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aOS India Tour Rocked in TRUE sense
Dipti Chhatrapati
Hi There Today is the morning after finishing the “aOS India Tour” on 6th April and I still can’t keep away my eyes by the thoughts and moments I spent last week with aOS Community in Mumbai and Bangalore both ! aOS really rocked and we are energized to do more,bigger and better in upcoming days,months and years, Its less whatever or however I thank to Patrick and Deepak (Microsoft ) the way they energized aOS Community by organizing the event as Tour covering Mumbai and Bang [read].
Posted: Sat, Apr 8th '17
Creating Documents Version History Report against SharePoint 2016
Dipti Chhatrapati
Hello There, I am writing down this particular article as I have faced many of the scripts available over internet is not working for SharePoint 2016 environment especially when you require to run it on remote server. After accumulating the information from the net and resolving some issues with the help of PowerShell MVPs ( Chendrayan and Senthamil ) I was able to complete this task and I think this is really interesting and yeah, PowerShell has all the power to finish your work, just require t [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 24th '17
Housing SharePoint 2016 Dev-Ambiance on Windows Azure
Dipti Chhatrapati
Hellow Geek ! Today I am going to write about creating the SharePoint 2016 environment on windows Azure since it was topic requested by many and I could build it with the help of few articles I have gone through, Thanks to Microsoft for being always helping hands ! So, the task is always difficult until we get through, but once its over, its tiny for us and that is what I will explain today which can be completed in few hours in few clicks. you have to keep bit patience as its going to be video [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 19th '17
Automate your tasks using Microsoft Flow
Dipti Chhatrapati
Hello and Happy New Year ! I am putting my fingers in writing the articles on first day of 2017 with Microsoft Flow Demos I have presented in last month at SharePoint Fest Chicago 2016.So, as you guys are aware of Microsoft Flow is a tool to mash-up two or more different services together and get your job done within a few clicks and that’s what Business users or customers demands for. I tell you, its not just about using what you have in cloud but Microsoft flow can advance the workflow pro [read].
Posted: Sun, Jan 1st '17
SharePoint Saturday Dubai 2016 : Beginning with a Bang !
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Sun, Feb 7th '16
Microsoft Graph API – A SIngle Stop For Your Cloud Solution
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Tue, Feb 2nd '16
Protect Enterprise Information on Mobile Devices Using Mobile Device Management for Office 365
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Tue, Aug 18th '15
Good Dining Food : A large carousel by display template
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Tue, Jul 14th '15
A few more stops on Display Templates and Search Webparts
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Tue, Jul 7th '15
Quick Facts on Organizing your content via display templates
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Fri, Jul 3rd '15
Sway – How this MS goody is treating your ideas?
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Wed, Jun 10th '15
Book written by me just published and live on amazon !
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Fri, Apr 10th '15
Two Game plan for better performance : MDS & DCS
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Sun, Apr 5th '15
Contrast : Responsive Design and Device Channel
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Thu, Apr 2nd '15
Go Smooth upon upgraded O365 Admin App
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Wed, Apr 1st '15
Winner at O365 Branding SPChat :)
Dipti Chhatrapati
Posted: Fri, Mar 20th '15

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