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Sending OneNote pages as emails
One Minute Office Magic
Emailing OneNote pages to others is easy... [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 21st '17
Excel Hyperlinks… more than just web addresses
One Minute Office Magic
A hyperlink can be so much more, and Excel makes it easy for you to explore the possibilities. [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17
Adding an active hyperlink to an Excel spreadsheet
One Minute Office Magic
How to easily paste an active hyperlink into Excel... [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 13th '17
Lining up your PowerPoint content on a slide
One Minute Office Magic
Aligning content on a PowerPoint slide doesn't have to be difficult... [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 10th '17
More keyboard shortcuts for Excel
One Minute Office Magic
Two Excel keyboard shortcuts that makes selecting data a lot easier... [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 7th '17
Creating a clickable Outlook calendar link
One Minute Office Magic
A [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 6th '17
Selecting entire rows and columns in Excel via keyboard shortcuts
One Minute Office Magic
A [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 3rd '17
Deleting multiple blank rows and columns in Excel
One Minute Office Magic
Here's how to easily delete multiple blank lines and rows in an Excel spreadsheet. [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 28th '17
Setting Skype for Business Call Forwarding based on Outlook working hours
One Minute Office Magic
Skype for Business allows you to be very detailed in terms of when your work phone calls are forwarded. [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 27th '17
Displaying Formatting Marks in Word
One Minute Office Magic
Displaying Formatting Marks in a Word document can help you resolve difficult formatting issues. [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 22nd '17
Managing your Recent Files list in Microsoft Office programs
One Minute Office Magic
The Recent Files list is a great way to get back to your most important files more quickly. [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 20th '17
Organizational Chart Right from a Skype for Business Contact
One Minute Office Magic
Find out who reports to who from within Skype For Business. [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 20th '17
Using the Pen to mark up your PowerPoint slides
One Minute Office Magic
As a follow-up to the last PowerPoint tip, here's how you can mark up your PowerPoint slides with an electronic "pen" when you're presenting. [read].
Posted: Fri, Feb 17th '17
Using the electronic laser pointer in PowerPoint
One Minute Office Magic
Did you know that there's a built-in laser pointer in PowerPoint that you can use when you're giving a presentation from your keyboard? [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 14th '17
Searching Skype for Business Contacts Like a Pro
One Minute Office Magic
Finding your Skype for Business contacts made easy... [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 13th '17
Skype for Business Pro Tip: Learn to mute yourself
One Minute Office Magic
Subjecting your fellow meeting attendees to your background noise is distracting to everyone. [read].
Posted: Fri, Feb 10th '17
Directing your Outlook email replies to someone else
One Minute Office Magic
This is a great feature if someone else should be handling responses to a particular email. [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 7th '17

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