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Dipping Your Toes in the SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 Preview Goodness
Jan Tielen
If you haven’t been living beneath a rock in the last two days, you probably heard the news we released the SharePoint 2013 Preview and Office 2013 Preview. Since there is already a massive amount of content available on blogs, TechNet  etc. I’m not going to add even more with this blog post. My goal is simply to give you a limited amount of resources to quickly get you up to speed with all the news. First of all, there was the announcement two days ago by Steve Ballmer. It was broadcas [read].
Posted: Wed, Jul 18th '12
SharePoint Saturday Belgium was a Big Success!
Jan Tielen
Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend and present at the SharePoint Saturday Belgium edition. The Belgium Information Worker Usergroup (BIWUG), who organized the event, deserves a big round of applause; they hosted around 200 enthusiastic SharePoint people on a free and fun event. Of course a big thanks also goes to the numerous sponsors: Xylos (for making their great infrastructure available), AvePoint, Beyond-it, Metalogix, K2, Microsoft, Spikes, Ventigrate, Aurelium, Axceler, CTG, Idera, Rea [read].
Posted: Sun, Apr 29th '12
URL Shortening For SharePoint 2010
Jan Tielen
I’m pretty sure everybody who is using SharePoint has sent a link to a document in a Document Library to somebody else (in an email message for example). So you probably know that links to documents (or list items) can become pretty long if the document is located in a Document Library on a site deeply buried in a hierarchy. SharePoint is of course not the only platform having this “issue” and the internet already solved it quite some time ago with URL shortening. From Wikipedia: URL sho [read].
Posted: Mon, Dec 12th '11
TechDays 2011 - Check out the sessions and build your own agenda‏
Jan Tielen
Check out the live agenda and find out why you should attend TechDays 2011. Review the sessions and speakers and build your own personalized agenda. Today we already have more than 1200 registrations. Don’t lose time and register now before the event sells out! If you are attending, feel free to drop by and say hi during my SharePoint & jQuery session. :-)    If you haven't decided yet, we give you more than just a few reasons why you should not miss this event. Developer Open [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 21st '11
Saying Goodbye to U2U, and Hello to Microsoft
Jan Tielen
Last week was a very special week for me: I delivered my last course as a U2U trainer. I’ve been a full-time U2U employee for almost 7 years. During that time I had the opportunity to travel the world, meet lots of interesting people and make many new friends, while talking about Microsoft technologies. In the last couple of years my focus was mainly on SharePoint, but in my “early” years I was quite active with BizTalk, ASP.NET … as well. My career at U2U had many, many heights: having [read].
Posted: Thu, Dec 2nd '10
Getting Started with jQuery Templates and SharePoint 2010
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"Yesterday evening A href="http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/10/04/jquery-templates-data-link-and-globalization-accepted-as-official-jquery-plugins.aspx" mce_href="http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/10/04/jquery-templates-data-link-and-globalization-accepted-as-official-jquery-plugins.aspx"Scott Guthrie announced/A that Microsoft’s contributions to the A href="http://hquery.com/" mce_href="http://hquery.com"jQuery Javascript library/A were accepted as Officia [read].
Posted: Tue, Oct 5th '10
Deploying and Using jQuery with a SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed Solution
Jan Tielen
PIf you’re an avid reader of this blog, you probably now that I’m quite a big fan of the A href="http://jquery.com/" mce_href="http://jquery.com"jQuery Javascript library/A, especially in combination with SharePoint sites. For a while I’ve been trying to find a mechanism to deploy jQuery and add a reference to it on all SharePoint pages of a site, by just using a Sandboxed Solution. The first part, deploying the jQuery file, is really easy; this can be done in a STRONGModule/STRONG in a Sh [read].
Posted: Thu, Sep 2nd '10
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when using SharePoint's ClientContext.Current in Silverlight
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"SharePoint 2010 and Silverlight is a fantastic combination, especially when you use the Client Object Model for Silverlight to access SharePoint data. But maybe you’ve encountered the following situation: your Silverlight application works great when it’s hosted in the out-of-the-box Silverlight Web Part, but when you build your own custom Web Part to show the Silverlight Application it just doesn’t work anymore: the browser tells you there is an STRONGError on page/STRONG [read].
Posted: Thu, Aug 12th '10
Upgrading Features in SharePoint 2010
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"If you have developed Features for SharePoint 2007, you’re probably aware of a very serious limitation of Feature Development: upgradability. Deploying version 1 of your customization is no problem, but If you want to deploy a bug fix or additional functionality in version 2, you’re basically on your own. The good news is that in SharePoint 2010, this problem is solved: as a developer you can now build features that are upgradable. The basic concept goes as follows, you buil [read].
Posted: Sun, Aug 8th '10
Easily Adding SafeControls in SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"Many SharePoint developers know that deploying your SharePoint customization to a SharePoint server often requires you to tinker the web.config of the sites where you’d like to see the customization in action. You can do these web.config modifications manually (not advisable), or automate them with the help of the SPWebConfigModification class from the Object Model. But quite often it’s not even necessary to use that class; when you deploy your customizations with the help o [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 6th '10
Where did ULSTraceLog go to in the SharePoint 2010 Logging Database?
Jan Tielen
PThe Logging Database is one of the many new concepts that will make the life of many SharePoint administrators quite a bit more enjoyable. In SharePoint 2007 the Unified Logging System (ULS) logged all of its data to text files, typically found on your SharePoint server in 12\LOGS. We still have that in SharePoint 2010, but besides those text files, ULS can also write the data to a database! The advantages are obvious: easy to query, one central location for all servers in the farm, easy to bui [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 16th '10
Highly recommended: "5 Things SQL Server does different from what many developers expect" by Nico Jacobs
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"A couple of weeks ago, the A href="http://www.microsoft.com/belux/techdays/2010/" mce_href="http://www.microsoft.com/belux/techdays/2010/"Belgian Techdays/A were held in Antwerp. Together with A href="http://shillier.com/" mce_href="http://shillier.com/"Scott Hillier/A I presented the SharePoint pre-conference sessions (watch them online A href="http://www.microsoft.com/belux/techdays/2010/videos.aspx" mce_href="http://www.microsoft.com/belux/techdays/2010/videos.aspx"over here/ [read].
Posted: Thu, May 27th '10
SharePoint 2010 BDC Model Deployment Issue: “The default web application could not be determined.”
Jan Tielen
PYesterday I tried to deploy a Business Data Connectivity Model project created in Visual Studio 2010 to my SharePoint 2010 test server (all RTM versions), but during the deployment of the solution, SharePoint threw my following error:/P PFONT face="courier new,courier"Add Solution:BRnbsp; Adding solution 'BCSDemo2.wsp'...BRnbsp; Deploying solution 'BCSDemo2.wsp'...BRError occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': The default web application could not be determined. Set the SiteUrl property in [read].
Posted: Fri, May 7th '10
Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data with REST/OData on Windows Phone 7
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"Consuming SharePoint 2010 data in Windows Phone 7 applications using the A href="http://developer.windowsphone.com/" mce_href="http://developer.windowsphone.com/"CTP version of the developer tools/A is quite a challenge. The issue is that the SharePoint 2010 data is not anonymously available; users need to authenticate to be able to access the data. When I first tried to access SharePoint 2010 data from my first Hello-World-type Windows Phone 7 application I thought “Hey, this [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 22nd '10
My first Windows Phone 7 App: Getting SharePoint Content
Jan Tielen
PEarlier this week at the A href="http://live.visitmix.com/" mce_href="http://live.visitmix.com"Mix10 conference/A, Microsoft announced the developer story of the Windows Phone 7 Series. As expected, it’s all about Silverlight! For all the details I highly recommend to watch the recorded keynotes (A href="http://live.visitmix.com/MIX10/Sessions/KEY01" mce_href="http://live.visitmix.com/MIX10/Sessions/KEY01"day 1/A, A href="http://live.visitmix.com/MIX10/Sessions/KEY02" mce_href="http://live.vi [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 17th '10
When SharePoint Matters: OneResponse
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"Two weeks ago I was in Iceland, talking about SharePoint 2010 at A href="http://www.tmsoftware.is/english/" mce_href="http://www.tmsoftware.is/english/"TM Software/Anbsp;(A href="http://jantielens.wordpress.com/" mce_href="http://jantielens.wordpress.com/"some photos here :-)/A ). During the course, some students showed me a pretty cool public SharePoint 2007 site that they have been working on: OneResponse (A href="http://oneresponse.info/"http://oneresponse.info/A). OneRespons [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 8th '10
Speaking at the Italian SharePoint Conference Next Week
Jan Tielen
PNext week on Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be in Milano, Italy during the A href="http://www.sharepointconference.it/" mce_href="http://www.sharepointconference.it"SharePoint amp; Office Conference 2010/A. They have a nice lineup of both Italian and international speakers to deliver 60 sessions during three days. I’ll be A href="http://www.sharepointconference.it/speakers.aspx#Jan_Tielens" mce_href="http://www.sharepointconference.it/speakers.aspx#Jan_Tielens"presenting four of them/A:/P UL L [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 5th '10
Referencing Javascript Files with SharePoint 2010 Custom Actions using SciptSrc
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you are probably aware of the fact that using Javascript plus SharePoint is a very powerful combination. In SharePoint 2007 there were a couple of techniques you could use to make sure your Javascript files would be referenced by SharePoint pages:/P OL LI DIV mce_keep="true"Add the Script reference to the Master Page/DIV/LI LI DIV mce_keep="true"Use a Delegate Control (e.g. the AdditionalPageHead)/DIV/LI LI DIV mce_keep="true"Dynamically [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 1st '10
Little SharePoint 2010 Gem: AJAX Options in List View Web Parts
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"Last week I stumbled upon some pretty neat functionality of the out-of-the-box List View Web Part in SharePoint 2010: the AJAX Options. When you add a Web Part from the STRONGList and Libraries /STRONGcategory (that basically shows you every List and Document Library you have on the SharePoint site) behind the scenes the Data View Web Part is being used to display the List or Document Library data./P P mce_keep="true"IMG src="http://storage.tielens.name/ajaxoptions2.jpg" mce_src [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 1st '10
SharePoint Connections 2010 SharePINT with Belgian Beer in Amsterdam
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"Next week (18th and 19th of January, 2010) the A href="http://www.devconnections.com/speurope/" mce_href="http://www.devconnections.com/speurope/"Microsoft SharePoint Connections 2010/A will be held in Amsterdam RAI (The Netherlands). There is a great lineup of A href="http://www.devconnections.com/shows/NED2010SP/default.asp?c=2amp;s=149" mce_href="http://www.devconnections.com/shows/NED2010SP/default.asp?c=2amp;s=149"speakers/A and A href="http://www.devconnections.com/shows/N [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 14th '10
May I introduce you to Lis Tielens
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"I'm very happy to announce that this morning our daugher Lis was born. She and her mother are recovering from the C-section but they are doing well. For more news (in Dutch), feel free to check outnbsp;our family blog: A href="http://kids.neleenjan.net/"http://kids.neleenjan.net/A./P P mce_keep="true"IMG style="WIDTH: 500px; HEIGHT: 410px" src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4028/4206072145_438008cc3b.jpg" width=500 height=410 mce_src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4028/4206072 [read].
Posted: Tue, Dec 22nd '09
Free BIWUG Event on SharePoint 2010 Development
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"Next week (December, 17th) the Belgian Information Worker User Group (BIWUG, A href="http://www.biwug.be/"http://www.biwug.be/A) is organizing an evening full of SharePoint 2010 development topics. I'm talking about the Client Object Models at 19:30, but make sure to check out the full agenda:/P LI18:00 - 18:30: Welcome LI18:30 - 19:00: Introduction to SharePoint Server 2010 (A href="http://karinebosch.wordpress.com/" target=_blankUFONT color=#6699ccKarine Bosch/FONT/U/A – Sh [read].
Posted: Thu, Dec 10th '09
SharePoint 2010 Project Deployment Issues in Visual Studio 2010
Jan Tielen
pRecently I ran into the following issue when I tried to deploy a SharePoint 2010 Project in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. In the output window the following message was displayed and the deployment failed:/ppbError occurred in deployment step ‘Retract Solution’: The local SharePoint server is not accessible. Check that the server is running and connected to the SharePoint farm./bbrbrIt turned out (thank you Event Viewer!) that the account that triggers the Deploy action in Visual Studio 2010 ( [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 27th '09
SharePoint 2010 Public Beta Available on MSDN
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"Finally the public betas of SharePoint 2010 (both SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server),nbsp;Office 2010,nbsp;SharePoint Designer 2010 andnbsp;Visio 2010nbsp;are available on A href="https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/securedownloads/default.aspx" mce_href="https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/securedownloads/default.aspx"MSDN Subscriptions/A, so start your download engines right now! :-)/P P mce_keep="true"IMG src="http://storage.tielens.name/sp2010 [read].
Posted: Mon, Nov 16th '09
Introducing SharePoint 2010 Training at U2U
Jan Tielen
PDuring the last couple of weeks, we at A href="http://www.u2u.be/" mce_href="http://www.u2u.be"U2U/A have been very busy building course material for our upcoming SharePoint 2010 courses. We expect that lots of experienced SharePoint developers, power users and administrators are very eager to get up to speed with the new version of SharePoint as soon as possible. That’s why the first course that we’ve build is titled STRONGA href="http://www.u2u.be/CoursePage.aspx?CODE=USP10U" target=_blan [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 6th '09
Join my BoF Session at TechEd Europe about SharePoint, jQuery and Silverlight
Jan Tielen
P mce_keep="true"I’ve got the pleasure to be able to present a A href="http://www.msteched.com/europe/Public/networking.aspx" mce_href="http://www.msteched.com/europe/Public/networking.aspx"Birds-of-a-Feather/A (BoF) session at A href="http://www.microsoft.com/europe/teched/" mce_href="http://www.microsoft.com/europe/teched/"TechEd Europe next week/A: STRONGBOF14 Microsoft SharePoint, jQuery and Microsoft Silverlight: Better Together/STRONG. If you are interested in these technologies please j [read].
Posted: Wed, Nov 4th '09
Watch the SharePoint Conference Live, from your home/office (9am Pacific, 6pm CET)
Jan Tielen
In 20 minutes a very important event is going to get started: the SharePoint Conference 2009! If you're not in Vegas (like me), get yourself in front of a computer with a big bag of chips, popcorn or whatever snack you prefer, and watch the keynote (featuring Steve Ballmer) live! I'm sure it will be a nice show and expect an avalanche of SharePoint 2010 information to be released shortly afterwards. Also make sure you keep an eye on Twitter, blogs, Facebook etc. to see the reactions of SharePoin [read].
Posted: Mon, Oct 19th '09
Assembly-Free jQuery in SharePoint Sites Using the SmartTools jQueryLoader
Jan Tielen
Summary: The SmartTools jQueryLoader enables the jQuery Javascript library in your SharePoint sites using an effortless and Assembly-Free deployment technique. Additionally the jQueryLoader will dynamically load custom Javascript files, deployed to a Document Library. Seeing is believing: watch this short screencast that shows the deployment and some sample scripts! Download the SmartTools jQueryLoader Installer from the Codeplex project Watch the short (8 minutes) screencast that shows the de [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 14th '09
"The Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features feature must be activated" on Windows Server 2008 R2
Jan Tielen
When I was installing a brand new demo environment using Microsoft's latest and greatest platforms (Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008) I ran into an annoying issue related to SharePoint. The slipstreamed installation (including SP2) went fine, but when I tried to create a new Collaboration Portal or Publishing Portal I got the error: "The Office SharePoint Server Standard Web application features feature must be activated at the web application level before this feature can be activated [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 14th '09
Make SharePoint 2007 Act Like SharePoint 2010, Updated
Jan Tielen
In my previous post I introduced a small script to extend the Edit Control Block (ECB) of list items and documents. The added menu items in the ECB allow users to update certain metadata fields for that item or document. The cool thing is that everything is happening in the background with the help of jQuery, even the actual updating of the data. The result: no postbacks or full page loads, pure AJAX goodness just like showcased in the SharePoint 2010 sneak peek videos. Today I’m releasing a n [read].
Posted: Wed, Sep 30th '09
Make SharePoint 2007 Act Like SharePoint 2010 (sort of ...)
Jan Tielen
I'm pretty sure every SharePoint enthusiast has seen those great Sneak Peek videos Microsoft released some time ago. And I'm sure that lots of the new features shown were very exciting for lots of you. Since SharePoint 2010 is still quite far away in the future, let's try to bring some of the 2010 stuff to SharePoint 2007! In the overview video, Tom Rizzo showed some new user interface functionality, pretty much all of it was heavily using asynchronous Javascript code to dynamically do updates, [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 11th '09
Customizing the SharePoint ECB with Javascript, Part 3
Jan Tielen
Other articles in this series: Customizing the SharePoint ECB with Javascript, Part 1 Customizing the SharePoint ECB with Javascript, Part 2 In the previous articles I explained the basic technique to add custom menu items to the Edit Control Block (ECB) using Javascript. Basically it comes down to writing a Javascript function called Custom_AddListMenuItems or Custom_AddDocLibMenuItems (respectively for adding menu items to the ECB of Lists and Document Libraries). In these custom functions yo [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 11th '09
URL Shortening in SharePoint with bit.ly
Jan Tielen
In my two previous posts about customizing the Edit Control Block (or ECB for short) with Javascript, I showed some basic examples of what can be accomplished with this technique. Now it’s time to build a real life example instead of menu items which show Hello World dialog boxes. I’m pretty sure everybody who is using SharePoint has sent a link to a document in a Document Library to somebody else (in an email message for example). So you probably know that links to documents (or list items) [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 4th '09
Customizing the SharePoint ECB with Javascript, Part 2
Jan Tielen
Other articles in this series: Customizing the SharePoint ECB with Javascript, Part 1Customizing the SharePoint ECB with Javascript, Part 3 In the previous article in this series I explained how to add menu items in the Edit Control Block of Lists and Document Libraries. The menu items added so far are all displayed at the same level; directly in the ECB. It is possible however to build hierarchical menus (menu items with sub menu items) using this technique as well. A good example of a hierarc [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 4th '09
Customizing the SharePoint ECB with Javascript, Part 1
Jan Tielen
First of all; what is the ECB in SharePoint? Well ECB stands for Edit Control Block and it is the context menu that is displayed for all items in SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries (and their corresponding web parts). The menu items shown below are the default ones that you get out-of-the-box, in this case in a List. Probably the most commonly used technique to customize the ECB is by making use of a Feature that contains a CustomAction element, as displayed below: By usi [read].
Posted: Thu, Sep 3rd '09
SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peak
Jan Tielen
I guess this will be blogged extensivly the coming hours and days: Microsoft has released official documentation about the next version of SharePoint. Read all about it here: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/2010/Sneak_Peek/Pages/default.aspx. From that site: General overviewSharePoint 2010 enables organizations to connect and empower people through an integrated set of rich features. Get a sneak peek of SharePoint 2010 product features today. For IT Professionals For IT professionals, ShareP [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 13th '09
SharePoint Search-as-You-Type with jQuery
Jan Tielen
Already since a long time I’ve been thinking about a web part that would search-as-you-type using SharePoint’s search engine. The idea behind this concept is that while you’re typing a query in the search box, asynchronously the query is already executed and the results are being displayed. Every time the query is changed, the results will be updated dynamically. This will allow users to see the results without going to the Search Results page, and even more: they don’t have to go back t [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 2nd '09
My SharePoint Sessions at the Dutch DevDays
Jan Tielen
Later on this week, on Friday May 29th, I will be presenting two sessions at the Developer Days in The Hague (The Netherlands). I'm pretty excited to be there, not only because it's always lots of fun to speak at this event; but there's lots of cool SharePoint 2007 stuff (IMHO) packed in my presentations:Getting Started with .NET 3.5 in SharePoint (more info) Abstract: Since the introduction of SharePoint 2007 lots has changed in the .NET world: version 3.0 and 3.5 of the .NET Framework have bee [read].
Posted: Tue, May 26th '09
"The security validation for this page is invalid" when calling the SharePoint Web Services
Jan Tielen
When working with the out-of-the-box SharePoint web services, it may have happened to you that the Web Service response contained the following exception embedded in the XML:Exception of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException' was thrown. The security validation for this page is invalid. Click Back in your Web browser, refresh the page, and try your operation again. Error code: 0x8102006dUndoubtedly this exception is quite strange in the context of a web service call; there is [read].
Posted: Mon, May 25th '09
Determine the URL of SharePoint Web Services using jQuery/Javascript
Jan Tielen
If you have read some of the previous posts on this blog related to using jQuery in SharePoint 2007 sites, you probably know that it’s perfectly possible to make call the out-of-the-box SharePoint web services by making use of Javascript running in the client’s browser. This opens up a huge stream of possibilities from which I already covered some of them on my blog. A very important piece of information you need if you want to make a call to a web service is of course the URL of the web ser [read].
Posted: Mon, May 18th '09
Using jQuery in SharePoint to Display Notifications for Open Tasks
Jan Tielen
In my previous post I explained how you can make use of the Lists.asmx web service of SharePoint, to load list items by using the jQuery Javascript library. The example discussed in that post is simple and easy to understand, but very, very boring. Let’s try to do something useful with that technique: display fancy, unobtrusive notifications for open tasks, when a user visits a SharePoint site. The screenshot below shows the result, but it’s static. In real life the user would see the yellow [read].
Posted: Thu, May 7th '09
Querying SharePoint List Items using jQuery
Jan Tielen
Due to popular demand I’ve created another sample of how you can make use of the jQuery Javascript library in your SharePoint sites. This example uses SharePoint’s Lists.asmx web service to retrieve all the list items of a specific list. In my previous posts I showed how you could use jQuery in SharePoint Site Pages (regular .aspx pages uploaded to a Document Library), so let’s do something different now; let’s use jQuery in a plain Content Editor Web Part. To try this sample navigate to [read].
Posted: Wed, May 6th '09
Creating List Items with jQuery and the SharePoint Web Services
Jan Tielen
In my previous post I showed how to make a call to SharePoint’s Lists.asmx web service with the jQuery library to retrieve information about the Lists and Document Libraries that are available on a specific SharePoint Site. In the comments of that post, one of the readers asked if it would be possible to create a new item in a List using the same technique. Of course this is possible, you just need to make use of the UpdateListItems web method (yeah, the name of that method is not very intuiti [read].
Posted: Fri, Apr 10th '09
Calling the SharePoint Web Services with jQuery
Jan Tielen
If you read this blog you probably know that besides the web user interface, SharePoint also exposes some interfaces which you can use from code: the SharePoint object model and the SharePoint web services. The object model of SharePoint can only be used by code/applications that are running on a SharePoint server in your Server Farm, so you can’t use the object model on client machines. The SharePoint web services can be used of course across a network boundary, that’s what they are built f [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 9th '09
The "Jan Tielens" SharePoint Challenge by Christophe
Jan Tielen
My last post about splitting the Top Navigation Bar of a WSS site in two with the help of jQuery, triggered a little discussion (in a good way) in the comments. As a result Christophe from the Path to SharePoint blog wrote some Javascript to accomplish the same thing, without using jQuery at all. Now Christophe started the "Jan Tielens Challenge" on his blog: "I have already talked about Jan in a previous post. End users who visit his blog can certainly feel like a kid in front of a bakery displ [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 2nd '09
Breaking the WSS Top Link Bar in two with jQuery
Jan Tielen
Since I got a fan of the jQuery Javascript library, usually I can’t resist showing off the power of this library in my SharePoint development courses at U2U. For example two weeks ago I was in sunny Cyprus talking about SharePoint, ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery and I told my students something in the line of “with jQuery you can change pretty much anything in the SharePoint UI by just making use of Javascript”. Promptly one of my students asked me if I could show how to break the Top Link Bar of [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 30th '09
The Twitter Search API made easy with Linq to XML
Jan Tielen
My pal Lieven and I are preparing some cool demos to show at the Belgian TechDays SharePoint Preconference next week. Our goal is to build up a nice story that shows the various ways how to use SharePoint 2007 in combination with .NET 3.5. For some those demos we're going to make use of one of today's hypes: Twitter! This evening I tried to query Twitter data using Linq and I discovered there are lots of samples available on the net; there's even a complete Linq to Twitter provider on CodePlex. [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 2nd '09
Speaking at the Belgian TechDays 09
Jan Tielen
Next month, (10, 11 & 12 of March) the Belgian TechDays will be held in Antwerp. Together with my pal Lieven Iliano, I'll present the SharePoint Pre-conference day on March, 10th. So what is this SharePoint Pre-conference all about? Well were going to talk about .NET 3.5 in SharePoint 2007, think WCF, Silverlight, Linq and WF applied in SharePoint 2007 sites. I'm very excited and I'm sure Lieven and I will be able to entertain you 5 (five!) sessions in a row. For the full agenda, check the T [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 18th '09
Essential SharePoint Developer Tool: SPDisposeCheck
Jan Tielen
[Via Paul Andrew] Now here is a must have tool for every SharePoint developer that wants to make sure that his code isn’t causing any nasty memory leaks due to forgotten Dispose calls (typically on the SPSite and SPWeb instances)! The SPDisposeCheck utility can actually review a compiled assembly and tell you if there are any forgotten Dispose calls, so you can even check third party assemblies. But remember, it’s a tool: nothing beats a full code review, but it certainly speeds up the proce [read].
Posted: Fri, Jan 30th '09
New Release of the SmartTools for SharePoint Project
Jan Tielen
Tonight I’ve uploaded new versions of all the components of the SmartTools for SharePoint project on CodePlex. For those of you who don’t know the SmartTools project: it’s a collection of useful SharePoint extensions, including: What's New: a customizable web part that can display a list of recently added or changed items of a SharePoint site or site collection Autocomplete Text Field: a field that allows users to pick items from a list by making use of an AJAX autocomplete text box. Enh [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 22nd '09
Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 1.3 CTP
Jan Tielen
[Announced on the SharePoint Team Blog] The SharePoint-year makes a good start with the CTP release of version 1.3 of the extensions with the longest name ever: the Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (or VSeWSS for short). Here's a short list of new features, for the details check out the SharePoint Team Blog. The final release is scheduled for "North American Spring of 2009". Get it here. Can be installed on x64 Server OS machines running SharePoint x64. Previou [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 12th '09
[OT] Happy Holidays!
Jan Tielen
Posted: Sat, Dec 27th '08
3D Silverlight Charts in SharePoint: SmartTools.Charts
Jan Tielen
Last week I was teaching the U2U Advanced SharePoint Development course in Brussels when one of my students showed me a web part he had created. The web part showed a cool 3D chart (rendered with Adobe Flex) based on some data coming from a SharePoint list. This idea inspired me to create an addition to the SmartTools project on CodePlex: the SmartTools.Charts component. The SmartTools.Charts component contains a web part that can show charts rendered by making use of a very cool open source Sil [read].
Posted: Thu, Dec 4th '08
SmartTools.DockNavigation: Cool SharePoint Navigation using jQuery
Jan Tielen
Last week I dropped a small teaser video to show a cool way to navigate through a SharePoint site, using jQuery to display a fancy animation. Today I've uploaded a beta version of the DockNavigation component to the SmartTools CodePlex project. So if you want to try it out, go ahead and download it! Make sure you let me know any comments, improvements and bugs you may find. Over here you can see a video containing the installation instructions and a small demo. Make sure you install the jQuery c [read].
Posted: Tue, Dec 2nd '08
Cool Navigation in SharePoint 2007 using jQuery – Teaser!
Jan Tielen
So you think GUI coolness nowadays is only related to fancy RIA stuff like Silverlight? Think again! The video above is a little project I’m working on, using jQuery plugins to show a cool way to navigate to the Lists and Document Libraries of a SharePoint site. So there are no requirements on the client, everything is done using Javascript! Nifty isn’t it? I need to polish the code a little bit and I hope to be able to release it later on this week. But i’m still thinking about a cool nam [read].
Posted: Mon, Nov 24th '08
Integrating SharePoint 2007 and jQuery [Part Two]
Jan Tielen
The first part of this article showed you how you can enable jQuery in SharePoint 2007 sites and pages, so in this article let's assume jQuery is up and running in your SharePoint environment. The second part of this article will show you a couple of things that you can accomplish by making use of jQuery in SharePoint 2007. It's not my goal to write about how jQuery is working, the syntax etc, for those things I kindly refer to the tutorials that are already available. Time to get started with [read].
Posted: Mon, Nov 24th '08
Integrating SharePoint 2007 and jQuery [Part One]
Jan Tielen
In the first part of this article I'll talk about how you can enable the jQuery JavaScript library in SharePoint 2007 sites and pages. The second part of this article will focus on using jQuery in SharePoint 2007 sites and pages. When I was at PDC’08, I attended a session about the jQuery JavaScript library (watch online). A few weeks before that Scott Guthrie announced that Microsoft would support, and even ship jQuery together with Visual Studio, along with Microsoft’s own AJAX implementa [read].
Posted: Thu, Nov 20th '08
Enabling .NET 3.5 in SharePoint 2007 Sites, the Lazy Way
Jan Tielen
You probably know that if you want to make use of the fancy new .NET stuff, like ASP.NET AJAX in SharePoint 2007 sites, you have to make a bunch of modifications in the web.config of that site. You can do that the manual way, for example Mike Ammerlaan has described how you can enable ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 in SharePoint sites already a long time ago. Recently .NET 3.5 (including a new version of ASP.NET AJAX) became available, including the steps that you needed to go through to be able to enable it [read].
Posted: Fri, Oct 10th '08
Adding Breadcrumb Navigation to Application Pages in SharePoint Central Administration
Jan Tielen
It is great to find out people like the articles you write on your blog, and it's even more fun when people actually contribute to your blog as well. That's how I received an update to a blog post I wrote some time ago, about adding breadcrumb navigation to Application Pages. Bart Snyckers explained that the mechanism described in my post worked a little bit different if you want to add Application Pages to the Central Administration site. Bart doesn't have a development blog yet (but he told me [read].
Posted: Fri, Oct 10th '08
Meet Me in Los Angeles, PDC2008
Jan Tielen
According to the countdown timer at the PDC2008 site, the opening keynote is only 17 days away (at the time of writing). The previous PDC in 2005 was all about Office 2007 (including SharePoint) and Vista, but this time there didn't seem to be a lot of Office/SharePoint content scheduled. Not that this is a bad thing; after 3 years of SharePoint teaching, coding and evangelizing, getting to know new technologies can be great. :-) I'm really looking forward to learn more about Live, Live Mesh, Cl [read].
Posted: Fri, Oct 10th '08
Patrick Tisseghem passed away
Jan Tielen
On Wednesday evening my dear friend, our colleague and my mentor Patrick Tisseghem passed away. Words fall short to describe what Patrick meant for me, both in my professional and personal life. He was that kind of guy you could rely on, no matter what happened, always friendly and always helpful. Patrick, it was a great privilege to know you and work with you. I can only join his close friend and colleague Karine, and say: you will last forever. My thoughts go out to his wife, their two daught [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 5th '08
While I Was Sleeping: New SharePoint Tools by U2U
Jan Tielen
During my holidays my colleagues at U2U have released several pretty cool SharePoint tools/extensions. I’m just going to list them, if you want to learn more about them, check out Karine’s blog. U2U List Properties Feature PackageThe U2U List Properties Package has been developed to ease the work of a SharePoint 2007 developer. It adds an hyperlink to the List Settings page displaying a page with detailed information about the list properties. U2U Site Properties Feature PackageThe U2U Si [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 25th '08
Adding Copy and Paste to SharePoint with the SmartTools
Jan Tielen
I've just uploaded a new extensions to the SmartTools for SharePoint project on CodePlex. This extension adds Copy and Paste functionality to SharePoint Document Libraries. You can download the extension from the Releases section. For more info and screenshots see the CopyPaste Wiki page on CodePlex. Technorati Tags: sharepoint,wss,moss,copypaste,smarttools,copy,paste [read].
Posted: Sat, Jun 14th '08
Got Some Spare Time? Read Some SharePoint Blogs!
Jan Tielen
Weblogs are a great way to keep up with the latest SharePoint Buzz and I get quite a lot of questions from people who are just dipping their toes in the SharePoint pool for some good reading material. Well if you don't want to go after every interesting SharePoint blog individually or if you want to add blogs to your list that you didn't know yet, check out following links: On the SharePoint Community Portal you can find the OPML of SharePoint PG, MVPs, Insiders, and Rangers. You can import thi [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 4th '08
New Version of the Caml Query Builder Tool
Jan Tielen
My colleague Karine has released a new version of her Caml Query Builder Tool! Version has some great new features:Query fields by IDGetListItemChanges (method of the Lists.asmx web service)GetListItemChangesSinceToken (method of the Lists.asmx web service)extra options of the QueryOptions partsupport for data type ModStat Download here and check her blog post for the full details. [read].
Posted: Tue, May 27th '08
DevDays NL Presentations and Demos Online
Jan Tielen
Pfew, the DevDays 2008 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands are over! I think both of my sessions (Getting your SharePoint Code Deployed & Advanced Web Part Development) went pretty well; no crashes or failing demos. Let's hope the audience thinks the same. :-) I already got quite some requests to get my presentations and demo code. So instead of sending a copy to everybody's email, I've uploaded them to my SkyDrive account. If you have any questions, comments and/or feedback; feel free to post [read].
Posted: Tue, May 27th '08
DevDays 2008 The Netherlands
Jan Tielen
For the third year in a row I'll be speaking at the Dutch Developer Days in Amsterdam. The event starts tomorrow and I've got two sessions on Friday (Getting your SharePoint Code Deployed and Advanced Web Part Development). Speaking in Amsterdam is always lots of fun, so I hope to meet you there! By the way, if you can't make it to the event, you can watch a life screen of the keynote. [read].
Posted: Wed, May 21st '08
Photo World Record Attempt in Amsterdam
Jan Tielen
Micromiel is organizing a cool photo event in Amsterdam this weekend, I whish I could attend it! This Saturday (the 24th of May), I’m organizing an event for amateur-photographers in downtown Amsterdam. The day starts around 12 noon with a welcome and introduction at ‘De Rode Hoed‘, a pretty classy venue naar the waterside. Around 40 photographers will be divided into 4 groups of 10, and will then board a ship that will be docked right outside the building. Right then, the chal [read].
Posted: Wed, May 21st '08
Creating Hierarchical Menus with a CustomAction in SharePoint
Jan Tielen
It’s a fairly known technique to make use of CustomActions to add elements to the out-of-the-box user interface of SharePoint: you can add menu items to the Site Actions menu, you can add links on the Site Settings page, etc. The following piece of XML is the manifest of a feature that will add a new menu item to the Site Actions menu: For a more detailed description of CustomActions, I recommend following articles: Custom Action Element (MSDN) Sample CustomActions for ShareP [read].
Posted: Wed, May 7th '08
Creating Custom Application Pages that look like OOB Application Pages
Jan Tielen
Juist a quick post so I won't forget this link: http://graegert.com/?p=505 Steve Graegert has written a great post on how you can work with the SPPropertyBag to store configuration settings. Of course that's very interesting, but in this post he also describes how you can build a custom Application Page that looks like it's an OOB Application Page. The trick is to know the SharePoint user controls that are responsible for building the UI, like InputFormSection and InputFormControl. Once again, c [read].
Posted: Wed, May 7th '08
New Release of the SmartTools for SharePoint
Jan Tielen
I just uploaded a new release of the SmartTools for SharePoint to the CodePlex site. Currently the SmartTools project has two components: What's New web part: show new or modified data on SharePoint sites Autocomplete Text Field: AJAX autocomplete lookup field Changes in this release: What's New v1.1 Fixed issue with Link items Added option to Excluded or Include a list of content types Autocomplete Text Field v1.1 Fixed an issue if the field was used as a Site Column Added configurable d [read].
Posted: Wed, May 7th '08
Adding Breadcrumb Navigation to SharePoint Application Pages, the Easy Way
Jan Tielen
A while ago I posted an article about how you could build custom Application Pages for SharePoint that display the breadcrumb navigation, just like all the out-of-the-box Application Pages do. The trick was to add add a siteMapNode element in the layouts.sitemap located in the _app_bin folder of the SharePoint site. It's no problem to do this manually; just open the file in Notepad/Visual Studio add the siteMapNode in the desired parent node (e.g. Site Settings) and you're done. But in a product [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 16th '08
[OT] My Girl, One Year
Jan Tielen
Time flies when you're having fun; my little girl is already one year old. She's the reason why I don't have that much time to blog anymore as I used to have; and I love it. :-) [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 27th '08
Introducing the Autocomplete Text Field for SharePoint 2007
Jan Tielen
Yesterday I finally had some time to finish a project I've been working on for some time: the Autocomplete Text Field for SharePoint 2007. Click here for a small demo screencast on Soapbox, or download the high resolution video from the CodePlex site. The idea is pretty simple: you've got a SharePoint list (or document library) that contains some interesting lookup data, now you can make use of the Autocomplete Text Field to display a textbox to the user that will show a dropdown list of items [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 21st '08
The What's New Web Part for SharePoint 2007
Jan Tielen
A long, long time ago, back in the SharePoint 2003 days, I created some pretty popular web parts which filled in some gaps the out-of-the-box functionality left open. In SharePoint 2007 most of those web parts are obsolete; for example the Breadcrumbs web part is not necessary anymore since SharePoint 2007 has breadcrumbs by default. But a lot of people contacted me to ask for a SharePoint 2007 version of the What's New web part. This web part displayed a list of new and changed items on site. I [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 21st '08
Photowalking in Gent, Belgium, Next Saturday
Jan Tielen
[Cross posted from my photo blog] My dear friend and esteemed colleague Kevin DeRudder is hosting a photowalk in his home town: Gent (Belgium), next Saturday (22th of March). And of course everyone is invited: geeks, non-geeks, hobbyists, amateurs, professionals ... Kevin has created a nice outline of the day that starts at 2pm, you can find more details in the Photowalk Belgium group on Flickr (discussion here). The agenda is still open so feel free to comment and contribute. When you want to j [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 16th '08
SPWebConfigModification Best Practices and Guidelines
Jan Tielen
The SPWebConfigModification class allows developers to write code that will make modifications to the web.config files of SharePoint sites. This is quite often necessary when you want to deply SharePoint customizations together with configuration settings. Using the SPWebModification class is not without any danger! :-) You can mess up your web.config files especially if you don't think about how you want to be able to undo your changes. Mark Wagner wrote an excellent article about the best prac [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 10th '08
Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint
Jan Tielen
Did you ever want to integrated Silverlight with SharePoint? Check out the brand new Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint site: http://www.ssblueprints.net/sharepoint/ ! At U2U we've created the six samples of the Blueprint that illustrate the integration options. You can read more details on Patrick's blog and Karine's blog (she posted some screenshots). The Blueprint will also be announced by Bill Gates during the SharePoint Conference keynote later today, the SharePoint team blogged about the [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 3rd '08
CopyUtil.aspx: a little SharePoint Gem
Jan Tielen
Did you ever had the need to navigate to a SharePoint list item or document, when you only got the ID's of the item, the item's container (list or document library) and the item's web? I sure did! For example when you query SharePoint data by making use of the SPSiteDataQuery class; the resulting data table includes all those ID's (and additional properties if you want), but it doesn't include a link back to the item. You could make use of the Object Model to build the link in code, but that is [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 26th '08
Introducing the SharePoint SmartTemplates for Visual Studio
Jan Tielen
During the last year I've been developing custom solutions for SharePoint 2007 for various customers and I've been evangelizing my approach for writing code which is easy to deploy and maintainable on your servers. Of course I used the best practices for building SharePoint solutions: making customizations available with Features and packaging those customizations and components in Solutions (WSP's). Building SharePoint Features comes down to writing XML and the only tool Microsoft gave us devel [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 20th '08
Enable Audience Targeting Programmatically
Jan Tielen
I've seen the question if it is possible to enable Audience Targetting on a SharePoint document library or list trough code, but I've never found an answer to it. But this weekend Ryan Ramcharan posted a solution in one of the SharePoint Forums posts. It looks like you can enable Audience Targeting programatically by adding the Target Audiences field as XML, here is a small code snippet: using (SPSite site = new SPSite(http://mysite/)){ using (SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb()) { SPList li [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 17th '08
Return of SmartPart v1.3 for SharePoint 2007 Released!
Jan Tielen
Yesterday evening I've uploaded a new version of the SmartPart to the CodePlex site. For those of you who don't know the SmartPart: it's a generic web part wrapper for SharePoint 2007 which can host any ASP.NET Web User Controls. So basically you can build web parts by using the Visual Studio designers instead of having to write all the code by hand. The new version includes a setup wizard for easy installation, localization support for ASP.NET AJAX controls and some minor bug fixes. It's not a [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 14th '08
VSeWSS 1.1 ready for download!
Jan Tielen
[Via the SharePoint Team Blog] The long awaited version 1.1 of the Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services has RTM-ed, you can download it here. There is still no support for Visual Studio 2008 (but it will come in June 2008), but there are some interesting new things: What's New in VSeWSS 1.1? "WSP View", aka "Solution Package editing" No more hidden, non-editable solution content! Create new Features Reorder Elements between Features Conflict validation against existing [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 12th '08

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