggestions about these additions. So Marianne asked me if the setsitelock could be used for other purposes besides during backup operatio [read].
Posted: Sun, May 3rd '09
New In SP2 Changes in Backup Operations
Bob Fox
Body: New additions that come with Service Pack 2 for SharePoint (WSS and MOSS) is a new function built into the stsadm.exe –o backup tool that allows you to set your databases to read only.  If you run this command on a working environment there will always be a chance for the job to fail if users are adding content to the sites.  To prevent this we now have a new feature that allows us to lock the DB and make it read only.   I want you to notice in the above screenshot that im running a [read].
Posted: Sat, May 2nd '09
New in SP2 PreUpgradeCheck
Bob Fox
Body: The lads in Redmond while busy hammering away at the next version of SharePoint ( SharePoint Server 2010) tossed in a nice little tool in SP2 to help us to ensure our environments are ready for the upgrade.  The PreUpgradeCheck utility is a simple to use tool that is run from the command line     stsadm –o preupgradecheck I ran this on my test lab and was happy to see the following result: Guess i am ready to upgrade  :) This tool goes one step deeper and after the completion of t [read].
Posted: Sat, May 2nd '09
Great FAST Search Posts
Bob Fox
Body: My buddy and colleague Natalya Voskresenskaya has been doing some kick ass posts recently on FAST Search.  If your not familiar with this technology I would highly advise you pay attention to this in the coming months as it will soon become a common term used by your enterprise clients. Natalya is doing some decent spin ups on this.  Some of the posts published recently are: Part 1 and 2 FAST search engine for SharePoint PART 2 (Overview of FAST) Why Fast FAST search engine for SharePoi [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 27th '09
European SharePoint BestPractices Wrap Up
Bob Fox
Body: Last week I had the privilege to head to the United Kingdom for the first time to attend the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference in London.  This event was run brilliantly by the crew at Combined Knowledge.  Special hats off to Steve Smith and especially Zoe Watson who did a fantastic job organizing this event and raising the bar for other BP Confs going forward.   Every detail was covered and it reminded me of a SPC event. In other words it was very professional. I presented [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 13th '09
Setting Up a Virtual Lab with Hyper-V
Bob Fox
Body: My Introduction to Hyper-V So i was feeling a bit behind the times with everyone chanting the virtues of Hyper-V. After reading Andrew Connell's posts about his new home rig and how he is now running Hype-V in place of VMware (which for a long time he swore by) I started feeling … wait a sec… Connell is one of those Dev types… and he has this up and running…. why don’t I? So Andrew my old friend…. Thank you for the kick in the butt. I was looking at Connells set up and was pret [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 22nd '09
SPDiag Tool Released
Bob Fox
Body: Just found this today Ran it in my test environment with no issues… still going through everything but it does provide a nice overview of your environment.  Running a report was fairly straightforward Click File / New Project – Name the DB Server and give the Project a name then hit create. Allow a couple min for the report to run and then you have the following generated Some nice data returned huh?  Wait [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 7th '09
Downadup Warning
Bob Fox
Body: On occasion we in the SharePoint MVP group are given little warnings from the MSFT teams to pass along to the community.  In the case that you are not receiving emails on security updates from MSFT here is something we are told that is starting to spread.  Please be advised   Actions Requested: Win32/Conficker.B/Downadup infections Please offer these links and resources to members of your community to help mitigate this threat. MS08-067 Malicious Software Removal tool History: Win32/Co [read].
Posted: Tue, Jan 20th '09
Best Practices Conference by Day SharePint by Night
Bob Fox
Body: Im happy to say that I will again be presenting at this conference and am looking forward to seeing everyone.  I recently had back surgery and the doc gave me the thumbs down on travel but im going to ignore his warnings (i hope he doesn't read this) and will be landing in San Diego on Saturday to attend this event. I did a post on this not long ago which can be found here which lists the sessions im presenting on. I had a conversation with my bud Andrew Woodward today and he reminded me [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 19th '09
Happy Holidays
Bob Fox
Body: To the worldwide SharePoint community and all my close friends scattered throughout this small world I want to wish you all the best to you and your families in this holiday season and I wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year to come.   Bob Published: 12/24/2008 11:59 AM [read].
Posted: Wed, Dec 24th '08
Coming to the San Diego SharePoint Best Practices Conference? You Should!
Bob Fox
Body: Through the years of working in this industry I have had the good fortune to attend many conferences.  For the first couple years after becoming an MVP one of the biggest reasons for me to attend was to see all my old friends in person and sit down over a drink or 20 and discuss what we are seeing in the industry... new findings,  customer engagement stories,  things we would like to see changed and whats happening in our personal lives.  The SharePoint Community is a very tight group [read].
Posted: Wed, Dec 10th '08
European Best Practices SharePoint Conference Announced
Bob Fox
Body: For those of you that have heard about the success of the US Based SharePoint Best Practices SharePoint Conference I have good news.  It is coming to the UK in April. Steve Smith has announced the European Best Practices SharePoint Conference to be held April 6-8 in London. I will be making my first trip to London to participate in this event and I am looking forward to this visit along with the conference in general.  There are alot of great speakers already signed up and more to come. [read].
Posted: Tue, Dec 9th '08
NJSPUG November meeting with David Mann
Bob Fox
Body: On November 19th at the NJ Microsoft Offices we will be holding our monthly user group meeting.   I am pleased to announce that my buddy Dave Mann will be presenting on, what else? Workflows.  Dave as many of you will remember many years back (ok maybe one year back) wrote the first book on Workflows with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.   I have seen Dave present many times and this should be a great session. Register for this session HERE Session Title “Deploying Workflows [read].
Posted: Tue, Nov 18th '08
Office SharePoint Server 2007 Technical Library Released
Bob Fox
Body: Microsoft today released a new tech library for us ITPros   you can download it here See i bet all you guys and gals were thinking they only cared about those pesky developers.... They like us... They really really like us  :) Enjoy.. and yes this is pretty much to my eyes the same content that already exists on TechNet but I have to say that the content there has improved greatly the past 6 months.  Hope this continues  :) # for those that open this and are wondering why its not disp [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 14th '08
Upcoming NYC SharePoint User Group Meeting
Bob Fox
Body: On Wednesday November 5th we will be holding our monthly User Group meeting at the Microsoft Office in NYC.  Below is a summary of this months meeting.  This is a session format that I introduced at the NJ SPUG earlier this year and since has been used in the UK at the SUGUK meetings.  Hope to see you all there. From the NYCSPUG site: The discussions will be divided up into two areas IT Pro and Development.  Both areas will be comprised of a great group of expert panelists answering al [read].
Posted: Sun, Nov 2nd '08
2009 Best Practices Conference Announced
Bob Fox
Body: Bill English just announced the dates and location for the 2nd Best Practices Conference which will be held on Feb 2 -4 in LaJolla California.   I attended and presented at the first one held in DC back in Sept and it was fantastic.   I am, along with numerous other MVP's and notable presenters planning on attending and hopefully presenting at this one as well. Look forward to seeing everyone there.   Its just getting bigger and better. Published: 10/18/2008 10:36 AM [read].
Posted: Sat, Oct 18th '08
SharePoint by Day SharePint by Night PDC Edition
Bob Fox
Body: Ahh  I wont be there but my bud AC is putting on another edition of this event that is becoming a standard for us to set up.  This one is all Andrew.  Yall will have to wait till SPC next year for me to liven this up in my own way  :)    Come join Andrew and a bunch of other folks! Enjoy... I wish i could be there   Published: 10/16/2008 10:39 PM [read].
Posted: Fri, Oct 17th '08
Best Practices Conference Recap
Bob Fox
Body: This week I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the Best Practices Conference down in Washington DC.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well this event was received and at the attendance and overflow of registration for a new event such as this.  The folks at MindSharp did a fantastic job ensuring everyone's satisfaction in the sessions.  In some cases the rooms were tiny and they added additional sessions so that those that couldn't get into the room had the chance to atten [read].
Posted: Mon, Sep 22nd '08
Internet Security Flaw
Bob Fox
Body: Thanks to my old buddy Mark Kruger for shooting this article over to me.  Give it a read... This could affect you Internet Security Flaw Technorati Tags: Internet,MVP,Security Published: 8/6/2008 6:52 PM [read].
Posted: Wed, Aug 6th '08
ISPA Update
Bob Fox
Body: So we launched the ISPA web site back on the 16th of July.   We have seen a tremendous outpouring of emails and it appears our goals were in line with the community.  We were a bit rushed to get the site up and thanks to some quick and great branding work from Heather Waterman we were able to put out something that was pleasing to the eye.  Most of you that know me well know I strongly lack any artistic or creative talents when it comes to this stuff so I want to personally thank Heath [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 1st '08
NJ SharePoint Users Group Meeting for July 23
Bob Fox
Body: Please join us on July 23rd for the monthly New Jersey SharePoint Users Group meeting.   This month we will be looking at NewsGator's Social Networking capabilities.  If your interested in bringing Social Networking into your environment then this session will be for you.  Topic: “SharePoint Social Networking” Guest Speaker:  Ashley Roach, Product Manager, NewsGator Technologies, Inc. Presentation: Enhancing SharePoint’s Social Networking Capabilities Description: Please join N [read].
Posted: Wed, Jul 23rd '08
Announcing the International SharePoint Professionals Association
Bob Fox
Body: I’m happy to finally announce the launch of the ISPA.  A lot of time and effort has been put into bringing this online and we hope as this grows we will have an abundance of offerings for the SharePoint Community.   I first want to present the press release that we have put out, then I want to list and thank the individuals that helped to make this happen and also a very special group of men and women that have been and will continue to be a tremendous asset for the community worldwid [read].
Posted: Wed, Jul 16th '08
NJ SPUG Meeting for June
Bob Fox
Body: The New Jersey SharePoint User Group will be meeting tomorrow night June 18th at the Microsoft office in NJ.  This months speaker is Josh Carlisle who is just back from presenting at TechEd.   This should be a great session and be sure to fire lots of dev questions at him if your feeling like playing stump the speaker.   I bet he wins  :)  Anyway I hope to see some folks at this event and myself along with Jason Medero will be in attendance so come on out and enjoy the session. You [read].
Posted: Tue, Jun 17th '08
Philly OfficeGeeks UG June Meeting
Bob Fox
Body: Im excited.... why Bob... what is your problem now?   Im going to Philly tomorrow night.  Ah who cares about Philly  :) Well i do... I was actually born there and even though I claim New Jersey as my true home.... a small part of me belongs to Pennsyltucky.  Ok Fox what's the real reason your excited.. Well that was the reason but also because i get to go back to a group that I helped co-found with David Mann and Dani Diaz.  The Philly OfficeGeeks.    Tomorrow night I am happy to [read].
Posted: Tue, Jun 17th '08
Data Protection and Recovery White Paper Released
Bob Fox
Body: I was informed today that a new white paper was released for Backup and Recovery.   Myself and a host of others have reviewed this and its a good one.  This document no only covers the out of the box backup and recovery but also discusses DPM 2007 (Data Protection Manager) You can find the whitepaper at the following location: Good Read, Enjoy! Technorati Tags: DPM,SharePoint Published: 6/12/2008 10:46 PM [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 13th '08
SharePoint by Day SharePint by Night Reminder for Monday
Bob Fox
Body: Just wanted to put out a reminder to those of you that are attending TechEd ITPro week and are getting in Monday that we are looking forward to seeing you all crash BBKings with us on Monday night at 7PM and we can go into the wee hours of the morning if you can keep up :)   so come out and join myself, Joel Oleson, Eric Shupps, Brad Smith and Mohaned Omar and a bunch of others for this crash party.  If you were at SPC this year you hopefully attended the Kells Party Andrew Connell and [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 6th '08
SharePoint User Group Meeting Format Idea
Bob Fox
Body: Recently one of the groups I work with (NJSPUG) held an interesting meeting.   Normally you go to groups and see this speaker or that speaker diving into this or that topic.  We decided to try something new.... ok its not new and no i didnt come up with this idea but it was something that i have never seen happen in any of my groups nor have i heard of others doing it.   We held an open forum type of meeting.  A small group of us (4 to be exact) all coming from separate disciplines s [read].
Posted: Thu, May 29th '08
Windows 2008 and SharePoint Better Together Part 1
Bob Fox
Body: For those that were at the SharePoint Conference back in March I presented with Joel Oleson and Todd Klindt or to be more exact I performed the demonstrations for this presentation.   I was scheduled to present again at TechEd but due to a scheduling conflict on my end I will be leaving sunny Florida before this session.  One thing I have been meaning to do was put out some posts on the various areas i demonstrated.  In the accompanying screen cast I am going to give a walkthrough of [read].
Posted: Tue, May 27th '08
NYC SharePoint User Group May Meeting Agenda
Bob Fox
Body: So this one im really stoked about as my buddy Natalya and her associate Paul Galvin will be presenting a deep dive into the Content Query Web Part and all its magic :) Here is a summary of the topic: MOSS 2007's Content Query Web Part (CQWP) enables users to create custom views of data queried from many sources, and present that data in one place. Despite its powerful query & content refinement options, CQWP is often an underrated and overlooked feature. CQWP is both a "data extract [read].
Posted: Tue, May 6th '08

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